10 Best Menstrual Cups in India 2023 – Expert Analysis, Guide & Tips

The colorful & soft-looking menstrual cup brings a lot many changes in the life of women. It makes a woman feel comfortable during the hectic time of her life. The highly useful menstrual cups have made the women feel confident and carefree. It fits well in the body and keeps working for long providing much-needed support to women around the world and Indian women are no exception.

Women in India have very hard and laborious life. Whether a woman goes out for work or stays back at home, at both ends, women suffer a lot due to menstrual issues that they face. But thanks to a wonderful product that has made the lives of women in India safer & stress-free. The menstrual cups are available in different sizes and can be used according to the specified age groups.

The menstrual cups are made of medically tested soft material that remains soft and flexible for a long. The eco-friendly menstrual cup is most suitable under natural conditions. It has no odor & offers no irritation or infections. It can easily hold the fluids without any leakages and allow them to remain away from the body. It helps in keeping the body free of toxins & bacterial infections which are the most common. The use of sanitary napkins is certainly not the solution for the problems that women and girls in India are facing. But menstrual cups offer a modern technique to the modern women of India.

Menstrual Cup for Women India

The menstrual cup is considered the safest & completely hygienic-sanitary product that women find most comfortable. The silk cup has passed the ISO certification successfully after being tested for various forms.

The silky cup offers nonstop 12 hours of day & night services without any hassle. The menstrual cup offers hygienic care without any strings or wings but places the cup to have no leakage during the periods. The product has had a huge impact on women’s lives in India.

The one-time purchase will save money, time & will help the women & girls to have a safe & hygienic life soon.

The advantage of the menstrual cup is the reusability. The cup has a longer life of 5- 10 years. It is compact and lightweight, so it can be used for long hours without any difficulty. Women once get used to it can perform all their tasks, even they can involve in activities such running, cycling, swimming, dancing and even during traveling. The cup remains at the place and keeps collecting the fluids without any leakage.

Best Buy Menstrual Cups Online in India

Following given list of menstrual cups is useful in choosing the best selling menstrual cup in India 2021.

1. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

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The Sirona menstrual silky cup is of medium size is best suitable for women who have not either become pregnant or are up to the age of 30 years. The silky cup is considered the best alternative for sanitary napkins and disposable sanitary pads.

The girls & women consider these most modern sanitary pads as the intimate product suitable for all ages providing at most hygiene. The pads can handle all levels of flow effectively. But the menstrual silky cups are useful for women during all different activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and also in the common routine work.

The menstrual cup is reusable and it has become a part of women’s lives in the past few years. The menstrual cup can last for more than 10 years if it is used properly & maintained carefully. The cup offers 12 hours of victory protection during everyday use. The Sironacup feels comfortable remains clean and can be reusable for a long time.


  • It is available in 3 sizes as per age category.
  • It is an economical & eco-friendly cup.
  • The cup is leakage-proof & rash-free.


  • Need to handle it carefully else it’s messy.

2. PEESAFE Menstrual Cups For Women

PEESAFE Menstrual Cups For Women

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The PEESAFE eco-friendly reusable product can also be recycled. The cup is completely safe to be used. It hasn’t used any chemicals, so it remains germ-free & completely odorless.The highly sterilized cup is made of medical-grade silicone.

The cup is free of toxins and also of other elements like Latex, BPA. The cup can be used for a longer time. Once a cup is bought, then it can last for 5 years. The quality of the cup is high and the material used is of superior quality.It needs some understanding and practice of using the menstrual cup. But once you get used to the cup you will find comfy who are using the scorpion day and night. Women will prefer to wear it even during nighttime while sleeping.The cup allows easier ways to pee when inserted.

The PEESAFE menstrual cup can be used even while walking, running, climbing, swimming, and many other activities. When not in use, wash the cup with water and unscented soap but during your cycle, before using it, sterilize it cleanly.


  • It saves money spent on pads.
  • It offers protection for 12 hours.
  • It is a medically tested and approved product.


  • Consult experts before using it.

3. Evereve Menstrual Cup for Women

Evereve Menstrual Cup for Women

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The Everevepurple-colored cup is available with a medium-sized pouch. The cup is extra soft and offers long-lasting protection to the women. The cup has soft-touch silicone edges that offer 100% comfort to the women while wearing it. It keeps the vaginal skin well protected against any infection

The menstrual cup can offer complete protection for 8 to 10 hours. It provides a leak-free experience that remains positive and enhances the experience.The cup is certified by FDA and it has passed the ISO test that proves safe for skin.

The Evereve cup has smaller tips and it helps to reduce irritation that the longer sized pipes can cause. The cup can be used while doing daily activities and also during yoga, workouts, and exercises. No more use of sanitary pads to be used which are expensive.


  • It is extra soft material lasts longer.


  • Sized should be checked before purchase.

4. WOW Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup

WOW Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup

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The WOW freedom menstrual cup is useful for women below the age of 30. It is mainly manufactured for women with pre childbirth. The cup is most affordable, highly effective, and completely safe. It reduces the effects of dryness, itching, and cramping. It also makes sure that no chemicals will be entered inside the body.

The freedom cup is easy to use because of its softness and innovative material used. The soft material used is a high-quality silicone that is 100% medically tested. The freedom cup offers you complete freedom to walk & run, to swim & exercise, to climb & play. The cup is very flexible to use and insert. It doesn’t leak or give any discomfort. The cup is easy to clean and reusable for a longer time. It is certainly a one-time investment that will bring a big change in your life.

The WOW Freedom menstrual cup changes your habits and keeps your body clean, healthy, and germ-free. The cup is available in pink color that fits well and remains at the place for a longer time – even you can wear sleep during the night.The magical cup reduces the unpleasant & embarrassing moments completely.


  • Offers long-lasting freedom to the women.
  • Provides complete protection during the periods.
  • Minimizes the unwanted moments of life for girls & women.


  • Needs to make the practice of using it.

5. i-activ Menstrual Cup with Jute Bag

i-activ Menstrual Cup with Jute Bag

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The i-activ menstrual cup is available with a jute bag which is free. The cup is made of ultra-soft material which is flexible and offers a 100% clean & medically approved sanitation kit. The cup with smooth edges and a smaller pipe is easy to insert. It can be placed for 12 hours or more without getting any leakage or infections.

The odor-less, rash-free device remains for long hours and keeps the body clean, healthy, and free from embarrassment.The menstrual cup not only makes a woman feel confident but also allows a woman to run, play, and dance without feeling tense.

The softly touched and tightly gripped i-activ cup offers a long 8- hour’s protection. Even you will have a sound sleep in the night during the most difficult days.The sterilized cup before using it during the cycle and wash it cleans once the work is over. No need to use the pads & no more expenses.


  • It is easy to use & easy to wash.
  • It reduces additional expenses on sanitary pads.
  • Reduces the daily or weekly expenses clearly.


  • Use it carefully else it could be messy.

6. SanNap Menstrual Cup for Women

SanNap Menstrual Cup for Women

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The highly protective and thoughtfully designed SanNap menstrual cups have become part of modern life and it helps the modern women. The cup is of medium size, made of superior quality and it is approved by FDA. The nicely designed, medium-sized menstrual cup is available with a stylish storage pouch.

The menstrual cup offers long time protection during the periods for the women. The cup is very soft & delicate and offers complete care. It remains free of odors, free of leakages, and free of rashes or infections. Most women love to use the device even while working at home or doing activities such as cycling, swimming, climbing, hiking, dancing, and many others.

During the painful days, women will get relief as well get their confidence boosted. The SanNap cup is medically tasted and it can collect the leakage without any dryness or itching. Now you can stop using sanitary napkins and save your money.


  • Easy to carry pouch is available.
  • Superior quality products are offered for modern women.


  • Make sure about the required size.

7. Sanfe Reusable Menstrual Cup

Sanfe Reusable Menstrual Cup

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The reusable Sanfe menstrual cups have become the modern way of life for women working outside and also for housewives. The most convenient, apt and easily fitting is a highly reliable device that has changed the lives of girls & women. Now women don’t have to worry during work and girls’ don’t have to bunk their classes anymore.

The super and gentle menstrual cup is far better than the absorbency pad that is used commonly. The cup offers complete protection for about 10 to 12 hours without any issue. For women up to the age of 30 years can do all their work and activities freely. Women can play, dance, swim, travel, or even work for long periods too.

The Sanfe menstrual cup is very flexible, fitted well, and is leakage-free, odor-free, and even free of infections or any rashes. You have to follow the instructions and practice using the cup in your daily life and your life will be changed.The cup is made of medically tested silicone material which is soft & skin-friendly..


  • It controls the blood flow effectively.
  • It allows enjoying even during odd days.
  • It is easy to use & easy to wash.


  • It may irritate you at the beginning.

8. MARK LOUIS Aneer Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup Small

MARK LOUIS Aneer Cup Reusable Menstrual Cup Small

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The MARK LOUIS menstrual cup is specially designed for women with small built or for the women who haven’t given birth to a child or a woman below the age of 30 years. The eco-friendly cup is reusable. The cup can be fitted in the vaginal area of a woman and can remain for about 10 – 12 hours.

The cup collects the flow of blood and holds it in the cup instead of absorbing it like a sanitary napkin. It keeps the woman free of toxic and bacterial infections. The user-friendly cup is easy to fit and remains longer without any difficulty. Women feel comfortable and can do all their work and activities freely.

The MARK LOUIS cup is a better choice than the usual napkins and it remains free of smell and free of any leakages. The cup can be reusable and washed clean after usage.


  • The eco-friendly product offers higher benefits
  • Women find it most useful while working.


  • Women need to find a suitable cup.

9. Namyaa Ultra Soft Reusable Menstrual Cup

Namyaa Ultra Soft Reusable Menstrual Cup

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The Namyaa menstrual cup is made of Medical Grade Silicon that keeps the women safer from all types of toxins like BPA & Latex. It also keeps women’s bodies safe from any harmful infections. The menstrual cup can easily hold the flow of blood without any leakage. It also remains odor-free and rust-free.

The cup fits comfortably inside the body and remains for longer hours. The girls and women find it easy to move around, dance, play, swim, and even travel. The eco-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are easy to use for a long duration.

The ultra-soft Namyaa menstrual cup has changed women’s life during blooding and it offers complete relief to the girls and women. Women can now enjoy life even better and also they don’t have to spend money on worthless napkins anymore.


  • Women find it easier, safer & also economic.
  • The eco-friendly feature helps nature too.


  • Insertion & removal needs practice.

10. Plastron Icare Menstrual Cup

Plastron Icare Menstrual Cup

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The Plastron Icare menstrual cup is available in various sizes. The small-sized cup is more suitable for women up to age 25 and not having a baby. The large-sized cups are for women above 25 years of age.The Icare unit offers two menstrual cups which is an advantage. When one cup is in use, the other one is always available as a standby.

The cups are made of high-quality medically tasted silicone material which lasts longer and remains flexible. The cup is safer to use and at most hygienic. It remains soft when inserted into the body and doesn’t allow any pain or infection. It can remain at the place for 10 hours or more during traveling or while doing various activities freely.

The Plastron Icare menstrual cup collects fluid and blood without leaking it. It is easy to wash the cup with warm water. To use the cup during the cycle sterilized it before using.Most women find it useful in India. It helps to lead stress-free life for women.


  • Women lead a stress-free life.
  • Two cups is always an advantage.


  • Handle the cup properly to get better results.

How to Choose Right Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups are the latest and best way to keep yourself safe during periods. But for those who are buying it for the first time, it can be a tough task to pick one. So, here we have listed a few important points that can help in choosing the right menstrual cup. 

1. Cervical Height

The first point would be to measure the cervical height. It can be done in many ways and one of the simple ways is with the help of your finger. Stand straight and place one of your legs on a chair. Now insert your middle finger in the vagina to touch the cervix. Now mark the point. Depending on the knuckle that is close to the height you measure the cervical height. If you make a mark at the first knuckle, then it’s low, the middle is medium, and more than that is high. So, now based on the height, you will have to go for a longer cup for high cervical height and a shorter one for low cervical height. 

2. Your flow

Some of the menstrual cups with age as a factor for deciding the size. But that is not the right way. You will have to check the flow you experience during the periods. If you are having heavy flow, then you will have to check for the large cups and when you have low flow, you can choose a small cup. It also depends on how frequently you will be able to clean the menstrual cups. If you can clean or empty for three to six hours, then go for a 12 ml capacity cup, else you can go for 25 ml cups. 

3. Soft and firm cups

You will be able to find both firm and soft menstrual cups in the present market. It can be quite confusing about which one to pick. If you are physically more active, then this is a very important factor to keep in mind. Many people using a soft cup experience leaks during physical activities and that may not be the case with a firm cup. Also, some people have sensitive bladder who face problems with urination, like more urination or being unable to empty the bladder. So, depending on how your vagina is reacting when you use a menstrual, try to check the other options. 

4. Silicone quality

Another very important factor is the quality of silicone used in the making of menstrual cups. You should always pick a menstrual cup that is made using medical-grade silicone material only. It is mentioned on the product about the type of silicone used in its making and makes sure to pick the right one. 

5. Life of the menstrual cup

Rare but there are a few menstrual cups that can be used only once. They are disposable cups. But apart from these, the most popular ones are reusable menstrual cups and while picking a cup you will have to check the life. Some of them can be used only for a few days or months, while a few can be used for years and a lifetime as well. So, it all depends on how much you wish to spend and what duration you looking for. Most of them will last for at least five years when sterilized and used in the right way. 

6. Stem length

The length of the menstrual cup stem is another important factor to bear in mind. You will find them with different stem lengths and you need to be very careful with this point. Some of them are too long and that can be uneasy when you use them and some of them are too short and that can be uncomfortable while you try to remove menstrual cup. Some come with a ring-like stem and some have no stem at all. It all depends on your comfort levels and you need to make the choice accordingly. One model does not suit everyone’s requirements. 

7. FDA approved

As a menstrual cup has to be inserted into the vagina for using it, you will have to be very careful while choosing one. You cannot just pick any product and start using it. It is good to pick a menstrual cup that is approved by the FDA. This way you can be sure that you are using a safe product and you will not face any harm due to its usage. 

8. Process of sterilization

It is always good to sterilize the menstrual cup after each usage so that they are clean and hygienic for the next use. Some should be sterilized manually in hot water, while some of them can be boiled or heated in the oven. Make sure that you have these details clearly before you buy one. That way you will be able to clean and maintain the cups in the right way. 

9. No colors

You will be able to find the menstrual cups in many different colors, which includes even black. There is nothing the color has to do with the menstrual cup and its effectiveness. But sometimes these colors can be harmful as they add artificial colors to make them look colorful. Only a few companies use natural dyes for coloring them. So, always make sure that you are choosing a transparent menstrual cup if possible. 

10. Price and brand

The last important factor to keep in mind is the price. You will be able to find them in different budgets. There are several brands available in the Indian market and so you will have to choose the right brand. When you wish to go for the best brand, the price of the menstrual cup is going to be a bit high, but it is just a one-time investment. Your menstrual cup is going to last for at least five years when you choose good brands. So, compared to what you spend on the tampons or sanitary pads, you will be spending very less and hence you can pay a bit high. It is also about vaginal hygiene and health. Any cheap quality silicone can cause infections. So, always go with the best brands. 

Menstrual Cup Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I sleep with a menstrual cup?

The answer is yes! But wearing a menstrual cup for longer than 12 hours can cause vaginal infections. Depending on your leakages, you can wear them overnight as well. But with that, you may consider using period underwear or reusable pad instead of menstrual cups or tampons.

  1. Can I use a menstrual cup for 24 hours?

No, you can’t. A menstrual cup that is left on for a long time can develop bacteria, which increases the risk of infection.According to the FDA, whether you use tampons or menstrual cups, they should be changed every 4 to 8 hours.

  1. How many hours can you leave a menstrual cup in for?

You can leave menstrual cups inside for up to 12 hours, but before they should be emptied and well cleaned. Some women have heavy flows so they need to empty them more often.

  1. Does the menstrual cup break virginity?

Not at all! Menstrual cups will not break your virginity. Female hygiene products like cups or tampons do not tear or stretch the thin tissue that covers your vagina. It can be broken after sexual intercourse.

  1. Can a 12-year-old girl use a menstrual cup?

Yes, it is completely safe for a 12-year-old girl to use menstrual cups during their blood flow. Just make sure, that will suitable for your teenager. Many companies are offering specific period products for young menstruators. Hence, they are a safer option for your teenager.

  1. Do Gynaecologists recommend menstrual cups?

Gynaecologists never suggest menstrual cups to women having severe clinical uterine prolapse. They recommend that women with normal anatomy can use a menstrual cup comfortably. Before giving birth to a baby, it is much safer to use menstrual cups or tampons. These cups won’t ideal for women who experience vaginal prolapse after baby birth.

Wrapping Up

The menstrual cup helps the woman not only to enjoy her time but to have the freedom to lead her life on her own. The menstrual cup handles all the disastrous situations effectively and takes care of the situation without a woman feeling guilty or embarrassed. According to FDA, a menstrual cup is considered to be an implantable medical device that needs to be improved in case of any issue. You can choose the suitable menstrual cup from the list given-above, as per the requirements and the prices.

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