10 Secrets You Must Not Share With Your Best Friend

Best Friends are like soul mates and if you have a BFF then your life is sorted, as there are many things, one needs to tell their friends and share their secrets, which can be anything. Best friends are like life and they also help you in every step of your life and make sure that you rise and they also laugh when you laugh but also make sure to pick you up. That is what a best friend is. There are many things we all like to share with our friends but there are certain things that have to be completed avoided and should always be kept as a secret, only to avoid chaos and misunderstanding. These things should be your secret and only you should know it and must keep it as a secret. These things can be harmful in a lot of ways and should surely be avoided and no one should ever say that to anyone. You must surely respect the feelings of your friends and if you think that your secret will hurt their feelings then please, don’t even think of sharing it as not sharing one secret will not change anything.

Here is list of Top 10 secrets that you mustn’t share with your Best Friend.

10. Yes, go on for that diet

Yes, go on for that diet

That one time, when your friend doesn’t really want to hear anyone asking her to go for diet or reduce weight but you of all the people go and ask her to take that stupid diet.

9. That dress looks bad on you

When your friend is really excited to show you her new dress and she comes out all dressed up and all you say is that it is horrible and it doesn’t look good on you, you have hurt her feelings.

8. Never tell your BFF that you have bitched about her

There are times, when friends’ fight and the fights turn out to ugly. And in those times, you might just go and bitch about your friend to another friend. Okay, so you have done that, but that is it. Never go and tell your BFF about it.

7. I was not really busy when I canned the plan

There are times when you just lie to your friends and tell him or her that you are not feeling well and you cannot come. So you have lied but don’t go and tell it to your friends and that you lied and just canned on them.

6. I liked that guy too

Oops! Your girlfriend is dating someone and the guy apparently is the one you also liked. Don’t be a fool and tell her that you liked him too. Just let her be happy.

5. Don’t tell your friend that you have done something alone, which you both have been planning it together

best friend

It is disheartening to know when you plan something with your BFF from ages and one fine day she comes up to you and tells you that she has done it already. Ouch! It hurts.

4. Your ex Proposed me the time you broke up

Uh-uh! Don’t ever tell your BFF that their ex proposed you soon after they broke up. And it is always against the law of dating your BFF ex boyfriend or girl friend.

3. Never blame the parents

There are times, when you visit your BFF’s house and the parents just talk to you and they tell you something that your BFF was hiding it from you, make sure you never confront them.

2. Never say that you knew about the secret of your little siblings

Never ever say that you already knew about the dating thing happening between your younger sister or brother. It does not look good and is also inappropriate.

1. Never say that – My Boyfriend first had a crush on You

My Boyfriend first had a crush on You

You should never tell your BFF that your current Boyfriend had a crush on your BFF. This might ruin the situation.

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