Top 10 Most Expensive Handbag Purses In The world 2017

A girl finds it nearly impossible to stay without a handbag. Handbags play a very essential role in a women’s life. Girls love to match their bags with accessories and dressing sense so that they can shine in the crowd. The rich class prefers to take expensive bags to maintain a status in the society and they are always in search of latest and new designed bags by different brands. There are various brands which deal with the most expensive bags which are a distant dream for many. Latest designs are always being designed by the brand owners to attract and lure a woman’s eyes.

The top most expensive handbag purses are listed as under:

10. Prada


A renowned brand from Italy, Prada is known for their extensive collections of bags, shoes and accessories worn by women. The bags of this brand are costly because they are made up of pure leather and materials which are high in quality. These bags are durable and last for a very long time. The prices of these bags come to about $30,000.

9. Lana Marks

Lana Marks

Lana Marks is better known for its leather bags which are soft and can be crumbled easily. With various styles and colours, Lana Mark is being carried by many famous celebrities. The Cleopatra clutch in this brand is considered the most expensive one because of 1500 diamonds studded in the clutch. This clutch was sold at an auction for $1,00,000 and is recorded as the most expensive bag in the world.

8. Hilde Palladino

Hilde Palladino is introduced as the successful brand of bags in the market. With 40 rare diamonds studded in the bag, it is acclaimed to be expensive. The diamonds are studded in small corners of the bag and it is taken as a mark of luxury. This brand comes up with latest and unique styles every fall season. The price of a bag comes to about $ 1,20,000.

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7. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

A very famous and elegant brand, Marc Jacobs come up with latest styles of bags every different time. The recent made was the Carolyn Crocodile bag which is made from elegant exterior and interiors. The leather use in the making of this bag are segmented and divided into parts which each part revealing a different part of the style used in this bag. It is extra pockets present in them which makes it easy to keep various things in it. Organization and segregation becomes easy with the individual pockets. The price of the bag comes upto $ 38,000.

6. Leiber Precious rose bag

Leiber Precious rose bag

Folded and moulded in the shape of rose with glittery stones all over the bag, The Leiber precious rose bag make it to the expensive bags list. The entire bag is made of metal clips and clutches which are unique and  made from high quality materials. The precious stones used make the bag worth purchasing with 1,016 diamonds, 800 tour malines and 1,196 pink sapphires. The price of the bag is $92,000.

5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The latest collection from the Loius Vuitton brand comes a bag literally made of trash but sure it has something in it which makes it very expensive. Water bottles, cigarette papers, chewing gum papers, etc. are some of the stuffs used to make this beautiful collection. The main vision behind making of this bag is to curb pollution and make this environment healthy. One such bag is priced for $1,50,000.

4. Hermes Matte

Hermes Matte

A fantastic bag taken by British Singer and actress, Jane Brikin, this bag is expensive because of the fact that it is purely made of crocodile leather and the claps decorated with 10 carat diamonds. Some replicas of the Hermes Matte is available to the middle section of the people at $5,000 with the diamonds not present in the bag. But , the real cost of the Hermes limited edition is about $1,20,000.

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3. Chanel diamond bag

Chanel diamond bag

You can talk of any bag but it is no possible to beat the extravagant Diamond Bag introduced by Chanel. The bag is made of pure crocodile leather and it has 344 diamonds clinging on to it which makes to 3.65 carats. The straps of the Diamond bag is made from white gold which shines like no else. The Chanel Diamond bag is a limited edition with just 5 bags in the US. It comes at a heavy price of $2,61,000.

2. Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes planned of creating an iconic bag and the result was the Birkin bag which just took breaths away. The 2,000 out shell diamonds present in the bag makes the exterior the best. The bag comes with a diamond sling which can be removed when needed. The centre piece is made of diamond with a 8 carat pear shaped stone. The combination of diamonds and platinums made it costly. The cost comes to about $1.9 million.

1. Mouawad’s Diamond purse

Recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive bag in the world, The Mouwad’s is prepared with the help of 10 expert professionals. The bag is heart shaped which is hammered to give it a shine. The made is made of 18K gold and the surface has 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 4,356 colourless diamonds. The price comes up to $3.8 million.

These fall under the list of the most expensive bags which are precious and luxurious all the while.

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