The Best French Press Coffee Maker in India

Coffee has become a favourite drink of many in India, especially in the southern states. These regions are famous for their excellent filter coffee. While in some places in India, instant coffee substitutes are preferred because they are easy to prepare. If you love delicious and utterly hot coffee, a French press coffee maker should be part of your preparation.

A French press is a handy yet effective coffee appliance with a plunger, a barrel-shaped carafe, and a built-in filter that saturate the coffee. Also called a press pot, cafeteria, or coffee plunger, the French press is a cheap and deliciously easy way to make lip-smacking coffee on your own.

French press technology allows the coffee grounds to swirl in boiling water resulting in a fine and rich cup of coffee that many other coffee appliances can accomplish. This coffee maker is electricity and wire-free but it will require extra effort and time for your side. Most French makers are typically designed using glass, stoneware or stainless steel materials with capacities ranging from 12 to 51 ounces. To help you make the decision wisely, we listed some of the coffee makers in different materials and sizes.

French Press Coffee Maker

List of Best French Press Coffee Maker in India

How to Choose The Best French Press Coffee Maker in India?

There are numerous factors you to take into consideration when buying a French press coffee maker. Let’s take a look:

  • Material/ build-quality

Build quality is the primary factor to start narrowing down your choices. A French press maker can be constructed from stoneware, stainless steel or glass. Each material has its characteristics and drawbacks. Plus, they will add a unique touch to your kitchen in a different way. Glass coffee makers are the most popular type because they can be budget-friendly. But they can break after a few uses and lead to poor heat retention.

 On the other hand, stainless steel and stoneware are expensive but manufactured with heat retention and superior durability. However, the flavour, consistency and flavour will not be ruined by the material you choose. No matter whether it’s made of stainless steel, glass or stoneware, coffee should be delicious.

1. Stainless Steel

One of the most famous types of a French press is stainless steel. They are quite expensive than glass makers. But, they have better heat retention and durability.

2. Glass

Yet another most premium option is glass because of its looks and affordability. Other benefits of choosing Glass include its lightweight model, and most are dishwasher safe. These features make the French maker’s clean-up easier and faster.

  • Capacity

Most French press makers are only designed to prepare a single cup of coffee at a time and, their capacity ranges between 12 to 51 ounces. If you plan to use a coffee maker for your whole family, opt for larger options that will be able to make more than 8 cups of coffee. While the larger French makers are more expensive and smaller French presses are affordable. Having said this, the price and size are connected.

Also, pay attention to measurements given by manufacturers as they can mislead you. Most of us understand that each cup means 8 ounces. However, coffee brands consider a cup to be four to six ounces.

  • Heat Retention

Heat retention is directly related to the appliance’s material. All non-electric coffee makers, including French presses, struggle to keep the coffee hot, unlike electric coffee makers. If you are buying this device to make a cup or two of coffee then it works great. But if you need something that will keep the coffee hot for a long time, use an insulated or thermal French press.

  • Ease of Upkeep, Maintenance and Cleaning

Making coffee won’t get your job done; the real struggle is cleaning it. When the coffee maker has been used, you will need to dismantle the plunger, set aside the used coffee grounds, and wash the carafe for the next use. Remember, cleaning the dishwasher prolongs the whole process, while some require cleaning the coffee maker manually. So make sure the coffee maker you choose should be dishwasher friendly.

  • Cost

When you decide to buy a useful device for yourself, make sure you know how much you decide to spend on it. However, non-electrical equipment is cost-effective and readily available with premium quality.

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