Top 10 Best Leather Products Manufacturers in India

Leather has been one of the most exciting and most sought-after products in the world. The leather is directly the status symbol of one’s riches and his taste in fashion. In other words, leather is the definition of class and superiority. In fact, leather is one of the oldest yet the most sophisticated used material for making apparel and footwear all across the world. India itself has been one of the most significant producers of leather in the world. It is needless to say that Indian population has always been a sucker for sophistication, sustainability, and comfort when it comes to wearing garments and footwear.

Making India proud are the top 10 Leather goods producing countries in the world that are given below. These companies have contributed the most to making India amongst top 10 leather producing countries in the world. Today, India is a leading leather exporter and it is all because of the below mentioned 10 companies.

Read the lost given below and find out the top 10 companies which have made big in the world of leather apparels, goods and accessories.

10. Bata India Ltd.

Bata India Ltd.

Founded in the year 1984, Bata India Ltd is owned by Tomas Batra. The headquarters of this company is in a small town of Lausanne in Switzerland. Bata is a very well known brand in India which is renowned for its wide range of leather products such as- footwear, accessories, and clothing as well. It is needless to say that within a few decades of time, Bata has made a great emphasis in the leather market of India. Despite being an Indian brand, Bata also has international showrooms in other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. People love the worth-it quality of Bata products that are durable, long lasting, comfortable, stylish, trendy and sustainable.

9. Bhartiya International Ltd.

Bhartiya International Ltd.

Bhartiya International Ltd is another leather marvel of India who has created a wide fan base in the Indian market. Bhartiya International is one of the topmost leather producing countries in India. This company was formed back in 1990 when leather garments and apparels had started becoming a fashion statement for celebrities and commoners alike. The chain of Bhartiya International Ltd factory and production base is spread between Bangalore and Chennai in Southern Part of India. Bhartiya International stays one of the top leather exporters of India along with being a supplier of Indian brands producing leather apparels.

8. Farida Group

Farida Group

When talking about the Farida group, there might not be even a single thing that the Farida Group does not produce. The Farida group is one of the top leather producer, leather product manufacturer, leather exporter and leather supplier all across the Indian Subcontinent. Farida group is most popularly known for being a leading producer of men and women footwear. Apart from manufacturing apparels, the Frida Group has a wide list of its Pvt Ltd branches dealing with business related to leather.

7. Lakhani Armaan Group

Lakhani Armaan Group

The Lakhani Armaan Group is not only one of the top leather producers in our country but it is also one of the oldest leather manufacturing countries in India. This company is owned by KC Lakhani who also formed Lakhani Rubber Works along with Lakhani Armaan group way back in 1966. The Lakhani Armaan Group is India’s leading footwear producer. Lakhani Armaan Group along with the Lakhani Rubber works has been producing sustainable footwear for Indian Population and it has been one of the most sought-after brands that offer sustainability along with durability.

6. Liberty Shoes Ltd

Liberty Shoes Ltd

Founded in the year 1954, Liberty shoes were once a small manufacturing unit started by three acquaintances. Liberty shoes were earlier known as Pal Boot House which was later changed to Liberty Shoes Ltd. Liberty shoes are India’s one of the top leather manufacturer today after decades of good services. It is needless to say that people are in Love with the un-compromised yet the promising quality of Liberty footwear and accessories.

5. Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

The Mayur Uniquoters Ltd is one of India’s top artificial leather manufacturers. The artificial leather is also known as PVC Vinyl which is the modern day muse of leather-like apparel but less expensive and more environment-friendly. Not only is Mayur Uniquoters Ltd one of the top companies in India, but it has most certainly made India proud by making it to the list of Forbes Asia top 200 under $1Bn enterprises. The Mayur Uniquoters company supplies leather for apparel making, footwear, furniture, goods and even in automotive parts.

4. Metro Shoes Ltd

Metro Shoes Ltd

One of India’s top homegrown footwear companies is Metro Shoes Ltd which is also independent India’s first footwear company. The Metro Shoes Ltd was founded in the year 1947 and it is safe to say that it has, since then, grown Brazilian times both in marketing and manufacturing. The skilled labor work and high-grade quality of the Metro shoe products are undeniably Indian markets’ favorite as well as, most sought-after brand. Metro Shoes Ltd has its chain all across the Indian sub-continent and it has now expanded to multiple locations overseas. Metro shoes are most known for its footwear range and accessories such as handbags and wallets all made of pure leather manufactured by the company itself.

3. Mirza International Ltd

Mirza International Ltd

Founded in the year 1969, Mirza International Ltd comes in top five leather producing companies in India. The Mirza International Ltd is a supplier and exporter of high-quality leather to huge foreign brands and nationwide footwear producers. It is needless to say that Mirza International Ltd is best known for its unbeatable leather quality that makes it stand out from the rest of manufacturers.

2. Relaxo Footwear Ltd

Relaxo Footwear Ltd

Relaxo Footwear Company was founded in the year 1976 at the National Capital New Delhi. Relaxo was a joint venture of two brothers who have put their heart and soul into their footwear business which has made Relaxo India’s huge footwear company. There might hardly be any household in India which does not have one or more than one Relaxo footwear. Relaxo is known for making leather footwear in most affordable, wearable and fashionable manner there ever is.

1. Superhouse Ltd.

Superhouse Ltd.

Coming on the top of the list is Superhouse Ltd, which as the name suggests is a super producer of Leather and leather goods. Superhouse Ltd is a multi-unit leather manufacturer company with multi-product conglomerate. This company is largest supplier and exporter of Leather throughout India as well as overseas. Apart from exporting leather, Superhouse Ltd itself deals with the production of large-scale leather goods, footwear, and accessories.


  • At the end, it is sfe to say that India is growing in various aspects and mostly on the leather manufacturing front. The aforementioned ten companies are legitimate, and their products are sold all over the world. Who knows that the next time you wear a leather appaerl it is actually made in India?

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