10 Best Ladder For Home Use In India

In India a foldable ladder is now a need of everyone’s home, whether for changing a bulb of the room or for retiling the roof of the room. They help in almost every type of work like; filling cloths in the wood almirahs on the height, or for colouring of the room. So, choosing a safe and stable ladder is a very important task for the buyer.

Our Top Picks

1. Bathla 5-Step Aluminium Ladder 2. Paffy Premium Heavy Folding Ladder 3. Parasnath Heavy Folding Ladder
Bathla Advance 5-Step Ladder for Home Use Paffy Premium Heavy Folding for Home Use Parasnath Heavy Folding Ladder
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Over the past years, most people started having all the essentials tools in their home and a folding lightweight ladder is one of the common things. In almost every home, the ceiling is at a height of 12 ft. and if you want to change the light bulb or repair the ceiling fan, you need a ladder. Some people compromise with the situation and use alternatives like a small table on a large table.

Well, you might get the job done, but this method doesn’t work always and it is also risky. So, it is always a better option to buy adequate sized ladders for home use in India. Several brands are offering quality home use aluminium ladders that you can buy for an affordable price point, but the intense variety of in-home use ladders might be confusing for regular buyers.

Ladder For Home India

If you are buying a home use ladder for the basic tasks and you are not sure that what factors to consider, then don’t worry. We are here with a complete list of home use ladders. We curated all the top-selling ladders for home use in India. The list is based on quality, effective usability, better value for money and such other aspects.

Best Quality Ladder For Home In India

For an average buyer, this list of the top 10 best ladders in India for home use contains all the reliable options. It would be an easy choice for buyers if they consider the need and compare the best options to shortlist the most list reliable home use ladder for their specific requirement. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive and learn about some of the top-notch options –

1. Bathla Advance 5-Step Ladder for Home Use

Bathla Advance 5-Step Ladder for Home Use

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The very first product in our list is best in many ways and it ensures all the quirky features in one place to ensure a quality purchase. If you are willing to buy a quality ladder for home use, then going with Bathla Advance 5-Step ladder for home use seems like the perfect option over the other ladders.

This ladder has one of the phenomenal features of all weather-resistant design as it is made of high-quality alloy. Over time, this ladder is going to provide long term durability while ensuring a quality operation. This ladder folds into a small size and provides you additional functionality with the storage.

This ladder has sure hinge technology which doesn’t let the ladder slip and provides perfect balancing. This ladder locks into the place to ensure better use. There are anti-skid shoes to prevent falling or scratching the floor while using the ladder. Overall opinion based on the build quality and reviews falls into the positive category here.

Pros –

  • The overall build quality is tactile and ensures better durability due to the use of alloy.
  • The ladder comes with an anti-corrosion coating, so you can use it in all weather conditions.
  • Anti-skid shoes and wide steps ensure that you never fall from the ladder while using it.
  • The steps are slip-proof and have amazing build quality as compared to the other options.

Cons –

  • No cons were reported at all.

2. Paffy Premium Heavy Folding for Home Use

Paffy Premium Heavy Folding for Home Use

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The selection of Paffy Premium Heavy Folding for home use is going to feel perfect due to its great sturdiness. This ladder is made of alloy and is coated with anti-corrosive paint to ensure better durability. The overall build quality of this ladder is premium as compared to the other options.

This ladder has anti-skid shoes to prevent falling, there is a knee guard which helps you know the maximum weight shifting angle so you never fall. One more thing which makes this ladder impressive is the sturdy base. When you are on this ladder, you can easily lift heavyweight and use this ladder without falling.

In other words, this ladder is one of the perfect options due to its sturdiness and perfect balance. There is a clutch lock, which helps you lock the steps in place after folding into a small size. You can find this ladder perfect for a wide range of uses and it ensures the best purchase.

Pros –

  • This ladder has a knee guard to help you know the maximum weight shifting angle.
  • The design of this ladder is premium, and it ensures that get great durability.
  • This ladder locks into the place after folding into a small size due to the clutch lock.
  • You can expect a great sturdiness and a perfect balance due to the strong base.

Cons –

  • The weight of this ladder is 5.6 kgs, and it feels slightly heavy for home use.

3. Parasnath Heavy Folding Ladder For Home & Shop

Parasnath Heavy Folding Ladder

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Parasnath heavy folding ladder thoughtfully designed for daily use. It is light in weight for home but also convenient for heavy-duty like commercial use. This ladder has been offered with high-quality coated steel and has a solid flexible design. It has wide steps with rubber protect padding ensures safety during operation.

This multitasking ladder is an ideal choice for those who are a little heavy and have fear of falling to reach the top of the ladder. The best thing about this ladder is that it featured with space-saving storage option. After every use, you can store it easily in a small space.

Having Parasnath heavy folding ladder is a good choice for both regular and commercial work and has for those who are looking for a new ladder ensures high-quality. It provides additional safety and support to you while reaching height. People can also buy it for their warehouse, godown, shops and library use. One of the major benefits of buying this product is that its design and colour will ensure its elegance and functionality.

It can eliminate the chance of falling while you are doing work on the height. When talking about price, Parasnath folding ladder is a cost-effective product that comes with a 2-year warranty. If you are going to sell this ladder after some use, you will get the best amount.


  • It has Good stability when standing on the top-most steps.
  • Anti-skid shoes on each leg of the ladder.
  • It is lightweight but at the same time very sturdy & balanced.
  • The build quality of this ladder seems highly adequate for the price point.


  • You can check its size before buying.

4. Plantex Premium High-Grade Steel Ladder

Plantex Premium High-Grade Steel Ladder

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Steel is one of the strongest materials, and it is known for its excessive strength as compared to weight. So, if you want a durable ladder made of high-grade steel, then the selection of Plantex Premium High-Grade Steel will be a perfect choice. This is the best steel ladder in India, which is well-designed by professionals to ensure that you get great usability.

The build quality of this ladder is premium and it has an anti-corrosive coating to make this ladder perfect for all seasons. This ladder folds down into a small size and you can store this ladder anywhere without having any problem. The overall quality of this high-grade steel ladder feels premium and it ensures a better value for the money deal.

The legs of this ladder have rubber shoes to prevent scratches on the floor. On the other hand, these shoes act as an anti-skid protection system to reduce the chances of falling. This ladder gives you an optimal height to reach vertically heightened objects without any problem.

On the other hand, this ladder is easy to use as compared to most other options. The only issue is with the balancing at the last steps. This ladder opens into a small format and if you are at the top step, you might have to balance yourself in a better manner due to the small-sized steps.

Pros –

  • Coated steel is one of the best materials for ladders.
  • The steps are long and provide you with plenty of space to keep your feet.
  • Anti-skid rubbers reduce the chances of falling while using the ladder.
  • This ladder provides a wide range of uses, along with a good grip on the ladder with safety panels, it is a good choice for home and shop.

Cons –

  • Balancing is a little bit difficult when you are at the top steps.

5. TRUPHE Ladder for Home Use

TRUPHE Ladder for Home Use

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In the affordable price category, you can find various options, but most of them doesn’t feel adequate with the build quality. Among all those options, you can find the TRUPHE home use ladder and it is a well-made product. This ladder has Powder Coated Steel Pipes, which will provide you with better functionality than the other options.

Due to the steel pipes manufacturing, this ladder is lightweight and it can provide you with a way better functionality than the other options. If you consider the number of steps, you are getting a total of four steps to provide a decent height. You can walk on this ladder without needing any help.

If you consider the safety functionality, the wide ladders provide better overall usability. You can balance with ease and the best thing about this ladder is a knee guard, which might prevent you from falling. The rubber shoes are for anti-skid protection so you never have to worry about falling.

Pros –

  • The ladder is extremely lightweight and provides better functionality.
  • This ladder comes at an affordable price point with amazing usability.
  • The overall build quality is top-notch and ensures a better value for money deal.
  • There are anti-skid rubbers along with knee protection to save you from falling.

Cons –

  • You have to look after plenty of maintenance to ensure better durability.

6. HAPPER Premium foldable step ladder

Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder

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This is a step ladder of the Happer brand with two colour options, black, and orange. Both the colour options are awesome and good-looking. This is a lightweight product with 10.2 kg. weight. That’s why it is very easy to handle by anyone and easy to transport. this step ladder is available in the standard size of 1.72-meter height so that’s why it is easy to transport and store.

 Two types of materials are used in the manufacturing of this product, steel, and plastic. Stell is used to giving strength to this product and for construction of the body of ladder where plastic is used for a good grip, security pads, and nice-looking of the product. In this ladder, small step platforms are provided along with the serrated groove by the manufacturer for the comfort and safety of the user.

All 5 steps in this ladder are with the platform so you can work on any height as your need. In this product Happer company gives Sure- Hinge technology to their users. In this technology, the company provides a double locking system to the pivot joints which makes it perfectly stable and safe.

Pros –

  • This step ladder is all-weather resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • This is made up of rust-proof plastic and is designed to handle all types of weather conditions.
  • All 4 legs are with anti-skid shoes of PVC to give you extra stability at the time of use.
  • This product is specifically designed to enhance safety.


  • There is not any type of mistake is made in the production of this product.

7. FLIPZON Premium Heavy Foldable Cameo 4 Step Ladder

FLIPZON Premium Heavy Foldable Cameo 4 Step Ladder

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This is a FLIPZON product. This ladder is very good-looking and unique in design. This ladder is coming in two colours orange and black both the colours given by the company, suit the design of the ladder. This is a 4-step ladder with a weight capacity of 150 kgs, which is enough to meet the normal requirements of the home and small business purposes.

In 150 kg capacity both the weight of the person and tools are handled by the ladder. This ladder is 105 cm. approximately 1.05 meters in height and easy to transport because of its low weight of 8 kg and small height. It also covers very small spaces on the storage at home.

This product is designed with alloy steel and rubber to meet all requirements of the customer. In this product company used rubber for safety instead of plastic. Rubber is a very soft material rather than plastic, so it is more comfortable than plastic.


  • This is a very lightweight product so very easy to transport from one place to another.
  • It comes with a huge weight capacity from 120 to 150 kg range.
  • Knee guards made up of soft rubber are available in this product regarding the safety of the user.
  • Safety clutch lock, strong and big platform along with the anti-skid design is its hidden features.
  • this product is very useful for household and office uses.


  • This ladder feels slightly expensive for the features.

8. TRENDY Cameo 4 Step Heavy Duty Foldable step ladder

TRENDY Cameo 4 Step Heavy Duty Foldable step ladder

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This ladder is presented by a trendy corporation with many good specifications. This is a 4-step ladder with wide steps. This ladder is available in black colour along with yellow to make it more attractive.

The ladder is made up of iron metal to give it extraordinary strength, all iron body of the ladder is painted with dustproof, waterproof, and corrosion-proof paint to give it a long life. This product is too light-weighted about 7.23 kg., due to this, it is very easy to transport even a child can lift it without any type of discomfort.

The height of this ladder easily fulfils the requirements of the house and office. This is 131cm. or approx. 1.31-meter-tall, with 4 steps. An extra feature of this ladder is that it is easy to fold so can be easily transported and stored at home.

Pros –

  • This is a very lightweight ladder, with an aluminium frame coated with black colour with yellow decorations which give it a cool look.
  • Its maximum weight capacity is 150 kg. enough for any type of household used by anyone.
  • This ladder comes with a folding design.
  • Trendy also provide huge security and stability design in products. Like PVC shoes on each leg of the ladder and heel-to-toe foot support along with knee guard.


  • Overall height is that not impressive for homes with high ceilings.

9. PARAS CORPORATION 6 Step aluminium ladder

PARAS CORPORATION 6 Step aluminium ladder

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This ladder is the product of PARAS Corporation. This is a fully aluminium ladder that gives a strong and beautiful stylish look and makes it corrosion-proof. This ladder is tall approx. 200 cm. so is best for working on the roof of the rooms and for the wooden wall almirahs located on heights.

This ladder comes with a load capacity of 150 kg which is the best standard for home use ladders. This ladder is made up of aluminium so its main colour is silver but there are orange colour plastic and strips are used to make it safer, grippy, and beautiful.There is a nylon strap between the two foldable legs of the ladder to give it more strength at the time of using the ladder.

There is also a platform available on the top of the ladder for easily standing of the user. Knees guard also make it safer in use. On the upper step, the platform is along with the foot-like strips on the aluminium platform for more grip on the surface of the ladder, same as on each step strips are marked more extra grip.


  • This ladder is made up of aluminium, which is dust and rust-proof metal on its own.
  • It is best for work on heights because it is 200 cm. tall.
  • Comes with broad serrated steps.
  • In this ladder, a secure aluminium hinge is available for the safety of the user.


  • Seems adequate except for the slightly poor portability.

10. HOMWELL Premium Heavy foldable 5 step ladder

HOMWELL Premium Heavy foldable 5 step ladder

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Premium heavy foldable ladder presented by the Homwell company is a 5-step ladder with wide and grippy on each step with a platform for easily standing of the user. This ladder is best for home uses because of the reasons mentioned below.

This ladder is 177 cm tall which is enough to do the required work by the ladder. Due to its small size, it is also a lightweight product with a weight of 10.45 kg. This product is mainly available in the black colour by the company. Orange colour strips are used in the structure to make it attractive and to give It some hidden features.

The load capacity of this product is 150 kg. without including the weight of the ladder. The most important thing that comes with this ladder is, the company includes a 5-year warranty with this product that guarantees its exceptional qualities. Homwell also gives priority to their customer’s safety so that’s why they included anti-skid shoes of PVC for extra grip with the ground.

For the safety of the user, knee guards are also provided in the structure of the ladder. Edge guard, safety belt, anti-skid shoe safety lock, and separated steps are the other important features of the product.


  • This product comes with a 5-year warranty provided by Homwell.
  • Lightweight and 150 kg load capacity of the ladder.
  • This ladder has a smooth multi-position hinge for the strength of the ladder.
  • Automated safety locks and rubber protective paddings.
  • Sure hinge technology is available in this ladder.


  • This ladder is fully functional without any type of cons in it.

How To Choose The Best Ladder For Home Use

Before choosing a ladder for home use, you have to consider many important things about the ladder for your safety, requirement, and ease. Home use ladders are a little bit different from the ladders for commercial use. So here have we discussed some of the most important factors, that you must take into consideration before buying a ladder for home use –

♦ 1. Materials used in the ladder

The material used in the manufacturing of the ladder is very important to consider before buying a ladder. There are many types of materials are used in the production of the ladders like aluminium, fibreglass, and carbon fibre.

Each type of material has its specialities. The ladder which is made up of carbon fibre offers very lightweight and hard strength, but they are a little bit costly than others. Aluminium metal provides good strength and is lightweight with effective cost.

Both materials are corrosion resistant compared to the iron ladder which is highly susceptible to corrosion. Carbon fibre is also thermally and electrically resistant. There are some other types of material also used in the manufacturing of the ladders like steel, wood, and plastic. They sometimes do not fill the requirements of the home.

2. Height of the ladder

Hight of the ladder is very important to consider before buying a ladder. Everyone has a different use of the ladder, so how much height is required by you for your work is the essential component to buy the correct ladder for you.

There are many sizes are available in the market. Don’t buy a too short or too small ladder which is not useful for you. For home use ladders have a standard size of 7 to 9 feet, this height of ladder fulfils all the requirements needed for home use.

So, you have to choose this height for your ladder if you have to use the ladder for home. Make sure that your ladder has at least three points of contact with the ground which helps to maintain the balance of the ladder, 4 points of contact are more stable ladders.

Space between the two steps of the ladder is also a very important factor as the height of the ladder. This space must be less than 1 foot for comfortable climbing on the ladder. It should also not be too small which is unusable and cause heaviness to our ladder.

3. Load capacity of the ladder

Load capacity also called duty rating is shows that how much weight our ladder can handle, this is also called performance rating. To determine how much capacity, you need for the home use in the ladder consider the weight of the user including the weight of instruments used by that person.

By this, you can easily calculate the weight capacity requirements of your ladder. We should buy a ladder with load capacity which fulfils our work requirements. There are some standards provided by the American National Standard Institute (INSI).

  • Type IAA ladder with a load capacity of 375 pounds.
  • Type IA ladder with a load capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Type I ladder with a load capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Type II ladder with a load capacity of 225 pounds.
  • Type III ladder with a load capacity of 200 pounds.

4. Manufacturer of the ladder

Local manufacturers do not provide a quality product to their customers, so that’s why we should buy our product from the standard ladder manufacturer companies, regarding our safety. The ladder must be presented by which manufacturer. A good, reputed manufacturer mainly provides a good quality product to their customers. We should buy always a ladder manufactured by good brands. They give us good customer service along with the door warranty. A good manufacturer provides the best product with good services. The product of these manufacturers are sometimes a little bit costly than others, but they provide extra hidden features in their products.

5. Type of ladders

There are mainly three types of ladders are present for home use. But it mainly depends on you, that which type of ladder is required by you and fulfils your basic needs along with the performance and look. All three types of ladders are strong enough to fulfil the needs of normal home uses. It depends on you that which ladder you select for your home. Hereunder are those three types of ladders-

⇒ Stepladders – These ladders are very simple in their structure and lightweight and good in shape. These ladders look like alphabet A. These are mainly used in tasks near the ground. Stepladders are available with a maximal height of 9 feet approx. 109 inches. These ladders provide holding shelves in their frame for tools. Step ladders are not provided heavy work, they are only meant to provide home uses. These ladders provide good safety features like knee guards and handlebars.

⇒ Extension ladders – These ladders are the choice of those users who are seeking projects more than seventeen feet from the ground. Extension ladders are light weighted and mainly used for work on heights of more than 2 floors. Extension ladders require less space than other ladders and this is the simplest use ladder. Extension ladders are now available in folding forms which can be stored in very small spaces.

⇒ Multiuse ladders – Multiuse ladders also called multi-folding ladders are designed to fulfil a wide variety of needs. Multiuse ladders can be used as stepladders as well as an extension ladder or even we can use them as the scaffold. Multiuse ladders can be used on the stairs. These ladders are normally having a height of 12 to 15 feet. These ladders are more versatile and rigid and provide heavy-duty work. Multiuse ladders also require less space than other ladders on storage. These ladders are a little heavy and costly, but they provide extra features. The height of multiuse ladders beyond 17 feet is less usable because of balance regarding problems.

These are all the popular types of ladders that you can easily find in the market and figure out the best one by comparing the key features and understanding your requirements.

6. Regarding your use

The use of a ladder differs from person to person, some people need a ladder for their daily use, and some are used once or twice a month. Always buy a ladder regarding your needs.

If you have to use your ladder very frequently then you should choose a much durable ladder but if you use it less frequently then you can buy any of the ladders which fulfil your requirements. Some people make a mistake by buying a ladder with a very high cost and durability with high weight, this type of purchasing is not worthy.

7. Space, storage, and portability

Storage of a ladder is a very important factor in purchasing a ladder. Some ladders are extremely big and cover a lot of space in our garage or cargo deck. Always buy a ladder that does not take a lot of space on the storage, these ladders are easy to carry because of their low weight and seem beautiful because of their small size.

But always remember that we cannot sacrifice our need for the ladder based on the space required for storage. Ladders with small size and low weight which require less space on storage are more portable and can be moved easily from one place to another place. Now collapsible ladders are available which compact simply and movable with no problem, but if portability doesn’t fulfil your needs then choose other ladders.

By keeping these points in your mind, you can easily choose the best ladder for home use. Make sure that you stay selective during the selection of a brand.

8. Brand and Warranty

Always choose a reputed brand, which is well-known for higher build quality and positive reviews. A popular brand will offer you an excellent value for money deal along with some additional benefits of effective after-sale services on warranty. Talking about claims bring the conversation to the warranty factor.

It is always an important factor to look for the warranty aspect. A good quality ladder will at least have five years of warranty from the date of purchase. Choosing a ladder with no warranty is a more risky option and you might end up getting into several issues regarding overall safety.

To learn about the brand’s reputation, warranty and overall claims, it is always an excellent choice to check out reviews. By comparing plenty of reviews and knowing about what other buyers say about the home ladder, the purchase decision is going to be easy in most cases.

Ladder Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Despite standards and regulations, a fall from a ladder while climbing has been a frequent cause of death and injury, even after a year of use. Most people believe that unwanted accidents are the result of falling from a roof, balcony or uneven surface. But, people are unaware of falling from the ladder which can be life-threatening too. Fortunately, the risk of falling off a ladder is preventable if used adequately. Here we have listed the dos and don’ts of ladder safety that you need to follow while using ladders.

Do’s of ladder safety:

  • Before getting onto the ladder, you need to understand the safety procedure by practising climbing. Plus, you have to learn how to minimize and recognize ladder-related hazards. You should also be aware of common ladder hazards, such as high traffic areas or walkways, electrical wires or arc flash hazards, broken or damaged ladders, slippery, soft or unstable project surfaces, inclimate working conditions, and heavy working loads, etc.
  • Inspect for cracked or bent rails, loose or missing steps, rust or corrosion, damage, bent or lose pulleys. This includes examining any shoes, pail shelves, steps, spreaders, tops, platforms, or other portions of the ladder. If any broken part is found, avoid using a ladder and take it for service. Also, make sure the ladder is completely closed and fully open before use.
  • Always choose the right ladder for the suitable project. Additionally, check OSHA standards for the sort of ladder, and use only Underwriter’s laboratory approved ladders. Depending on the load capacity, you can choose the right ladder. The load capacity of the ladder includes your weight, weight of supplies & tools carried on a ladder, weight of clothing & safety gears, etc.
  • Always keep three points of contact when climbing a ladder or working on a ladder.
  • The ladder must extend above the edge at least 3-feet and be tied off at the top if you plan to climb onto a roof or platform from a ladder.

Don’t of ladder safety:

  • Never climb a ladder if you are not mentally and physically up to the project.
  • You may slip out if the ladder is half close and half-open. So don’t climb a closed ladder.
  • Don’t keep the feet of a ladder too close to or too far away from the wall or building.
  • Don’t allow more than one person on a ladder.
  • Don’t surpass the maximum duty rating or load capacity of a ladder.

Ladders FAQs [People Also Ask]

1. What kind of ladder is best for my home use?

Step ladders that are self-supporting are generally preferred for home DIY projects. Because they have wide, comfortable steps and no need to lean against anything, these ladders make it easy to get to higher places. The step ladders are safe for both adults and children to use because they are well-balanced.

2. Do I need a step ladder or extension ladder?

Ladders serve primarily as a tool for extending your range of motion. In order to extend your reach, it is important to use the right type of ladder, even if one‘s heights are equal.

Two steps down on top of a step ladder, for example, is a safe distance to stand. You must be four rungs down on the extension ladder, however. Step ladders can reach higher than extension ladders if they are of the same height as each other.

3. What angle is safe for a ladder?

On a slightly sloping surface, experts provides advice on how to set up ladders. The 1 out of 4 rule dictates that a ladder’s angle should be 75 degrees.

4. Are aluminum ladders safe?

When working with electricity aluminum ladders can be dangerous as they can conduct electricity but they are less likely to collapse over time. When exposed to moisture, wood ladders will not conduct electricity and should not be used for this purpose.

5. Do ladders expire?

Ladders don’t have an expiration date, so if you store them properly and take good care of them, they’ll last a very long time.

6. How much do ladders weigh?

The weight of a wood ladder ranges from 24 pounds to 90 pounds. Ladder weight is determined by the number of feet and the length of the ladder.

For example, an 8-foot wood ladder represents 41 pounds, while an 8-foot wooden step ladder weighs 52 pounds; an 8-by-10-foot wooden step ladder weighs 52 pounds; and a 12-by-12-foot wooden step ladder weighs 62.5 pounds.

Wrapping Up

After learning about all the key aspects and finding some of the top class available products in the market, the purchase of a quality ladder for home use is going to be easy. You can make a list of top ladders that fit your requirement and then you can compare the best options based on budget and safety factors to finalize a top-notch option with ease. We hope that going through the essentials aspects will help you choose a reliable ladder for home use with ease.