Top 10+ Best Electrical Switches Brands In India

How you feel and how your work does depend significantly on what kind of surroundings you’re in. Likewise, what your surroundings reflect depend significantly on how much feel you put in designing them. An electrical switch may seem to be a little item but when you pay attention, you too will see how this tiny piece of bakelite controls the flow of electricity in your otherwise luxurious apartment or a big business workplace or a tall towering mall.

Types of Electrical Switches

Electric switches, as we know about them are used to interrupt the flow of electrons within a power circuit. Switches act as a binary substance within a circuit that it can be either off or on, there is no in-between. The switches are most probably controlled manually, however, there are also available the automatically controlled switches. There are available an ample of options for electrical switches in India however, their working depends entirely on their on and off mechanism.

There is a whole versatility available in switches in India. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Originally, there are only 4 categories of an electrical switch; however, the four have further differentiated functionalities which categorize them into further qualities. Read the type of categories in the short list given below:

  1. Single Pole
  2. Double Pole
  3. Three Ways
  4. Four Ways
  5. Multi-Location
  6. Dimmer Switch

These are the most used electrical switches in India.

What is the importance of using an electrical switch?

  • Without a switch, a power circuit will not be completed and hence, one will not be able to use anything that requires electricity.
  • Without the electrical switch, a circuit will either remain running throughout the life or incomplete, either of the conditions is not good.
  • Electrical switches also help in preserving the environment for we can close a switch when not in use.

List of Top Electrical Switches Brands In India

To add to your feel, this list of Top Electrical Switches Brands in India can come to your help when planning the wiring and décor of your place.

11. Orpat Electricals

Orpat Electricals

Orpat’s range of switches is categorized in silver series and copper series. Both these series cover different varieties of switches including bell push switches, double pole switches, motor toggle switches, one way switches and toggle switches power strip. Most of these switches are manufactured in polycarbonate and ISO certified.


10. Polycab


There are very few companies that take engineering as an art. Polycab is one of them. Even the basic of switches are designed with such an intricacy that when the piece lands in the market, it’s no less than an artwork. Polycab Cleta, their range of non modular switches consists of one way switches, pin sockets and comb switches that too in a number of exquisite shades and textures like glossy white, matte glass, glowing LED etc.


9. Siemens


If perfection is your niche, no better than Siemens. Every switch and socket bought through Siemens feature components both visual and technological that’ll mouthwater your home interiors. No matter what your taste is, they offer a huge variety. Take their DELTA product line that come with temperature sensors, dimmer control, printable frames, SCHUKO outlets and plenty of colours including titanium white, aluminium metallic and carbon metallic.


8. Finolex


Since 1950, the enormous struggle of Finolex led them to come in the topmost list of electrical companies in India. After establishing its name as a leading cable manufacturer, the company expanded its catalogue by launching its range of switches, Fino Switch. The range contains switches in two categories – premium and classic. Every switch is made in polycarbonate with silver coated contacts that boast of over 1,00,000 click tests done on them before their entry in the market.


7. Larsen & Toubro (L & T)

Larsen & Toubro (L & T)

If you are looking for switchgear most for your household safety, L&T caters safety to millions of households nationwide. Their switches, majorly from a range called ORIS, are fabricated with a rib-less design and fire resistant poly carbonate body encapsulated in glossy marble shades. The business bracket of L&T is not just limited to India, their global presence shines in many homes, offices and malls alike spread worldwide but all feel at home.

Website: ,

6. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Current day demands you to switch to an extraordinary electrical décor. And Schneider Electric can help you with that. With so many fantastic range of switches like Livia, ULTI, Neo, Opale and EPIC, Schneider grabs a plus one score in the electrical industry. And this range of full-flat switches, ZenCelo, it will make you see your home interiors with an all fresh interest.


5. Anchor


For over 5 decades, Anchor has been serving the electrical requirements to nation and its people, trust & reliability being their asset. After its merging with Japan giant Panasonic, the company now offers products that are safe, eco-friendly and long lasting. Anchor’s product line includes different luxury, modular and non-modular switches. Its products and services are distributed nationwide by over 4,50,000 retailers.


4. Wipro


Rooted in India, Wipro’s state-of-the-art Green electrical and Lighting solutions are driven by their customer satisfaction. For this very reason, their branches are networked nationwide to serve the immediate requirement of their customers. Wipro’s electrical switches are divided into Platia, Stylus+, Convex, Nowa and Venia, all these are manufactured in North West wing. Each switch is shielded in a protective spark cover and there most housing for safety, silver coating for enhanced conductivity and radium glowers for excellent visibility, even during the night.


3. Vihan


Vihan is one of the latest emerging manufacturers of electrical accessories with a pan India presence. They offer a wide variety of products such as LEDs, modular switches, wires, MCBs, etc. However, it is their switches which have made a remarkable impression on their consumers. The constant integration of striking design and innovative technology into their switches sets the brand a class apart.  They have numerous colours, textures, patterns and finishes for their modular switches range- Fullon, Ever and Boy. They craft over 10 types of switches – from vintage designs to cult-edge motifs that caters to every type of user requirement.


2. Havells


Havells is one of its kind, an innovative technology giant spread across 50 nations worldwide. Their electrical switches are created with refined engineering driven by finest of technologies and bathed by ultramodern artistic charm. To choose from, they have Coral Modular, Oro Metallica and Oro Modular lines of switches. The glossy finish, chocolate-charcoal shades and variety of flat-full designs together offer a lighting communication that your walls will want to have.


1. Legrand


In electrical and lighting solutions if there’s one that is unbeatable, that is Legrand, not just nationwide but around the globe. Legrand provides a complete edged solution to residential, commercial, hospitality and everywhere you can think of. Of the many, some of the available switch options in their adorneÒ collection are Push, Touch, Soft Tap, Whisper, Wave, Paddle, Wi-Fi, Half size and Sensa Switch. To have a look, visit their design inspiration featured in Houzz Ideabooks.


Ending here, let us know which one of the list made it to your planner journal. And do share your experience with us!

How To Choose The Electrical Switches?

Whenever you wish to buy electrical switches for your house, you don’t pay a lot of attention to them. But if you check very clearly, you will be able to understand that they can be seen almost everywhere in your house. When you go out shopping for some electrical switches for your property, it can be quite confusing about what to choose. So, if you wish to pick the best one, then here is how to choose the electrical switches:

The look or appearance:

One of the most important things that you need to consider when looking for the best kind of electrical switches is their appearance or look. There are many people who have the best property, but if you are not choosing the right switches, then it can spoil the entire look. There are different kinds of electrical switches available in the present market and hence make sure that you are picking the right one. You get the push-button type, selector switches, toggle switches, proximity switches, dimmer light switches, photoelectric switches. You can choose any one of them that matches your requirements.

Types of switches:

Another important factor that can help you in picking the right switch is the type of electrical switches you need. You will be able to find one pole, two-pole, three-pole, and also four pole switches in the present market. They are used for different purposes like a two-pole switch can be used to operate one appliance from two different locations. So, based on your needs, you will have to make your choice.

The material:

One important that is missed by most of us is the material used in the making of the electrical switches. Many people do not pay attention to this point, but it is very important to check this point. You need to buy only those electrical switches that are made using fire retardant material only. You will have to check the ISI mark before you buy the electrical switches. If the material is not durable, then there are chances of accidents to happen like fire accidents and others. So you need to be very careful while picking them.


Another important point that you need to keep in mind is the longevity of the electrical switches. If you pick the right electrical switches, like the modular switches, then you can be assured that they will last for a very long time when compared to ordinary switches. Most of the modular switches come with 2,00,000 clicks, and that means they are going to last for a lifetime for you. It all depends on what kind of switches that you are selecting. Most of them will last for a very long time.

Ease of use:

The electrical switches that you are going to pick should be easy to use. It should not require a lot of pressure to switch them on or off. You need to pick only those that are strong and still easy to use.

Electrical Switches Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are electrical switches?

A: Electrical switches are devices used to turn on or off the flow of electricity in a circuit. They are an essential component of electrical systems, controlling the flow of electricity to lights, appliances, and other electrical devices.

Q: What are the different types of electrical switches?

A: There are several types of electrical switches, including single-pole switches, double-pole switches, three-way switches, four-way switches, dimmer switches, and smart switches.

Q: What is a single-pole switch?

A: A single-pole switch is the most common type of switch used in residential settings. It controls a single circuit and has two terminals for connecting the hot wire and the switched hot wire.

Q: What is a double-pole switch?

A: A double-pole switch controls two circuits simultaneously and has four terminals for connecting two hot wires and two switched hot wires.

Q: What is a three-way switch?

A: A three-way switch is used in situations where two switches control the same light or set of lights. It has three terminals for connecting one hot wire and two switched hot wires.

Q: What is a four-way switch?

A: A four-way switch is used in situations where three or more switches control the same light or set of lights. It has four terminals for connecting two hot wires and two switched hot wires.

Q: What is a dimmer switch?

A: A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness of a light. It works by reducing the amount of electricity flowing to the light.

Q: What is a smart switch?

A: A smart switch is a switch that can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app or home automation system. It can also be programmed to turn on or off at specific times.

Q: What are the considerations when choosing electrical switches?

A: When choosing electrical switches, consider the type of switch needed for the application, the style and finish of the switch, the ease of installation, and the price. It is also important to choose switches from a reputable brand that meets safety standards.

Q: Can I install electrical switches myself?

A: It is recommended that electrical switches be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. However, simple switch replacements can be done by homeowners who have basic knowledge of electrical systems and safety procedures.

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