Top 10 Best Wash Basin Brands In India

Bathroom, though a private area, plays a significant role in daily life. An important part of any well-designed bathroom is the washbasin, which, thanks to its flushing mechanism, cleans itself after each use and contributes to better hygiene & a healthier home in general. There is a wide range of sinks available, each with its own purpose and design.

Having a bathroom that is both practical and aesthetically beautiful is a reflection of a high quality of life. Because it represents mechanization and delivers excellent aesthetic, comfort, and convenience, the sink you choose for your bathroom is one among the most important design decisions you’ll make.

When shopping for a wash basin, it’s important to consider a number of factors, including the linear design’s sophistication, any technical or space constraints, the reliability of selected brand, range of options available, and the quality of the basin.

List of Top Wash Basin Brands In India

If you’re having trouble deciding which Wash Basin brand to buy, this article will provide you a rundown of the premium options in India.

1. Hindware


The Easy-Clean over-the-counter washbasin, made possible by innovative technology developed by Hindware, helps maintain sanitary conditions in the bathroom and makes for a healthier home by cleaning itself with each flush.

This cutting-edge innovation epitomizes automation and provides unparalleled style, luxury, and utility.  Make your home more complete by selecting pieces from their Italian Collection.

With such a large selection, it can be difficult to select the ideal basin for your bathroom. Now that they stock such a large variety of basins, you may pick the one that is the right fit for your specific bathroom.

2. Cera

From tiles and mirrors to shower panels and sanitaryware, Cera is the industry standard. Bathrooms may be made to look more elegant with the help of cera accessories like sinks, tub fillers, and shower heads. This brand is known for manufacturing the most cutting-edge and stylish sinks on the market.

The design and construction of these sinks are cutting-edge and high-quality. They can be hung on the wall without a base or pedestal. It’s sophisticated in appearance, with a shiny finish to boot. It is constructed from durable materials and coated to last.

3. Jaquar

In 1960, the Jaquar Company was founded. It’s another well-known Indian firm that makes bathroom fixtures like toilets, sinks, and shower stalls. The company manufactures a variety of sinks, including countertop, pedestal, wall-mounted, and under-sink models.

Their innovative approach to bathroom fixtures like wash basins ensures that its benefits extend far beyond mere convenience. In addition, it is designed with ergonomics in mind, so it can easily be integrated into any bathroom layout. Additionally, it can aid in the upkeep of the healthful atmosphere that is your bathroom.

4. Parryware

The Parryware Company is a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and fittings in India. Kitchen sinks, Water heaters, faucets, & sanitary ware are just some of the items that they sell to homeowners. Elegant and long-lasting, Parryware sinks are a staple in many homes. They put in a lot of time and effort into developing their sinks so that you get the best possible product for your money.

5. Kohler

Kohler is the market leader in India and everywhere else in the world for washbasins. John Michael Kohler established Kohler Co. in 1873. Kohler, Wisconsin is home to the company’s headquarters. The company’s early products were farm tools made of cast iron, castings for the furniture industry, and decorative ironwork.

Today this company is a leading brand of wash basins in India. It is home to a wide selection of India’s finest toilets, including models that are at home in either little powder rooms or enormous en suites. You may hang these up on your wall, install it over the counter, or anything else, they will stay put without any additional bracing from the outside.

6. Duravit

Both traditional bathroom ceramics and our own patented material, DuraCeram®, are used to create the Duravit sinks that are part of their product line. You can find variety of sinks, varying in sizes and shapes.

Duraceram is a proprietary substance created by Duravit used for creating their wash basins. This product makes sink lighter and stronger thanks to a patented technique for producing high-strength ceramics.

This allows for the fabrication of ultra-thin-walled, linear-shaped sinks that are just as durable and simple to clean as their thicker counterparts.


TOTO is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality sanitary ware. They provide both wall-mounted and pedestal options for their sinks. Because they are both attractive and long lasting, future generations will be able to make use of their compact bathroom sink.

Easy on the eyes, a thing of beauty, style that is both relaxing and uncluttered, materials and efficiency that are gentler on the planet, all of their Washbasins range is built on these important tenets.

8. Roca

Roca sinks can be customized in countless ways to suit a wide variety of decor styles. You can install a basin made of vitreous china, Surfex® or Fineceramic®, in a variety of ways, including: over countertop, in countertop, under countertop, semi-recessed, on a vanity, on the wall, with a pedestal, or on a semi-pedestal.

They have made a name for themselves by producing high-quality washbasins at surprisingly low prices. All your bathroom sink requirements can be met by Roca.

They create high-end sinks that are sure to be the focal point of any bathroom.

The included hardware makes installation a breeze. The water won’t overflow thanks to its amazing design and construction.

9. American standard

American Standard has a large selection of modern bathroom sinks in a wide range of sizes to fit any space. We have a variety of bathroom sink options, including pedestal mounted, vessel, undermount, and surface mounted pedestal sinks.

American Standard has various options available in many of today’s most popular colors, spanning the spectrum from modern to classic.

This brand offers a variety of sinks suitable for your all types of bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone washbasin or a unit that also incorporates storage space, you’ll discover the ideal model to fit your bathroom’s demands.

10. Villeroy & Boch

A bathroom isn’t a bathroom without a trendy washbasin. Which variants are relevant to consider depends on the arrangement of your bathroom and your specific demands. To ensure that your freshly purchased washbasin complements the design scheme of your ideal bathroom, Villeroy & Boch provides a broad variety of models to choose from.

From traditional inset and under-mount basins to contemporary freestanding basins and spare hand basins, the collection has it all. The high-quality ceramic items are elevated to the level of unique works of art by their expressive forms and graceful designs.

Their washbasins are ideal for daily use due to their precision craftsmanship and low maintenance surfaces.


After reading about the best Basin brands in India, you will be able to make a well-informed purchase. When shopping for the perfect sinks for your home, you should consider material, finishing, coating, shape, size, style, & more. Have a look at their pricing options.

You can make informed buying decisions if you are familiar with the product details. Lastly, study the guarantees and warranties to avoid buying a faulty product.

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