Top 10 Best Health Related Websites In India

We are always more interested in being healthy than taking steps to be healthy. This explains the budding of so many health websites in the internet world. Though a certain websites guarantee candid information many are just a flake. While reading a health related note on the internet it is essential to check the credibility of the note before following it.

Ever looked for the best health websites? In this article we have shared information on the Top 10 Health Related Websites in India which can be referred without any doubt.

10. Dr batra’s 

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Specialization: Hair, Skin, Respiratory Health, Children Health

Dr. Batra’s is a practice based on homeopathy. Homeopathy is one of the ancient sciences which is believed to create miracles. The group offers solutions and evaluations on various skin, hair and respiratory illness. Dr. Batra’s offers solutions which combines homeopathy with conventional medicine.

9. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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Specialization: Communicable Diseases, Non Communicable diseases, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna

This is a government of Indian websites which publishes information on public health news and medical information of the constituencies. It provides news on the national health mission, health standards of the nation, disease alerts and any major announcements in the healthcare department and the implementation of various health services.

8. Arogya

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Specialization: Children’s health, Diet & Nutrition, First Aid, Fitness, Preventive Health, Senior’s health, teen’s health

Arogya,com is one of the leading health information portal in India which has information on online support groups which provide support for the needy. They have active and vibrant support groups for epilepsy and Addiction.

7. Doctoralia

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Specialization: NA acts a platform where the medical professional and patients connect with each other. It provides a platform where the users can ask questions, give suggestions and choose a health professional based on their needs. It was founded by 2 doctors who understood the need of reliable health related information and who were directed towards giving them solutions.

6. Only My Health

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Specialization: Diet & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Pregnancy & Parenting, Eye Care

Only My Health is a part of MMI Online ltd. It is one of the notable health and lifestyle websites of India that provides reliable information and current advancements in the medical field.  They aim to focus on the user experience in navigating to the required page through advices and tools. This portal provides all information required for a healthy lifestyle. It provides information on Ayurveda also.

5. Practo

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Specialization: Practo Drive, Online consultation, Health feed, Online medicine order

Practo is an attempt of a group of young medical professionals to use latest technologies to improve the standards of Indian clinics and to improve a patient’s experience. It is one of the rapidly growing website catering the needs of both doctors and patients. This website helps patients to find suitable doctors and maintains a single healthcare account for the family that stores all the required healthcare data.

4. Babycentre

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Specialization: Pregnancy health, Infant and Toddler Wellbeing

Babycentre is mainly dedicated to new, expecting and moms to-be to find the information and support they require. They offer practical advises and solutions to many baby related problems mainly from experts, doctors or from experienced moms. It is one of the most trusted baby health websites in India with thousands of users who participate actively in the forums. It ensures that the greatest experience of one’s life to be memorable in a positive way.

3. Healthy India

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Specialization: Prevention care, Oral and Mental health, Ageing

Healthy India provides information on disease control through prevention, treatment of chronic ailments and has resources on how to lead a healthy life. This initiative aims at achieving well being and healthy lifestyle through simple materials and interactive forums. It promotes awareness on alcoholism and tobacco addiction and is a product of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

2. Indian Health Organization

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Specialization: Healthcare Management

Indian Health Organization commonly known as IHO is one of India’s best healthcare websites. Its main aim is to enable people to maintain their health and lead a peaceful life. They aim to make the healthy living affordable to most people by offering prepaid health packages at a reasonable rate. They provide high standard services in hospitals, home care, pharmacies and also are diagnostic centers. IHO is a byproduct t of Aetna, a well known company in the United States. IHO forms one of the biggest networks of high quality medical professionals.

1. Med India

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Specialization: Nutrition, Home Remedies, Beauty Tips, Obesity and Weight loss, Lifestyle and wellness

Med India is considered to be the top grossing health website in India providing medical news and health information on almost all man known health issues. It is said to be the best and reliable source of health in India having the highest traffic in the internet. Med India was founded by a group of Doctors with the social intention of providing health information and latest medical technology news to the consumers in 1997.

Thus we have looked at the Top 10 health related websites of India. Though the information in these sites are reliable it is always safe to consult a doctor before following any news found on the internet.

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