Top 10 Most Poorest Countries in the World 2015

The world today is plagued by social and economic disparities, with some countries being very rich while others suffering from extreme poverty. The people of these poor countries are living in miserable conditions, with low per capita income, low rate of employment, poor standard of living, lack of healthcare facilities and high crime rate.

Listed below are the top 10 poorest countries in the world:

10. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has a miserable figure of GDP per capita, standing at $ 1072.19 in 2013, because of its long standing history of continual war and internal feuds, in addition to zero foreign investment in the country. The rate of unemployment is very high and standard of living is atrocious.

9. Madagascar

Featuring on number 9 in the list is Madagascar, with a poor GDP per capita measuring $ 972.07 as per 2013 figure. The country has its main industry in tourism, but a setback in tourism has been the main reason of its poverty.

8. Malawi

Malawi, with a GDP per capita of $ 893.84, is another country considered to be one of the poorest in the world. More than half of its population lives below poverty line and the country is under huge debt.

7. Niger

Niger, with a GDP per capita of $ 853.43, features on number 7 in this list. This desert country is plagued by multiple problems including political instability, weak economy and gender inequality.

6. Central African Republic

With a GDP per capita of $ 827.93, Central African Republic is the next among the poorest countries in the world. The surprising fact about this miserably poor country is that it is richly endowed with natural resources like uranium, gold, crude oil and diamonds, but has most of its population living below poverty line.

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  1. sarah says:

    God bless these countries . we should do some thing for these people

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