Top 6 Best Laptop Options Under Rs 25,000 In India 2015

Laptops are no longer a luxury product in India. The extensive use of the products and aggressive marketing of the top brands have reduced the price and the graph of sell is always increasing for laptops. There was a time when laptop used to be one of the luxury products, but now you can avail many options for Laptop under Rs 25000. Here are the laptops that are famous for affordable but packed with features. You can easily purchase them online to get even more discounts. Here is the Top 6 Laptops in India with a price under Rs 25000.

6. Lenovo G50-30 Notebook

Lenovo laptop under 25000

This is one of the finest laptops priced just above Rs 25000. The HD Display of the laptop can make you feel amazing while browsing or watching movies. The 2.16 GHz Intel Pentium Quad Core 4th generation processor, 4 GB of internal RAM and HD Graphics make the laptop worthy of its price. The Windows 8.1 can be installed for the wonderful experience of customization. The laptop is priced at Rs 25,249.

5. Asus F200CA-KX064H Netbook

Asus laptop under 25000

This is one of the most valuable laptops that you can get within affordable rates. The Laptop powered by Pentium Dual Core is known for its good performance. It also comes with 2 GB of RAM and 500 GB of Hard Drive. Windows 8 can be installed in the laptop for even better performance. The laptop is priced at Rs 23,581.

4. Toshiba Satellite C50A-E0110 Notebook

Toshiba laptop under 25000

The Toshiba Laptop is known for the excellent performance and equally packed features. The laptop is priced at Rs 25000 and is powered by Celeron Dual Core with 2GB of internal RAM. The 500 GB hard disk of the laptop is another asset and you get plenty of space for your work. You get Windows 8.1 for a wonderful experience.

3. Acer Aspire E5-511 Notebook

Acer laptop under 25000

The fine touchpad, amazing HD Webcam, and outstanding battery backup are the key features of the Acer Laptop. The affordable yet the valuable product, is powered by Pentium Quad Core Processor and has 2GB of internal RAM. The 500 GB of a hard drive makes it even more appealing product and it comes with Windows 8.1 for a superior experience. The laptop is priced at Rs 24,549.

2. HP 15-r248TU Notebook

HP laptop under 25000

The 15.6 inch screen and HD display with the amazing design make it one of the most appealing products in the price range. The device is powered by Pentium Quad Core 4th generation processor for better speed and functions. The 2GB of internal RAM makes it one of the best along with 500 GB hard disks. The laptop comes with Windows 8.1 at Rs 23,985.

1. Dell Inspiron 15 3551 Pentium Quad Core

Dell laptop under 25000

If you are going to use your laptop daily then there is no other laptop better than Dell Inspiron in this price range. The machine powered by Pentium quad core is known for the smooth performance, quality touchpad, and equally appealing design. The 2GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk is also associated with the 15 inch inspiron. It is priced at Rs 23,490.

The best laptops in this price ranges are very popular and widely sold. The prices of the Laptops have been taken from the Flipkart which is one of the biggest online markets in the country.