All You Need To Know About Filing A Car Insurance Claim!

With a high traffic density and the increasing number of vehicles in India, you may be a safe driver and follow all traffic rules yet cannot rule out the probability of an accident. No matter how well you drive your car, you cannot avoid accidents completely. In case you are involved in an accident, there could be a lot of stress and panic involved. While many people try to run away or avoid the situation, it is actually very important to inform the insurance company immediately to ensure a successful and quick claim process.

In case of an accident, ensure you are safe, follow the laws laid by the government and begin the process of the claim for car insurance online. You must work closely with your insurance provider to get your claim settlement done.

How to make a car insurance claim after an accident?

The method of raising a claim and what to do in the event of an accident has evolved over the years! With advancements in technology and the digitalisation of processes, it is now fairly easy to make a claim for car insurance online. Let us understand the process in detail for making a claim after an accident.

The need to claim car insurance online starts with a road accident. Whether it is due to the collision of two or more vehicles or the vehicle has collided with an object on the road due to negligence, filing for a claim needs you to follow a certain procedure.

At the time of an accident, it is natural to feel panicked, scared or have a sudden wave of mixed emotions. It may get even worse if you succumb to some injuries. Yet, you must stay calm and focus on getting out of the situation.

Process of making a claim for car insurance online after an accident

Making a car insurance claim needs a deeper understanding of the claim settlement procedure of your insurance provider. Here is a step-by-step process for making a claim for your comprehensive car insurance:

1. Inform the insurance company immediately: As soon as you know you and any other party involved are safe, call the insurance provider and provide detailed information about the accident. Make sure you do not hide any information from the insurance company as it may lead to the rejection of the claim. You can also submit your claim information online.

2. File an FIR with the local police station: It is equally important to inform the police about the accident and file a First Information Report with them. An FIR is essential in case of road accidents, fire accidents or theft. However, an FIR is not needed if there are only minor damages like dents or scratches. If a third party is also involved, an FIR is mandatory.

3. Collect proofs and take a picture: With a smartphone in hand, it is easy to collect proof of the incident. Take enough pictures of the damage caused as well as injuries and the location of the accident. These images and proofs are vital for claim settlement. Ensure that the pictures are clear and show the extent of damage so the claim can be settled accordingly.

4. Submit documents to the insurance company: The next step in filing a claim for car insurance online is to submit the required documents. Most claims for comprehensive insurance required a copy of the policy, a copy of a valid driving licence, FIR, registration certificate of your car and other proofs of an accident. These documents can easily be uploaded online for a hassle-free claim settlement/.

5. Take your car for repair: You can now get your car repaired at the garage of your choice. You can also opt for a cashless garage partner to enjoy a cashless claim. Many insurance providers also offer the facility of getting the car repaired. After the claim is approved, you are reimbursed as per the loss or cost of repairs.

Documents required to file a claim for car insurance online

Here is a list of documents that your insurer may ask for to approve your claim for comprehensive car insurance. These documents must be submitted timely along with the claim settlement form for a quick claim procedure.

  1. Claim form duly filled and signed
  2. A copy of the insurance policy
  3. An FIR report a filed at the nearest police station
  4. Medical receipt if any injuries were sustained
  5. A copy of the car registration certificate
  6. A copy of the driving licence
  7. An estimate of repairs required
  8. Record any other expenses incurred.

Points to remember when filing a car insurance claim:

  1. Check yourself and the car to find any serious injuries or damages.
  2. Ensure that you file the claim within the stipulated time period.
  3. Note the details like car colour, registration number and car make and model of any other car involved in the accident.
  4. Spot the witnesses and take their contact details. This might be required for proof later.
  5. If the damage is minor or negligible, avoid raising a claim.
  6. Avoid getting into a fight or unnecessary discussions.
  7. Do not provide any false statements to the police or insurance company.

Comprehensive insurance provides a safety net in case of accidents. Understanding the claim process and following the same duly will help you in quick claim settlement and less stress! Ensure you follow all steps and keep all the information and documents handy!

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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