10 Interesting Facts About Lucknow

The City of Nawabs is the perfect getaway to indulge yourself in the Sultanate era of the historic past. If there’s any place in India that captivates art, culture and food quite ergonomically, then it’s Lucknow.

Lucknow is a city siting on the northwestern shores of the Gomti River. The city is an important hub of artistry and cultural diversity in the nation. This city had been in the existence for more than 800 years where it was first part of the Awadh region ruled by the Delhi Sultanate.

A zenith of the glorious past, this city is bound to enthrall you in its scenic nature and the ancient heritage.

Lucknow Railway Station

We’ll look to decipher some of the interesting facts regarding Lucknow,‘The City of Nawabs’ today in post. Read along.

10) Blend of architectural influences

  • Since the city has been under the reins of Nawabs for almost two centuries, Nawabs influence or the Sultanate influence can be seen in the heritage of Lucknow.
  • Mostly the Turkish and European architecture is seen as a bearing point in the monuments of the city.

9) Cultural extravagance

  • The Nawabs and the Sultan’s were the utmost patrons of art and culture. The pursuit of music and dance has captivated the essence of the city in true fanatics.
  • Lucknow is one of the true cultural cities of North India.

8) Famed for Embroidery Work

  • The city of Lucknow is famed for its embroidery work named as Chikankari. It’s a unique trait of Lucknow been running around for 400 years now.
  • The artistic embroidery patterns are a sight to look upon. People from all over the nation come to get a piece for themselves.

7) First CCTV city of India

  • Lucknow became the first city in India to start CCTV surveillance of the area.
  • It started off with 4000 cameras which is being doubled up as the yeargoes The cameras are stacked in place to perfectly cover the cityscape.

6) Major monuments

  • This beautiful city is home to many architectural delights. It hosts many articulate monuments and structures.
  • A few of them are Bara Imambara and Chhota Imambara which refers to the halls without pillars.
  • There are many step-wells in the city like Shahi Bavali which is part of Bara Imambara.

5) Cradle of dance and music

  • Lucknow is known for its magnificent dance. One such dance is Kathak, part of Indian classical dance which gained recognition during the Nawabs reign of Awadh.
  • The soul-touching ghazals and shayaris (also known as poems) originated in the royals courtrooms of the Sultanate.

4) Rebellion hotspot

  • The first rebellious activity against the British Raj in India was ignited in Lucknow.
  • It was from here that the fire reached out to other parts of the nation like Kanpur and Bengal.
  • The city became known for its uprisings against the British.

 3) Lucknow Mahotsav

  • Lucknow has an annual festival of art and culture which is part of its promotion of the city.
  • The events have rightfully found a place in the calendars and showcases plentiful of artistic cultural events.

2) One of the modern cities of India

  • Lucknow has been blessed with the wealth of culture but it’s now making strides in other aspects too.
  • The city is undergoing rapid development to upheave itself into the higher ranked cities in the world.
  • The city currently has expansion plans for the airport as well as the commemoration of Metros. Not bad to start off.

1) The cuisine

  • Lucknow has a rich variety of cuisine that has been handed down from the time of Awadhi Nawabs.
  • The cuisine features the rice and meat dish, Biryani, the kebabs, and bread. The food is a delight to devour upon. Specifically, the kebabs from Lucknow is famous all around the globe.

Lucknow is a food and culture lover’s paradise. You would find yourself truly mesmerized with the offerings of this Nawabs city. Indulge yourself in the heartfelt endeavors of the cityscape and gourmet dishes.

With such a compelling list of 10 facts, you’re found to explore the city. Off you go then to the trip of your lifetime to this beautifully carved eccentric city.

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