The Best Mobile For Senior Citizens In India

Smartphones have become a necessity, but have you ever wondered whether our elders are able to understand them. Cellphones with smart features and functions may not be understood by grandparents.

This would be an absolute hassle for senior citizens to compete with advanced technology, no matter how user-friendly brands claim their devices. When it comes to mobile phones, Android and iOS based phones have effective accessibility options for both senior citizens and youth.

These phones not only keep elders connected with relatives and loved ones through voice or video calls but also expand social networking. When no one is around your grandparents to communicate, they can listen to music, watch movies, or play games with this handy device. With so many options on the market, choosing a mobile for grandparents can be quite daunting.

 Remember, a phone with loaded features will be understandable by you, but that doesn’t make sense handled by them as well. Having said this, you will need to pay attention if you plan to gift a smartphone to your grandparents. Below given guide will help understand how to make a phone selection.

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How to choose the best Mobile Phone for Senior Citizens in India?

Mobile phones can improve your quality of life in areas such as less isolation, autonomous lifestyle, closer relationships, healthcare, time management, financial management, etc. When looking for a device, make sure it will fit in the palm of the larger hand.

Since this buying guide targets senior citizens, you should also check out the benefits and features that will not change the overall experience as well as understandable. Keep reading to know about aspects you keep in mind while choosing a mobile for senior citizens.

  1. Privacy and Safety Features

Safety and privacy are essential for everyone. A mobile phone contains image and presence sensors, which help in analyzing and monitoring human situations and activities. Your contacts are notified if anything unusual happens. While some senior-friendly phones feature Master Lock to ensure privacy, some have accessible passwords. You will need to make sure that your elders remember the password.

  1. Hearing and Visual Support

When buying a phone for seniors, pay attention to this feature as well. If seniors have visual and auditory deficiencies, a phone with loud inbuilt speakers and a large keypad will help them. The large display of the phone makes it easy to see while using the phone and ensures that one can make use of their features due to the large numbers and icons.

  1. Memory Aids

As people grow older, memory loss can become a major health problem, even because of the busy schedule, we tend to miss out on important meetings and appointments. Keeping this concern in mind, manufacturers introduce reminder options in such phones which will help in everyday routine. This feature also enables the saving of personal and financial information, address book with photos, and other information with sounds.

  1. Health Inspecting

The cellphone you choose for your grandparents must support remote care apps and services. These apps help keep track of health and suggest activities they must do. These apps also ensure that all your health problems are under control. If any health issue is detected, the application notifies the user. During an emergency, one can seek help and immediate treatment.

  1. Internet Services

Internet access is the biggest requirement in the phone to watch movies online, listen to music and make video calls. The phones available for senior citizens also have an internet connection to access everything with a single click. If you want your elders not to feel lonely and stay connected with friends and relatives, make sure the phone you buy supports good internet speed.

  1. SOS options

Mobile phones containing speed-dial SOS features, emergency contacts, and panic buttons are a perfect choice for elders. This feature ensures that a close person can be connected in case of an emergency.

  1. Battery life

Battery life is the utmost yet crucial factor when comes to cell phones for senior citizens. The longer the battery lasts, the lesser the need for charging. Senior citizens can operate the phone with ease without worrying about low battery during travelling, walking, or jogging.

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