Top 10 Countries with Highest Alcohol Consumption in the World

The level of drinking differs from individual to individual. Some people consumes heavy doses of drinks whereas others are of less capacity. Some groups of people in the world limits their capacity of drinking like in India, Indonesia etc., due to the reasons i.e., religion and culture whereas in others countries the people don’t really bother. Many organizations have collected the data on the subject which shows that the habit of heavy drinking has arisen among young and women.  It has also been observed that the men of low economic status drinks heavily whereas women in high economic society drinks more. Many accidents take place because of excessive alcohol.

Nearly all nations which consume the most alcohol are situated in Eastern Europe.It’s a topic that has fired the national pride and incongruity for centuries: Which country drinks the most alcohol?

Let us find out the 10 top countries in the world with highest alcohol consumption

10. Slovakia

On number 10 we have Slovakia which has 13 Liters of Per capita Alcohol consumption. Almost 8% deaths in this country are due to alcohol consumption which is remarkably higher than the other countries. Men are known to consume more alcohol as compared to women and youngsters. Mostly vodka is preferred as compared to beer or wine. The life expectancy is known to be approximately 76 years.

9. Czech Republic

Czech Republic with alcohol consumption of 13 Liters Per capita ranks on number 9. The inhabitants of this country prefer beer than any other alcoholic beverage. There is no control or regulation from the Government regarding the sale of alcohol. Czech males are the topmost binge drinkers and the females consume most alcohol per capita of all the countries.

8. Hungary

Ranking at number 8 we have Hungary with 13.3 liters of alcohol consumption per capita. Almost 6.7% deaths in this country are due to excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol is consumed by all and therefore has the maximum alcohol use disorder as compared to other countries. One of the most shocking reason for that is that there are no labels on the alcohol beverage containers. The life expectancy is 75 years.

7. Andorra

With per capita consumption of 13.8 liters Andorra stands at number 7. It is known for its tourism as it is located between Spain and France. Therefore this country is quite prosperous as well. Due to high resources the illicit liquor consumption is very less. As per tourist attractions the demand of alcohol is easily met. Wine is the most popular and admired drink by the people than other types of alcoholic beverages.

6. Ukraine

With Alcohol per capita consumption of 13.9 liters we have Ukraine at number 6. Ukraine has endured political chaos and lot of consequences of high alcohol consumption. Almost 35% deaths in this nation are recorded mainly due to excessive alcohol consumption which is second highest after Belarus. Life expectancy is 71 years. Mostly people generally prefer spirits as a choice of drink. Both male and female of the age of 15 and above are engaged in binge drinking.

5. Romania

At number 5, we have Romania with per capita alcohol consumption of 12.9 liters. Younger Romanians are known to be engaged in binge drinking. About 9% deaths are reported due to alcohol related issues. Teenagers between the age group of 15 years to 19 years have started drinking. This age is quite higher as compared to most countries. Mostly affected are men as they are known for their excessive alcohol consumption.

4. Russia

With the consumption of 14.5 liters per capita Russia stands at number 4. Over 31% deaths in this country are due to alcohol and over 20% people are engaged in binge drinking. The life expectancy is 70 years. People generally prefer vodka over other drinks and most of the inhabitants suffer from the alcohol disorder. Due to which the health of the Russians take a huge hit.

3. Lithuania

On number 3 rank we have Lithuania, with the consumption per capita of 16.2 liters. Almost 31% deaths in Lithuania are related to Alcohol consumption which is 4th highest in the world. It is also one of the renowned country terms of binge drinking. Life expectancy is over 74 years. Almost 25% women are engaged in binge drinking which is the highest number as compared to all the countries. In spite of actions taken to regularize drinking, lot of measures were taken but still alcoholism remains one of the biggest national problem. Lot of people every year suffer from Alcohol disorders.

2. Republic of Moldova

At number 2, we have Republic of Moldova with the per capita alcohol consumption of 17.4 liters. 33.1% deaths have occurred due to alcohol problem which is 3rd highest in the world after Ukraine and Belarus. Mostly people indulge in drinking because of the poverty and also poor economy of the country. Though there are a number of measures taken to reduce the alcohol consumption but still the same situation persists. Due to the poverty, people have got the ways to procure liquor illicitly and it even surpassed the consumption as was approved by the government of Moldova. Life expectancy is 81 years.

1. Belarus 

highest consumption of alcohol

Top most Alcohol consumption of 17.1 liters per capita we have Belarus. This nation is not only world’s highest alcohol consumption country but also the death rate is 36% which is higher than all the countries. This highest level of liquor consumption has been a root cause of many serious health issues and disorders. The illegal production of alcohol is rampant in Belarus and accounts for almost 3.5 liters per capita. There are other issues as well such as under developed economy and less employment opportunities. Also this country has endured high inflation rates for many years. Due to which the economy never developed to its full capacity. Expected life at the birth is 72 years.


Applauds for the citizens of these countries who have tirelessly worked to bring their country in this list. This national effort leads to many physical problems like liver, mental illness and depression and anxiety, dizziness, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and then later on leads to permanent loss of the vision. Some crucial and important steps must be taken to eliminate the alcohol disorders and other problems. Putting up excise tax on alcohol can be one of the way to combat alcoholism and can help tremendously in decreasing the amount of illegally sold alcohol. Also people are not aware of the health issues as mostly they are uneducated so alcohol education must be provided through NGOs. This has become the need of the hour.