20 Things You Should Not Share or Post on Social Media

Billions of people are having accounts in several social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These will help you stay connected to your loved ones and friends even though you’re far from one another. In this regard, here are 20 things you shouldn’t post in social media sites:

1. Awkward Pictures of Other People – Remember that there are billions of social media users who can see these pictures.

2. Nude Pictures – Nude pictures of yours mustn’t be exposed to social media. Posting or sharing it is certainly a violation.

3. Complaints Regarding a Certain Person – Humiliating a person by posting your complaints is certainly a big no.

4. Death Threats – In any social media sites, posting death threats is a serious offense. It’s even unacceptable in the real world.

5. Relationship Issues – Social media sites are great avenues where you can share what is within you, but relationship issues are very crucial topics.

6. Pictures of Yours Taking Drugs – Taking drugs is a serious crime that you could commit. Be sure not to do it, if you don’t want to be imprisoned.

7. Private Comments – If you’re told with secret information, you must not post it to social media. It’s a betrayal to what you have agreed about with the person who told you about such thing.

8. Apology – Apology is good when done personally. If written in social media site, this is certain awkward on your part. Hence, avoid posting your apology, unless it’s needed.

9. Vacation Plan of Other People – If you post the vacation plan and schedule of a person, this might be a source of information of criminals trying to do something bad about an individual.

10. Your Money – If you don’t want to get robbed, then don’t post pictures of your money on social media.

11. Personal Conversation – Your conversation with someone is of course, a private thing. Hence, never post or share it to any social media sites.

12. Personal Important Information – If you want to be victimized of identity thefts, then don’t post your important personal information like phone number, address and many others.

13. Lies – Posting some lies is another thing you shouldn’t do. You might be called as a liar if you will do so. Remember, truth will always prevail.

14. Not Copyrighted Works – If you will share not copyrighted works, you must be prepared with the serious offense it may bring you. You might face a lawsuit if you’ll do so.

15. Embarrassing Photos of Friends – If you don’t want to lose some good and precious friends, then avoid posting embarrassing photos of them, unless they permitted you to do so.

16. Pictures of You Drinking Liquors – Drinking liquors is bad especially to those minors. If you don’t want to be scolded by your parents or teachers, then avoid posting pictures of you while drinking alcohols.

17. Inappropriate Links – Sharing or posting inappropriate links is a big no, especially if the links contain inappropriate contents like pornographic and a lot more.

18. Vulgar Messages – No matter how mad you are to someone, always stay cool and don’t post some vulgar messages.

19. Information that You Fire or Hire Employees – Hence, don’t ever write something in social media that you’re firing or hiring a certain person.

20. Harsh Comments to Pictures or Something – Hurting the feelings of others is not good. So, be sure to comment only with nice thoughts to someone’s pictures or something he/she posted.

These are the 20 things you shouldn’t share or post on social networking sites. These may lead to serious offense if you’ll do so.

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