10 Best Countries to Immigrate From India

Nowadays, migrating or moving to another country has become a familiar and popular life-changing experience. People move to other countries for employment, enhanced education, living standards, and many other benefits. But sometimes, people want a new start in their lives. The reason behind this can be anything, but when thinking about starting life afresh, a question arises: which country to choose? The land that offers you great life experiences and work opportunities is the best place to relocate.

There are several countries to which people relocate every year. According to stats, more than 2.5 million Indians migrate to new countries for education, job, health, and other purposes. The NRIs worldwide contribute 25% of India’s total foreign reserves.

Below down, we have a list of top best countries to immigrate from India today, have a look:

List of Top Countries to Immigrate From India

1. Canada


Canada has been a land of immigration since the 16th century and is still regarded as one of the best countries to migrate from India. Canada is situated in the “North American Continent” and covers around the two-fifth area of the Continent. The Country occupies the second position in the world’s most extensive countries list. Canada delivers an environment to uplift students to relocate to Canada for their bright future. Getting permits for work, visas, study, and post-graduation is easy in Canada. Canada’s passport is at the ninth position in the world. This passport comes with an access to “184 destinations worldwide”, which is a good thing to consider.

2. Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Japan comes under the third most extensive economy in the world. The Country produces the highest number of automobiles, steel, and electronic equipment worldwide. Japan’s passport is ranked fourth and has access to around “189 destinations worldwide”. Japan is a place with dozens of “UNESCO” world heritage sites, and the Country is famous for its sushi cuisine. The Country also holds membership in various global organizations involving The United Nations, World bank, and the Asian development bank. The service sector of Japan has the highest percentage of the economy in terms of the labor force and GDP.

3. Germany

Germany is one of the world’s largest economies and the Country is among the most populated countries in the European Union. The education system of Germany is ranked first, and many colleges provide degrees free of cost. Also, it has the world’s best schools and colleges. Germany is the world’s largest importer and exporter of the service sectors, which includes communication, healthcare, and tourism. Germany’s passport offers 192 destinations worldwide or an arrival without a visa. Germany is a part of several international organizations such as The European Union, NATO, The Group of Twenty, and The Organization for economic cooperation and development.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland has the highest GDP per capita rate in the world and has a lower unemployment rate. The corporate tax rate is down here, which backs the country’s strong economy. Switzerland has a high-tech manufacturing industry and a highly advanced service sector that is led by financial services. The passport of Switzerland is ranked seventh, and offers access to “186 destinations worldwide”. The Swiss passport is considered among the most preferable passports as it provides the holder with the highest mobility across several destinations. Switzerland is famous for international organizations headquarters like the United Nations and The International committee of the Red cross. Moreover, the country has membership of the World Trade Organization, The International Monetary Fund, and The World Bank.

5. Australia

Australia is a prosperous economy on the basis of export of the inventories, the service sector, and a fairly high GDP. The entire continent is rich in the number of Islands. Australia holds membership in major Regional and International Organizations such as The Group of Twenty, The United Nations, The Organization for economic cooperation and development, The World Trade Organization, and The United Nations association for economic cooperation in the Pacific and Asia. The International presence of Australia has provided its passport with the eleventh position. People in business with great experience have permission to establish their business in Australia as per the Australia Business Innovation Program.

6. America

The United States of America has enhanced their military and economic power. Similarly, the cultural footprint of America has had a significant impact worldwide. The US has the largest economy in terms of GDP in the world, and not only this, but along with this the Country stands out with its most powerful technology. The main things exported here are electrical machinery, computers, chemical products, vehicles, food and military equipment. In addition, the Country owes enormous coal reserves worldwide. America is well known for its best Universities worldwide, like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The US has the biggest part in International Organizations. Moreover, America is the one who founded the institutions like NATO, The United Nations, and The World bank.

7. New Zealand

This Country is situated in the Pacific Ocean, in the Southeast of Australia. Over the decades, New Zealand has experienced tremendous transformation till now. The export markets are opened in New Zealand, with dairy, beef, sheep, fruits, poultry, wine, and vegetables. New Zealand’s passport is ranked in the sixth position worldwide. The Country has been maintaining security and global peace since 1980; also, the Country has been a part of several International Organizations like The Organization for economic cooperation and development, The Pacific Island Forum, The United Nations, and The Asia-Pacific economic cooperation.

8. United Kingdom

The UK is highly developed with massive International political, economic, cultural, and scientific influence. The UK is situated in the north-west corner of Europe, and its capital is London, which is one that falls under the commonly visited cities worldwide and a major international financial center. The Country’s significant economic growth comes from the tourism and banking industries, the largest service sector. The Country has a permanent membership of The United Nations security council; also, a member of several International Organizations such as The World Trade Organization, The European Union, NATO, The World bank and The Group of twenty.

9. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a coastal land filled with windmills; its development around the water is situated along Western Europe’s fringes. The country is the world’s largest leading exporter of agriculture, a high-income country that is popular for its Tulips. The country owns membership to the United Nations and the headquarters of the International Criminal Court in the Hague and the International Court of Justice. The Netherlands was the founding member of the modern European Union and NATO, which it strongly supports. The country’s passport is ranked fifth in the world and provides access to more than “188 destinations worldwide” with a visa while arriving or no visa.

10. Sweden

Sweden comes among the largest countries in the European Union by area. The country is spread over a wide area of the “Scandinavian Peninsula”, that is surrounded by the Baltic sea in the east and  Norway in the west. The tax rates in this country are lower than others and offer their citizens with some developed standards to live by providing them with developed infrastructure, health care system, transportation network, and university education. Sweden has a partnership in “The North Atlantic Treaty Organization”. Moreover, the country owes a membership in The Organization for economic cooperation and development, The World Trade Organization, and The United Nations. Sweden’s passport is ranked sixth in the “Reach Immigration Index”, which allows people to visit “188 destinations worldwide” with a visa while arriving or no visa.

The Final Words

Apart from these countries, there are several other countries to which you can immigrate from India in 2023, like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and many more. These are the cheapest countries to migrate from India. If you are searching for the best job opportunities, then the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Germany are at the top of the list. People with a money mindset can immigrate to Turkey, a beautiful and peaceful place. On the other hand, if you want to make a bright future, then UAE is the destination to which you should immigrate.

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