BeatO CURV Test Strips: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

A timeline is a valuable option that helps to highlight the blood sugar events if you are out of range. After getting the result of your blood sugar level, the object will simply transform it into snapshots that are based on food and activity.

The test is recorded of the previous 500 strips with that date and time. It is helpful in observing the transformation. The sample volume is required minimal, and the test time is within five seconds. The testing of the product is a breeze. It required two simple steps to get the desirable results. You can use this strip with BeatO CURV glucometer machine.

This is an affordable way of storing the record of your diabetes correctly without getting admission to hospitals.In addition, these trips can be used for a single time and are responsible for providing people with highly accurate results.

BeatO CURV Test Strips

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Key uses of BeatO CURV Test Strips:

Blood sugar testing

Key benefits

  • Handling the test strip is straightforward. It helps people to take its incredible use for getting the desired results.
  • The flexibility of test strips ensures the process of testing glucose levels in the blood within a few seconds.
  • The testing is done virtually pain-free to get accurate readings. It helps people to get their target result without feeling pain.
  • The design of the strip is outstanding, allowing people to go for comfortable testing. As a result, it is a prominent way of testing.
  • The shelf line of the product is fantastic.
  • The strips are the compatible option for receiving the results of blood sugar levels in the blood.
  • The test strip is helpful to display the accurate results after taking the minimal sample of blood.
  • In addition, with the help of test strips, people can receive incredible results of blood sugar levels anywhere, anytime.

Directions for use

  • To check the blood sugar level, you have to follow the significant steps.
  • Put a strip for testing your blood glucose into the sugar testing meter.
  • Prick your fingertip. This can be done with the help of a needle available on the meter. It is also known as the lens.
  • Squeeze the drop of blood and touch it with the edge after that.
  • The results will be shown instantly after you have completed the process.

Safety Information

Storing – It’s vital to store data test strips in a school and comparatively dry place. It is responsible for providing accurate results.

Placing – Be sure that you are putting the test strip at a place that children cannot reach. They might destroy the strip.

Read – There is the distinct option of strips. Sift through the label to receive remarkable results.

Expiry date – Before taking the best use of test strips, be sure to check the expiry date carefully. It will ensure you that the product is accurate to use.

Usage – It’s essential to clean your hands before making use of strips. Plus, dry your hands properly to prevent infections.

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