Top 10 Most Popular Jeans Brands in the World

I am not someone who wears clothes just for fashion; comfort is important. Frankly, Jeans make me feel smart and active than anything else. In fact these are the most favoured outfit of the modern era. These are trendy, funky, classic, and professional as well. On this context, we have come-up today with the compilation of ten most popular Jeans brand of present time. Check it out!



This is one of the most antique Jeans brand over the globe. They introduced the world with denim trends. Since inception in 1965 in the United States, the brand is quite consistently ruling the fashion arena. Their cowboy concept made many go crazy. The brand has been introducing creative fashion options to the world.

9. Edwin


This made in Japan brand is quite popular among the Jeans loving people. Thanks a lot, it made sure Japanese know something other than electronics or technology as well. Anyways, they are one of the most experienced Jeans brands as well running perfectly since 1961. They believe in creativity, and their products are perfect representation of it.

8. Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama

Jeans is not all about being casual; they can be trendy yet classic as well. Tommy Bahama products have proved it well. That’s the reason that their products are so much popular among mature groups of people. Especially, this is one of the most popular brands in the United States. Being versatile has been their biggest asset.

7. Diesel


They are one of the most known brands over the globe. The Italian clothing house is having a great experience under his belt as well. It was established back in 1978. Diesel is the brand that never compromise with the quality of product in anyway. Apart from cloth qualities, Diesel brand Jeans are also known for their flawless colour combination.

6. Only Jeans

Only jeans

If you are aware of most renowned fashion group BESTSELLER, then Only Jeans should not be any different. Since inception in 1975, the brand has been performing at a great pace. They added the style factor with earlier conventional looking Jeans products. To be specific, the brand is quite popular among younger generations.

5. Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans

Here we come-up with the biggest Jeans brand over the globe in terms of popularity. They introduced and came to limelight through their unique positioning Jeans pockets. The best part is that they made sure you really don’t need to be in perfect shape; rather the bulky folks can well fit with Jeans as well by using elastic materials in their garments.

4. Spykar


Spykar brand Jeans made young hearts go freaky through their multi-pocket products. These products are attitude provoking. Being open, reckless is the theme they apply with their products each time with a great perfection. They have captured a good number of markets through their style sense.

3. Wrangler


This is a well known American fashion brand. However, they have the speciality for producing extremely comfortable Jeans product with a proper mindset of style. They are under VF Corporation, and headquarter is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. There are manufacturing units present in almost every part of the world.

2. Energie jean

Energie jean

Energie brand jeans products are quite popular over the globe, however, they are favourite among the youth in Italy. Their sense of style is a little different from being conventional. Usually, they blend army style factors in a fine way through their stuffs. They are one of the best designers of Jeans introducing the cut patterns to the world.

1. Killer Jeans

Killer Jeans

The fans of it can just kill you for it. These products are made up of best quality materials and offer finest comfort and style. Killer is the most favoured and popular brand of Jeans among men. In terms of design, we can only say they have understood the young mindset perfectly than anyone else. They believe in making sportive products.


These brands are most popular for Jeans wear at present. Starting from youth to matured groups of people all are fan of it. You can feel satisfied undoubtedly going with products of any of the above brands. Anyway, you can let us know through your valuable comments if there are any other suggestions.