Top 10 Best Lip Primers in India

Lip makeup can make a whole lot of difference to your entire appearance as lips make the most prominent part of the face. Lip primers are useful in this respect because they make your lips look luscious and soft, preventing the problems of peeling and dryness and making them healthy in the long run.

Here is a list of top 10 best Lip primers in India:

10. Lip Primer and Plumper by ELF Studio

One of the most acclaimed lip primers in India is Lip Primer and Plumper by ELF Studio, which can also be used as a lip balm and plumper to add gloss to lipstick and make it lasting. It is a non sticky product which also prevents ageing. The primer is prices at Rs 1600 for 1.6 g.

9. Potion Lip Primer by Urban Decay

The next name on the list of top 10 best primers in India is that of Potion Lip Primer by Urban Decay, which not only gives soft and attractive lips with its moisture lock formula, but also provides sun protection with SPF 15. The product is priced at 13 Euros for a 10 g pack.

8. Picture Perfect Lip Primer by Cargo HD

Picture Perfect Lip Primer by Cargo HD is a popular lip primer because it has effective hydrating and anti ageing properties to give a smooth and perfect finish to the lips. It can be bought by shelling out Rs 3200 for a 4.46 g pack.

7. Lip Primer by NYX

An innovative product available in the Indian cosmetic market is the Lip Primer by NYX, which gives the benefits of tone adjustment along with color correction of the lips. Its color seal technology gives a long lasting finish, in addition to providing protection from pigmentation, dryness and fine lines. A 9 g pack comes for a reasonable $ 7.

6. Lipfusion XL by Fusion Beauty

Lipfusion XL by Fusion Beauty is a non chemical product meant for dry lips which require extra nourishment. It also keeps away pigmentation and age lines and gives you beautiful lips. A 0.2 ounce pack comes for $ 28.

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