Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik (CEO of Bahria Town) – Biography, Wiki, Career, Personal Details

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik – that’s the name that comes to the mind when you hear Bahria Town – the Island Town of Rawalpindi. Ali Riaz Malik, in short, is the best-known entrepreneur from Pakistan who has earned his name not just by being the son of the 7th richest person in Pakistan but also due to his sheer hard and intelligent work has got his company to greater heights. The son of Malik Riaz Hussain, the visionary businessman of Pakistan, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik inherited his father’s business and also his talent and skills to run this family business.

Ahemed Ali Riaz Malik

Early Life

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was born in Rawalpindi in the year 1978 and was brought up within the same region. He was schooled in the same region of Rawalpindi and completed his studies in the year 1999 from the school, Beacon House school. Even before he completed his studies, he was known to have a lot of interest in the real estate business. Ali Riaz Malik followed his dream like that of his father and joined the family business. He did not join as the CEO, but he joined as one of the entry-level workers and then worked his way up the ladder to become the CEO of the same company.

Professional Life

During his time as the project manager, this is where he learned various things about the business. He started understanding the business dynamics and hence soon he started with maintaining various projects on his own. As a young kid,Ali Riaz Malik always wanted to build those big skyscrapers which he saw when he visited on tours with his father especially to Dubai. All these buildings inspired and motivated his thought process to become that person to get those dreams fulfilled. His inspiration form his childhood days and the natural skills and talents that he inherited from his father paid off very well when he managed to take his company to greater heights and has been there since it got there.

Soon he got married to Mubashra Ali Malik. Riaz’s business took a greater advantage when his wife also joined with the philanthropic works of Bahria Town. She was born in 1983, and she had the perfect skill matching the business that Ali Riaz Malik was looking into. This skill of her she inherited from her father who was also the owner of the biggest refineries in the world. She started delivering food to various poor and needy people around the same region Bahria Town.

What’s the secret?

Ahmed Ali Riaz with his smart and inherent skills made sure to take his company to a greater height. With his guidance. His company became the US$ 1 billion company that was talked about for some time.  His goals were always something people doubted, but he achieved it. Due to his heavy success, Bahria Town is self-sufficient.

Apart from that there also various other projects that are going on currently also which is again due to the reputation they have gained with the success story with the Bahria Town.

To achieve all this, Ali Riaz Malik never stopped at a failure. Of course, he had to learn many things along to achieve this height of success for him and his company.

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