Top 10 Most Popular Beetroot Recipes

Beetroot is one of the not so liked food that is often known as beet or the new super food. The title of the super food that is given to beetroot is because of its amazing health benefits like improving the blood pressure, increase blood flow and diabetes. Consuming this type of vegetable can help the persons to improve the life- style related health conditions.

So including beetroot in the regular diet is really a wise decision as it is bundled with the health benefits. If you are considering including beetroot in your diet, then here is a list of the 10 Most Cooked Beetroot Food Recipes:

10. Beet and Arbi Falafal with Homemade Pickles

One of the most cooked beetroot recipes that are the dish from Lebanon is the Beet and Arbi Falafal with Homemade Pickles. The dish consists of the wraps, Falafal and pita. The dish is really easy and tempting that consists of the distinct flavors of beetroot and colocasia with the tangy flavor of homemade pickles.

9. Beetroot Kurma

Another one of the best beetroot recipe that is cooked mostly is the Beetroot Kurma that is simple, easy and really tasty. The alluring flavor of this dish makes your mouth water. The flavors of the mild spices and the cube shaped beetroot made in a snap serve the really healthy snack or the main course.

8. Beetroot Crusted Rawas

This one is really an amazing and the protein rich food that consists of the specific fish called, Rawas, filled with an amazing filling of beetroot. The filling consists of the tangy flavor of beetroot, olives along with the jalapeno paste. Baked on a high temperature and served with the starfruit relish.

7. Beetroot and Coconut Soup

Next beetroot recipe that is consists of the flavor of coconut and beetroot is the beetroot and coconut soup. The complete blend of the flavor of coconut milk and the beetroot with the tangy flavor of lime and some spices is another very heart -warming recipe that is apt to the cozy cold weather.

6. Beetroot and Berry Shots

While you re de- hydrated from the hot warming weather of summer, beetroot and berry shots is an experimental and crazy recipe that gives you a feeling of coolness. Cocktail shots when mixed with the berries and beetroot along with the seasoning of salt, pepper and some vinegar gives the awesome flavor with an extra punch.

5. Beetroot Milkshake

Next on the list is another tempting recipe that gives the most delicious flavor with beetroot is another most cooked recipe across the whole world. Creamy milk along with the yummy taste of beetroot and cinnamon with the vanilla ice cream is a really healthy deception to strawberry shake. Try this yummy and beautiful shake in the evening.

4. Beetroot Pachadi

Lovely pink colored beetroot when made in the coconut oil along with the tangy flavor of tamarind and the sweet flavor of jaggery is definitely a great combo. The aromatic herbs in the pachadi gives the oh so tasty flavor that is really amazing to eat.

3. Open Beetroot Sandwich

Next recipe that also consists of the goodness of beetroot is the open beetroot sandwich. This sandwich consists of the flavorful sautéed mushrooms and the combo of the vegetables that you like serves an interestingly delicious sandwich.

2. Roast Beet, Feta and Cucumber Salad

Another salad that consists of the beetroot, feta and cucumber is another really healthy salad that you can make and enjoy as a snack in the evening or as a lunch. This salad is one of the delicious and really healthy recipe that combines with the goodness of cucumber, carrots and feta cheese. When drizzled with the light dressing of olive oil, this one makes an amazing recipe.

1. Beetroot Kebab

Beetroot Kebab

Topping the list is the beetroot kebabs that comprise of the goodness of the tofu ad the beetroot. These kebabs are the true power house of energies that brims with anti- oxidants and healthy ingredients.