BeatO Smart Test Strips: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

The small disposable strips of plastic material are used to test the glucose level in the blood. It is responsible for delivering the accurate glucose level, and for the result, the glucose test strips are a key component. The beatO innovative test strips our best that helps to give results even in a tiny prick on the finger.

Plus, The sucking feature of the product is excellent because it sucks the blood sample quickly to give the result immediately. The accurate result is visible on the screen within 10 seconds. The weight of the strip is 300 g, which is relatively easy to carry when you are traveling. It helps you keep the record anywhere and anytime to reach the target area. This strips are fully compatible with BeatO SMART Glucometer, one of the smartest blood sugar checking machine in India.

In this way, you can make your proper scheduling and avoid the things that are not helping you maintain the sugar level. The quality of the strip is spectacular that absorbing the blood properly and giving the result. The package of 50 strips helps to keep the record properly about the glucose level in the blood.

BeatO Smart Test Strips

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Key uses of BeatO Smart test strips:

Blood Sugar Testing

Key benefits

  • The beatO bright test is ultimately compatible with the glucometer. It gives the easy testing of glucose into the blood.
  • The strip is in a considerable amount of 50 strips in a box. Eat strips can be used for a single time.
  • The strip is quite a breeze to use after considering the proper instructions.
  • The blood sample required by the strip is in minimal amount. That is the virtually pain-free method to get the test done.
  • The shelf line can be used for approximately two years after the manufacturing.

Directions for use

  • To test the glucose level in the blood, you can consider the indispensable steps for the same.
  • Insert the test strip into the glucometer after washing your hands and drying it properly.
  • Prick your fingertips for the minimal drop of blood. The sample will help to know the glucose level in the blood quickly.
  • Moreover, after getting done with the sample, the results are displayed after five seconds.

Safety Information

Ideal temperature – Be sure that you are storing the strips at 1 –30°C. It keeps the strips appropriate to take in use.

Recommended storage – It is beneficial to store the strips away from the sunlight and rain. Otherwise, it will harm the usability of strips.

Cool area – Always try to keep the strips in the cool and dry area as it is the proper temperature for the strips that maintain their function correctly.

Wash hands – Before taking the strips into use, make sure that you have washed your hand properly and dry it as well. More broadly, it is helpful for preventing the infection.

Expiry date – If you want to get an accurate reading, check the expiry date properly. It will result adequately and help to achieve the target goal.

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