The Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box in India

Homemade food helps in living a healthy lifestyle and keeps you away from stomach ailments like food poisoning, bloating, pain, cramps etc. To pack fresh food every morning for your baby or yourself, you must choose the right lunch box.

Unlike plastic lunch boxes available in the market, stainless steel tiffins are the safest option. They are unbreakable, durable, as well as safe for the environment. Additionally, they retain the nutritional content of your food and stay fresh for hours.

This enables you to carry any kind of liquid food and dry food anywhere without affecting taste & flavour. For all Indian cuisine, the stainless steel lunch box is a good choice to keep food cold or warm. While buying online for stainless steel lunch boxes can be suitable, the choices can be vast.

At the same time, so many options may leave you in a dilemma to understand which meets your requirement. But, you can compare the price and features of the lunch box and make the final decision. Below given list and buying guide will help you to choose the best amidst all.

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How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box in India?

There are many factors you should consider when selecting a lunch box. These factors include the number of containers, size, design, type of lid, insulation, price, and warranty. Let’s discuss them in-depth:

1. Number of Containers or Capacity

If you are planning to buy a lunch box for yourself, then you need a lunch box with maximum capacity or number of containers. However, the capacity depends on the number of people or appetite you plan to serve. The lunch box with a small container with a capacity of 350-450 ml is ideal for a school-going child. For office goers, opt for stainless steel tiffins, which pack three to four containers of 300 ml each in a handy bag.

Frequent travellers can choose to have a lunch box, choosing from 4 to 5 containers with a capacity of 400 ml. However, the capacity of each lunch box varies, depending on what is eaten from one lunch box. The larger the container, the maximum food will be served between four and five people. Hence, it is totally up to you to buy tiffin with or without a bag, with a bag or without a bag, with a big size or small size container.

2. Design of a Lunch Box

Design plays a vital role while choosing lunch boxes for kids. The more colourful and convenient the design of the lunch box is, the more they love to finish lunch and the less hassle it is to put it in a school bag.

Lunch boxes for school kids should be smaller, compact, and lighter. Since lunch boxes have pyramid-shaped, double-decker or oval-shaped, you have so a plethora of options to choose from. Those who go to the office should take special care of the shape of the tiffin. They can opt for a bag set that comes with a bag pack for easy carrying.

3.Type of Lid

The purpose of tiffin is useless if there is no tight-fitted lid. The lid offered with most stainless steel lunch boxes is not leak-proof. You need to choose a set that has a plastic lid that is spill-proof, leak-proof and spill-proof. These lids allow you to pack semi-solid curries, pickles, soups, or any liquid food without spillage. If you are planning to use the lunch box only to pack dry food items like fruits, fried rice, roti, or dry vegetable, then use a stainless steel box with stainless steel lid.

4. Insulation

 The food packed in an insulated lunch box can stay hot for more than 2 hours. But if you are packing dry fruits, fruits and snacks, then this feature will not be as effective.

5. Purpose

Before buying a lunch box, first, you need to ask yourself who you are planning to buy it for and why you need a lunch box. A classic lunch box can be enough for a school-going kid. But, if you are planning to carry fresh homemade food for long hours, then you should opt for an oversized box that keeps the food warm and is travel-friendly.

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