Top 10 Best Law Firms in India 2016

India is a huge country and many times we come across situations where legal assistance is required. The judiciary and law is not very easy to understand for the common people and that is professional lawyers are present to help us get through the situation. Apart from individual lawyers, there are many law firms in India that is constituted of many lawyers. There are benefits of approaching law firms as it gives you wide range of options and versatility. So, it does not matter what your legal obstacle is, you would get a solution from the law firm as there are many lawyers from every field present there. There are many leading law firms present in India but here are the Top 10 Law firms that have gained the reputation of being the best.

10. Talwar Thakore & Associates

It may look a smaller firm but when it comes to performance, this firm has outperformed others. There are 26 lawyers associated with the firm and almost 8 partners are involved. However, there are many senior and reputed clients associated with the firm.

9. Desai and Diwanji

This is one of the biggest law firms in India that has the reputation of being one of the best. There are huge numbers of lawyers involved in the law firm. There are 27 partners involved with this firm along with 187 lawyers.

8. Economic Law Practice

This is one of the best and large law firms in India that has almost 25 partners for law practices. One can get 129 lawyers associated with the firm that can give you wide variety of legal assistance.

7. S&R Associates

It is not so huge law firm but it has earned the reputation of being one of the best. It has got senior and reputed clients and has almost 8 partners. There are almost 53 lawyers associated with the firm.

6. Trilegal

It does not matter the kind of legal assistance you seek, the Trilegal can help you to get each and everything. There are almost 23 partners present with the firm along with 172 lawyers that can offer you the legal assistance.

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