Top 10 Oldest Civilizations of the World

Ancient civilizations are of great importance to the present mankind. The ancient civilizations remind us of about the past and the life style and also the fossils of the older people that ever existed in the modern world. There is much to learn from the past and the remains gives us clues and answers about the old people and also about the history of how all this technology came into existence.

They also let us know about the traditions and also the ancient cultures that our forefathers followed. So the oldest civilizations are of great importance to the present world. Here are the top oldest civilizations of the world:

10. Ancient China

This ancient china is also known as the Han China and it is of great importance for all the descendants of China. This civilization is considerably famous for the geomancy, sky- chariot and emerald manufacture that the ancient people love to have. This makes the people of China believe that the people of ancient China largely resemble to the people of Mayas. Ancient China is also famous for the production of toilet papers, rocket technology and many other things.

9. Tiahuanaco

This is also among the ancient civilization that is based on South America. This civilization is large and covers the area of Chile, Peru and Bolivia. The old buildings around Cuzco greatly proved the existence of this ancient civilization.

8. Uyghur Civilization

Next on the list is another interesting old civilization of the world that had flourished around the Gobi desert and the area that is now called as Tibet. The interesting thing of this civilization is that the location of the seaport torn.

7. Indus Valley

The Indus valley civilization of Pakistan is also among the one of the top ancient civilizations of the world. The Indus Valley contains the ancient cities like Mohenjo- Daro and Harappa. This civilization had begun at the beginning of the 500 BC. The interesting thing of this civilization is the similarity in the jewels, dressing and the eating habits of the old people with the modern people.

6. Ancient Atlantis

This civilization is significantly important for the people because of its high cultural values. Ancient Atlantis is also considered as the lost city but this civilization has taken all the advancements in technology that is being brought to these days.

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