Top 10 Most Expensive Shampoo Brands In The World

5. Oribe, $116


Oribe is a world-renowned cosmetic company that is gaining millions of dollars as business revenue. One very famous product of the company is the Oribe shampoo, which has a very whooping price of $115. Hollywood celebrities are the ones  who constantly buy and use this very expensive shampoo.

4. Frederick Fekkai, $100-$150

Frederick Fekkai

Frederick Fekkai is one of the leading companies when it comes to shampoo. The Frederick Fekkai shampoo has a very expensive price that only those wealthy people can afford to buy. This is the main reason why it is not popular to the common people. Its price started from $100 up to $150 dollars. Would you buy a shampoo with that very expensive price?

3. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, $140

Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

Philip B is one excellent company that is manufacturing the very expensive shampoo known as the Russian Amber Imperial shampoo. This shampoo is one of the products that made the company extremely successful. The main ingredients of this shampoo are natural extracts namely the Nettle, Rosewater, and grape seed.

2. Kevis 8, $220

Kevis 8

Kevin Murphy is one leading company when it comes to hair care and beauty. The reason why it is priced $220 aside from its high quality main ingredients, is the fact that it comes with a product kit when you buy it. What you can expect from the kit are several hair care products such as hair conditioners and shampoo.

1. Ten Voss, $300

Ten Voss

In the number one spot as the most expensive shampoo in the entire world is the Ten Voss that is priced with a whopping $300. One thing that made it very expensive is the hair conditioner that comes along with this shampoo. In other words, you cannot buy the shampoo alone. When you buy it, you also have to buy the conditioner. Voss water is one of the main ingredients of this shampoo, which is capable enough in making your hair shinier and more beautiful in appearance.

These are the top 10 most expensive shampoos in the world that you should know. Now that you know their individual prices, would you mind to buy any one of these shampoo products?


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