10 Biggest Threats to Human Existence in 2017

The human population in the entire world keeps on increasing day bay day. People are enjoying the advancements that are taking place. These advancements are making the lives of the entire human race easier and worth-living for. Even so, little did you know that there are a lot of major threats to the human existence today? Here are the 10 biggest threats to human existence in the year 2016:

10. The Dominance of the Machines

The Dominance of the Machines

The world today is becoming more and more high-tech. Computers and pre-programmed machines and robots are introduced in the international arena. The problem is, more and more people are relying the supposed-to-be jobs of theirs to these machines. By 2029, a famous author and futurist predicted that computers and humans will become equal in terms of intelligence.

9. Bioengineered Pandemic

Because of the fact that biotechnology is mastered by many people, it’s expected that it can be used by the people in making diseases more fatal and resistant to any medication or medical solution. It is undeniable that there are bioengineered pandemic diseases that can be the biggest threat in humans’ lives.

8. Nuclear War

Nuclear War

A single nuclear weapon may obliterate the entire world as well as the entire human beings. The sad part is, there were already several instances in the world that closely resulted to nuclear war. And when this happens, the existence of human beings can surely be stopped. One good example was the Cuban Missile crisis.

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7. Super-Volcanoes

Active Volcanoes

Naturally, the earth is filled with a number of volcanoes. These volcanoes only have minimal threats to human race. Even so, little did you know that there are also super-volcanoes that can be major threats to all. These super-volcanoes are said to erupt every other 50,000 years.

6. Terrorism


Another biggest threat in humans’ lives is terrorism. Terrorism can be biological or nuclear-related. When it is biological terrorism, terrorists will use a certain virus that can spread in the entire world faster than it seems, which can then kill millions or even billions of people. When it is nuclear-related, it’s expected that nuclear bombs will be used as weapons.

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