Top 10 Best Hand Tool Kit Brands in India with Price

Are you looking for the best toolkit for the household? Well, you are at the right place. Hand toolkit is generally used to resolve the minor damages in the household appliances around you. It is essential to have the toolkit in your home and office nowadays. Be it a plumber or carpenter, one cannot regret the benefits of using hand tool kit. Hand tool kit is much more beneficial in managing the things from tightening leg of a chair, to loosening the cabinet to assemble the TV set and so on.

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However, it is not easy to find a perfect toolkit these days. There are loads of hand tool kits to choose from. Before start purchasing the toolkit, make sure that the price and quality fit for you.

Here are the Top 10 Best Hand Tool Kit Brands in India with price range

10. WorkForce 42- Piece Household Tool Kit

WorkForce 42- Piece Household Tool Kit

WorkForce 42 –piece Household Tool Kit is the 10th top most powerful toolkit on this list. It is a perfect toolkit designed to repair all the electrical appliances. Whether you want to tighten the screws, fix the drawer, replace the cabinet, this is a great toolkit for you. It is a wonderful all-purpose & 42 pieces toolkit for household usage. It comes with a strong & durable case. It can be used in both office and home as well. It has average ratings in major online shopping sites. 

9. Great Neck Saw Hammer & Screwdriver set

Great Neck Saw Hammer & Screwdriver set

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At number 9, we have Great Neck Saw Hammer & screwdriver set on this list. It is a perfect package of all the major electrical tools such as the screw, nuts, bolts and lots more. It is a great toolkit designed to repair the heavy damages in your household appliances. It is portable which you can carry at any time. It helps you to cure minor damages in the electrical appliances around you. 



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At number 8, we have IRWIN Toolkit, which is popular and widely used by people all across the world. It is a powerful toolkit of only 8 innovative tools yet it is expensive. It comes with a high-quality toolkit and which is why it is very expensive today. For mechanics & plumbers, it is imperative to have this powerful tool in hand at any while. In order to provide extra comfort, it provides non-slip and anti-inch Pro Touch Grips. Interestingly, it comes with IRWIN Lifetime Guarantee. This versatile toolkit comes with flat, hex and square shapes. 

7. Melissa and doug wooden take along Tool Kit

Melissa and doug wooden take along Tool Kit

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Melissa and dough wooden take along Tool Kit is a beautiful toolkit, which is specially designed for your children. This beautiful tool kit will help your kids to learn more about colors, shapes, and design of the tools easily. 

6. Black & Lithium-Ion Screwdriver & Project Kit

Black & Lithium-Ion Screwdriver & Project Kit

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Black & Lithium-Ion Screwdriver & project kit features as the 6th top most powerful hand tool kit. This compact tool kit is specially designed for repairing the household and wooden appliances. For every carpenter, it is essential to include this versatile toolkit in their toolbox. It comes with 39 powerful tools and accessories at an affordable.

5. CUMI CTK 035 Powers & Hand Tool Kit

CUMI CTK 035 Powers & Hand Tool Kit

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With powerful design & attractive price, CUMI CTK 035 power Toolkit stands 5th in this place. It is a wonderful toolkit designed to mend all the electrical appliances, wooden furniture, and hanging items. Further, it can be used as screwing devices to twist and tighten the screws. The best part of this toolkit is that it comes with high quality Also, you don’t need to be an expert to repair the appliances; rather you just have to use this powerful toolkit from CUMI brand.

4. CUMI Metabo SBE 601 power & Hand Toolkit

CUMI Metabo SBE 601 power & Hand Toolkit

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At number 4, we have CUMI Metabo SBE 601 Hand Toolkit on this list. It is a powerful tool designed to repair the vehicle & electrical appliances. It has drilling and mending tools. The Hand toolkit comes with the plastic cover with all kind of utilities. A hand tool kit with all kind of repairing tool is what the user actually wants. which is more expensive than other Toolkits. However, it comes with good quality & durability. It is worth the money spent.

3. Stanley Zag Tool Box

Stanley Zag Tool Box

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Stanley Zag Tool Box is an excellent product from Stanley brand, which is specially designed to protect the tools from being damaged or being exposed. It targets at preventing the external damage to the electric appliances. It is handy and mobility.

It comes with high- quality double color plastic impact. It is embedded with durable lock button with strong nickel plated material. The package contains one piece tool storage plastic box. 

2. Bosch Skil 45 Piece Stubby Wrench Bolts & Nuts

Bosch Skil 45 Piece Stubby Wrench Bolts & Nuts

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Skill 45 piece stubby Wrench tool is an excellent tool designed to adjust any kind of tools. It is generally used for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts of different sizes. With this skill 45 piece wrench tool, a user requires no additional tools. They can simply change the size of the tool instead of changing the tools. From the name itself, you can be very clear that this package comes with 45 tools that can be used for the variety of applications.

It can be used for major applications such as wire twisting, wire bending, wire cutting and fixing curtain rods, door handles. The entire package contains powerful tools includes an extension bar, a screwdriver handle, 1 screw bits, 21 precision bits, 21 precision nuts sockets and lots more.

1. Bosch –Skill F002 –H8-7040 -081

Bosch –Skil F002 –H8-7040 -081

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Bosch is one of the most renowned brands in India. The Bosch products have been widely used by people all across the world. The amazing toolkit from Bosch is the handy and awesome tool. It is packed with all the necessary repairing tools for your house. Also, it has repairing tools for vehicles. This is the perfect toolkit for everyone. It has a good durability that can withstand all temperatures. The product comes with 6 months warranty. This wonderful toolkit is enriched with 45 tools. 

Hope you have got the big picture of some popular hand tool kit.

How to Choose the Best Hand Tool Kit

Tool Kit packs a lot of utility into a small package. But before buying a tool kit for the house necessary things to be kept in mind. Here is a brief guide is given which help one to choose the correct tool kit.

Functions of the tool kit

One needs this to hang a picture, fix equipment, set up a rack, and change light switch spread.

Even a school rookie in an apartment needs instruments for kids, tune in to your folks on this one.

Selection of tools

The most significant component of any toolbox is the determination of devices. In taking a gander at many accessible models, found that each regularly had certain central things. Like a rule, a sled, a measuring tape, a wrench, a dimension, a blend of screwdrivers and bits. Be that as it may, past those fundamentals, the assortment is appalling and regularly straight-up befuddling.

In numerous occasions, propelled apparatuses are blended in with the rudiments, apparently at arbitrary. One unit had an uncovered choice of instruments yet figured out how to offer assigned wire strippers. Another came up short on a standard utility blade yet gave a metal-cutting hacksaw.

Types of tools necessary on Tool kit:

Here are some of the essential tools which you should add in your tool kit:


 An absolute necessity for hanging pictures, beating nail that keeps stirring its way up, or the door lock to arrange.

Tape measure:

 Essential for estimating for window blinds, figuring the area for painting a room, or separating pictures on a divider.

Screwdriver and bits:

Use these to fix pivots and door handles, rectify electrical plates, fix free seat legs, or collect furnishings and toys. For bits, one will need at least a balanced choice of Phillips, opened, square-drive, and Torx. These are all helpful around the house.

Allen torques:

The more decisions one has in Imperial and metric, the happier one will be. They’re unquestionable requirements for anybody with a bicycle, as well. Change the seat, rack the handlebars straight after the accident, and even fix the Baby Jogger. They’re additionally key for different home updates with set screws like bathroom tissue and towel holders.”


This thing is perfect for hanging pictures, altering the legs on an apparatus, introducing a rack, or rectifying furniture.

Needle-nose pincers:

It is useful for fixing gems or sticking modest bits of a messed up espresso cup. This device is likewise useful when one is working in tight places. For example, within a mechanized toy or getting liquefied coloured pencils out of the floor register channels.

Utility blade:

 Keep this thing convenient for separating boxes, cutting into bundling, opening caulk, or unloading after one move.   

Identify the essentialities

To make sense of which apparatuses are fundamental in any essential pack, buy that one. The perfect toolbox for home incorporates the additional pieces.

Cost of the tool kit

Selection of the tools depends on price. If the quality comes at the price, then it will be the right thing to go for.

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