Top 10 Best Bicycles with Price in India

Bicycle is one of the cheapest and very eco-friendly mode of transportation as it does not use any kind of petroleum products or emit any harmful gas/smoke. It is very important as per the health point of view because it is one of the important device to assist cardio exercise which ensures body exercising and reduces fat. Besides health it is also beneficial for the environment. Hence, bicycle should be definitely chosen as the preferable mode of transportation to travel short distance like shopping, small trip, riding for fun, etc. Well in that case we have to get a good bicycle to meet with our physical and style needs.

India is a market for a number of models of bicycle are available. So, I have picked some of the bicycles depending on you need and different budget ranges. The rankings are done on the basis of customer review and the technical specification given by the experts.

Here is the list of top 10 bicycles in India in the year 2017 with their price (may vary depending on seller and cities). Let’s check out our list-

10. Schwinn


This is a US brand bicycle which is considered to be one of the most stylish bicycle manufacturer. The bicycle is made with advanced mechanism to make the ride comfortable and enjoyable. It gives the multiple products like Cruisers, Mountain, Hybrid and Urban.

The special features of the bicycle coming from this brand are that, they are very light, American design mechanism called cantilever frame and durable tabular design are used. This bicycle commits the value for the money paid in spite of being one of the expensive bicycle.

The accessories coming with this bicycle are Saddle, Helmets, Lights and Saddle. The bicycle is equipped with very efficient machines like speed gear, disc brake, mud-guard free, fork and gripped tyre to make the ride smooth with very easy effort.

Price: Rs. 25,000-45,000

9. Montra


Montra is one of the brand producing the high-end bicycles which uses the carbon fiber frame making the ride comfort, safe and reliable. Its use has also increase the performance of user and provide durability to the user.

This brand was founded in the year 2011 which focused to make the bicycle faster, stronger and lighter. It used the advanced features in the bicycle like disc brake, Crank Set, handle bar and Speed Gears.

The bicycle produced by this brand are made subject to the standard benchmark and the quality to offer the riders high performance at the affordable price. It produces all kinds of bicycles including that of Mountain Bikes and others.

Price: Rs. 28,840-46,000

8. Cannondale


It is the famous brand manufacturing bicycles with high-tech approach and advanced system integration to give the unique design along with the best performing bikes. It gives the most kick ass and cutting-edge frames in cycling.

It manufactures very light weight and efficient bicycle the example of which are some of the best-selling models like Caad8-7, Bad Boy Fatty, Quick 5, SuperSIX EVO, Synapse, Adventure, etc. These bicycles come with hydraulic disc brakes and optimized alloy frame

The parts and equipment like Cassette, Crankset, Shifters and brakes used in this bicycle are very advanced and well build that it gives you the optimum ride experience and effortless rides.

Price: Rs. 51,100-81,000

7. Firefox


This is the international brand of bicycle which has transformed the Indian market scenario in bicycle choose and purchase since 2005. It has launched the highly advanced international models of bicycles with premium build quality and look.

As soon as it entered in India, it offered 30 different advanced and bike design models to the bicycle. All these models include bicycles of different nature and use like Full Suspension Bikes, Road Bikes, Cruisier Bikes, BMX Bikes and Trek Bikes.

It is highly appreciable that it offers a number of different bicycles for all age group people which is compatible to run on all-terrain road, mountain and meet the expectations of kid bicycle. More than 100 franchises are providing these bicycles all over the India all due to its demand.

Price:Rs. 9,920 -19,780

6. La Sovereign

La Sovereign

Here comes in the list the world class premium bicycles with high-end design and specifications along with high end prices as well. This is Thailand and India based company producing wide varieties of bicycles for boys and girls. They are meeting all the global standard to manufacture bikes.

The varieties of bikes produced by it are BMX Bikes, Proline Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Normal Road Bikes. The quality of materials used in the bike are of high-end Taiwanese and Japanese Quality.

It also manufactures some speed and efficient versions bicycles like Cheetah Version Bike, Hybrid Bike and La MTB Single Speed Series which possess the natures like Eco Sport Series, Fit Series, Cliff Series and Smart Series.

Price:Rs. 6710 -9710

5. Trek


Coming from the international market, this bicycle has made a good place in the Indian Market. It is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturing company i.e. since 1976. The main aim of this company is to make the classy bicycle with all the advanced feature and the common use models.

They use advanced from of mechanism to make the bikes like mountain bikes, geared bikes, racing bikes, kids bike and rough roadster bikes which are capable to run on any terrain and give you the ultimate experience of the best ride.

Besides all these, it also focuses to produce eco-friendly and durable bikes with the use of full OCLV Carbon Flames. The bicycles are made so much comfortable and compatible that you can add on your travelling accessories during the trekking. It also offers different safety accessories for ride like Gloves, Helmet, Water Bottles and Water Proof Pouch Bags, etc.

Price: Rs. 37,780-78,850

4. Mongoose


Mongoose is considered as the leader in manufacturing bicycles of BMX and MTB category since 1974. This brand has started it manufacturing by a small Garage in California starting with a One Wheel MotoMag.

This brand is focused in manufacturing the bicycles of durable quality especially the wheels are made very strong and it has been provided a good grip so that it is compatible to run in any type of terrain. It offers the bicycles from medium range to high end bicycles and made itself renowned itself as the best in the list of manufacturers of BMX and MTB Bikes.

The design and the performance features of the bike is made such a way that it gives thrill and excel to the riders. It provides rugged and efficient mechanism parts in order to reduce the efforts of the rider. The different categories of bikes produced offers the rider to choose the bikes as per their requirement and features to meet with their riding thrill. The bicycle is equipped with the Cruiser Design frame and alloy wheel with knobby tyre. It has 7 Speed Gearing which makes the ride effortless. Especially three categories of bikes named Urban, BMX and MTB are produced by the company.

For instance, Mongoose’s mountain bikes comprise those envisioned for dirt riding, freestyle riding, etc. Its BMX bicycles comprise products envisioned for riders who want to stay on top of their game, such as the extra-rugged dirt jump bicycles intended for the rough usage of BMX riding whereas the urban bicycles feature one speed and a design intended to make them ideal for riding around town instead of for the aggressive, punishing riding for which the BMX and MTB bicycles have been created.

Price: Rs. 14,999-45,000

3. BSA


The bicycles produced by this brand are ideal for those people who are fitness concerned and recreational as the built quality perfectly fits the requirements. Murugappa Group is the pioneer to start the manufacturing this bicycle in India. This brand is in operation since 1949 in UK.

Today, the BSA Hercules Exclusive Stores format serves as a role model for other bicycle outlets in the country. The Track & Trail stores offer aglobal range of bicycles with high-end features and durability.

This bicycle is the ideal to express the style and durability along with the advanced functionalities and efficient ride. The mechanism and the parts used in this bicycle are very much efficient to give you the effortless ride.

In the 200 stores available in India, the most preferred models are BSA Riders and Champ, Lady Bird, Roadsters and few others.

Price: Rs. 4,500-5,900

2. Atlas


Atlas has completed the six decades on the manufacturing of bicycles and it has made satisfied customers all over the India and abroad. It claims to produce more than 4 million bicycles every year.

This company is also accredited with ISO-9001-2008 certification from British Standards Institution. Atlas has been honored with various awards for its contribution in the production of the quality product out of which one famous award is Gold Mercury International Award.

It is involved in the production of multiple types of cycle which includes the simple model and the advanced featured bicycle.Power Brakes were first introduced by Atlas in its bicycle which was highly liked by the riders. It was considered one of the advanced security features accommodated to the bicycle. Besides all these, it manufactures multiple types of bikes like Kids Bicycle, Junior Bicycle, Sports Bicycle, etc.

Price: Rs. 3,250-11,800

1. Hero


This is the very common brand of bicycle in India which was founded by Munjal Brothers. Many of us have made a ride of this bicycle. They have set-up the manufacturing of bicycles and spare parts in Ludhiana. Hero has marked itself as a largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. Most of the market of developing countries are covered by Hero Bicycles.

In the year 2014, Hero introduced MTB Himalayas, the nastiest event where they called all the adventure lovers and bicycle enthusiasts to pedal through some of the breathtaking outlooks into the hills. They make various bicycles and related products. Across the country, Hero gets stores and distribution centers.

It has one of the huge collection of bicycles loaded with different features and compatible to all age group people. Some of the leading series of the cycles manufactured by this brand are City Bikes which are mostly used by the girls, Roadster and Hero Sprint for Boys, Racer and Fast & Furious for the race lovers. We are familiar with the most of the bicycle from Hero as it is one of assured brand giving the pleasant ride in very reasonable price.

Price: Rs. 4,500-7,000

These are the top 10 bicycles available in India in the year 2017. One of these will definitely fit to your expectation. Let us know your favorite model and ride experience through the comment box. Keep in tune with us for the more updates.