Top 10 Best Whisky Brands in India – Most Popular

Whisky is among the most popular alcoholic party drinks all over the world. The Indian whisky market occupies the third position in the world, right after China and Russia. There are several brands which have their stronghold over the whisky market in the country.

Listed below are the top 10 whiskey brands in India:

1. Mcdowell’s No 1 Reserve

Mcdowell's No 1 Reserve

Topping the list of best whisky brands in India is the brand called Mc Dowells No 1 Reserve, a product of United Spirits Ltd, which is a part of United Breweries Group. The brand was launched and 1968 and has slowly and steadily captured the whole market in India. It offers variants like Reserve, Diet Mate and Platinum Whisky. It was awarded a gold medal in 2006 by Readers Digest and was the best selling brand in 2012.

2. Officers Choice

Officers Choice

The next name on the list is that of Officers Choice Whisky, a brand by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). The brand boasts of a very popular whisky, which is made by blending the best of Indian neutral spirits with Malt Spirits.

3. Bagpiper


Another popular whisky brand in India is Bagpiper, a product of United Breweries, which was started in 1976. Besides being one of the most trusted in India, it is also included among the “Top 100 Brands” by the Impact International list. The brand has pioneered in bringing whisky in tetra packs.

4. Royal Stag

Royal Stag

Royal Stag is a brand which entered the Indian market in 1995, under the label of Seagram, though it is owned by a French company called Pernod Ricard. It blends Indian grain based spirits with imported Scotch malts to present this amazing drink.

5. Original Choice

Original Choice

This brand is owed by John Distilleries from Goa. It is among the best known whisky brands in the country, though it was involved in a controversial case against Allied Blenders Distillers, which alleged that the name of their product bore too much resemblance to their product called “Officers Choice”. But they were granted permission to use their brand name by the court.

6. Old Tavern

Old Tavern

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  1. Rajnish Kumar says:

    i like Royal Stag 🙂

  2. Rajit says:

    Haywards Fine & Royal Stag my favourite

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