Female Hair Loss and Some Easily Accessible Treatments

Hair loss is one of the major concerns for women that is influenced by several factors such as genetics, hormone levels changing, and commonly because of aging. If you have noticed the strands of hair falling while you bathe or brush your hair out that sticks to the comb, you are not the only one experiencing it.

It is a devastating issue for women since hair is often the first thing we notice about a person and it what that frames one’s face and losing hair could have a lasting effect on one’s personality.

It is highly recommended to consult a clinic and take the best hair loss treatment for females when you notice this issue for the first time. In most cases, hair loss occurs due to some other issues in the body and it could be a symptom to indicate such issue.

female hair

So doing a proper diagnosis and treating this issue medically is the best precaution. Alopecia is the term that is used to refer to all kinds of hair loss. There are two main types of alopecia and are hierarchically classified into more categories depending on hair loss.

Once you get to know which type of hair loss you are facing, it would help in choosing the best hair fall treatment for females.

What are the causes of female hair loss?

Androgenetic alopecia is a common issue that is faced by the majority of people who suffer from hair loss. This type is due to the Dihydrotestosterone hormone predisposition.

The levels of DHT hormones determine the severity of hair loss. When DHT level increases, it contributes to thinning of hair follicles and hair growth could be noticeably affected. Researches show that more than half of all women would experience androgenetic alopecia by the age of 80.

As the name suggests, it is a genetic disorder and could be inherited from parents. However, there are cases where people face this kind of hair loss without any family history of the same.

There are also other instances of hair loss, such as Alopecia areata which causes round patches of baldness anywhere on the head without any itching or pain.

Alopecia areata is caused by an autoimmune process. Due to some other issue in the body’s immune system T cells are produced and that affects the hair follicles. It is considered a rare kind with only affecting 2% of the people.

Traction alopecia is a kind that is caused due to physical stress like weaves, extensions, etc. This is a common type of hair loss that occurs to many people because of hair care or hair styling practices.

What are the treatments available for female hair loss?

Before looking out for the types of treatments available, you need to be clear that overcoming hair loss is a long term process and results cannot be achieved over a night.

Keeping that in mind, there are several treatments available for different types of hair loss issues. The success rate of these treatments is dependent on the condition and severity of the issue, and so could be different from person to person.

Some of the important and effective treatments for female hair loss that are easily accessible and readily available for most people are:


Serums that are backed with strong research and made with proven ingredients and powerful technology can be one of the easiest and most effective treatments for female hair loss.

Opt for a serum that is made from a blend of peptides and extracts such as niacinamide, which helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog follicles which improves the structure of the scalp and helps in maintaining healthy hair. One thing to keep in mind is that using serum could take about 3 months of consistent usage for noticeable results.


Shampoo that is made with ingredients such as salicylic acid and chamomile will help to maintain a healthy environment for hair growth. It is a great low maintenance treatment for the early stages of hair loss.


Supplements are nothing but tablets that are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, etc. These vitamins help in maintaining strong and thick hair.

These vitamins are usually obtained from the food if you follow a healthy and balanced diet. In such cases, it is easy for your body to digest and attain the most of it, and also supplements could be avoided.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is not one of the most recommended treatments for female hair loss. But this treatment seems to be working for almost all men because hair transplant for men is performed by extracting donor follicles from the side or back of the head and planting them on the area of baldness.

In the case of female hair loss, you experience thinning of hair follicles across the head including the sides and back, so taking follicles from these areas and transplanting them would eventually result in continued hair loss and wouldn’t yield the same results as of men.