6 Ways to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh and New

Everybody loves an updated wardrobe. A new set of clothes, a new pair of shoes or just anything that can go with your look. Be it an outfit or an accessory, it looks fresh as a pearl when just bought from a store. Packaged well with few packets of silica gel to protect it from any bacteria growth, protected from dust, etc.

But as soon as you bring it home it becomes very difficult to maintain the same store quality. If you are disappointed with the declining quality of your wardrobe and wish to maintain the look of your wardrobe for longer, this article is just for you.

Make your wardrobe look new for longer by following the tips below.

6 Ways to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh and New

Invest in High-Quality Fabric

Buying high-quality fabric is an economical move. Yes, you read that right. Splurging on fast fashion and buying low-quality material just because it is cheap will eventually result in buying often. These fabrics do not last long and they start to fade away soon, perhaps in just a few washes.

Buying quality materials will last longer and will look new for a longer time. Though it might seem like spending a lot, you are actually saving the money you might spend on purchasing a new set of clothes if you get low-quality clothes. This not just cuts down on a few bucks but also a step towards sustainable fashion.

Know your Fabric and Wash Them Right

Know what your clothes are made of. Different fabrics demand different wash protocols for them to last longer. Do not bulk wash your clothes. Avoid loading the whole pile of laundry in the machine. Instead, segregate your laundry based on materials, colors, and also the type of wear.

For eg, do not wash your white clothes with other color clothes, this avoids the white clothes getting affected by color bleeds. Wash your silks and wool separately and use the appropriate modes for each fabric.

You can check out the label of your clothing to know more details about the way it has to be washed and do not neglect the instructions. Dry clean the silk.

Protect Your Wardrobe

Be it any wardrobe, the change in the weather and temperature can lead to the growth of fungus and bacterias. Especially if you have not used an outfit or an accessory for a long time. Change in humidity can cause your accessories to darken or turn brown.

Protect your clothes and bags from moisture by using silica gels. Place silica gel packets in-between clothes, inside shoes, and handbags. Silica gel uses include keeping your clothes safe from moisture and fungus. You can buy silica gel online or in any home maintenance store nearby.

Store your accessories in an airtight box, wrap cotton or cloth around your jewelry to prevent it from oxidizing. This way you can maintain the sparkle and shine in your favorite piece of jewelry.

Invest in a Starch Spray For Your Clothes

A starch spray is a great tool to make your clothes look new. A stiff collar and cuffs add a great finish to your clothing. They make your clothes look even more professional and cared for. After a few washes, cuffs and collars start to lose the stiffness.

Starch adds stiffness to the clothes. Spraying starch spray on cuffs, collars, and on other clothes that needs to look stiff, makes your clothes look brand new. Apart from keeping your shirt collars and cuffs stiffs, spraying starch on your fabrics makes it look new and fresh.

Add starch to your ironing routine to avoid the fraying of fabrics. It also acts as a barrier against stains and dirt. Starch increases the longevity of clothes and scented starch also leaves your clothes to smell great and fresh

Prevent Your Clothes From Insects

Your storage cabinets and dark wardrobe corners is a great breeding place for pests. Insects like moths and bugs tend to chew on the fabric. This leaves the clothes with holes and stains. It becomes difficult to use it later and often winds up being a waste cloth.

Protect your clothes from being attacked by insects with the help of naphthalene balls. You can purchase naphthalene balls from any local shop nearby. An additional tip is to wrap the naphthalene balls in tissue paper and place it between your clothes. This prevents the clothes from the stains caused by naphthalene balls.