The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Antiques 2015

In this world, everything is not as easily getable as one thinks. However, few things are very valuable and of course rare to get by. The antique items are stored or kept and worth huge. The reason behind the huge worth is sometimes the history attached to it or any particular incident. But, the worth of the item is always priceless because of the beauty and the enriched history attached to it. Here are the top 10 most expensive antiques as of 2015.

10. The Sword of Napoleon

The Sword of Napoleon

The Great French King’s sword embellished with Gold was once the death for the enemies. It fought many battles with its king till 1880. However, the Napoleon later gifted it to his brother. It is worth of $6.4 Million. In1978 it was declared as the National Treasure of France and symbolizes Power, Victory and Strategy in the world.

9. Soup Tureen of Louis XV

Soup Tureen of Louis XV

This is not an ordinary Soup Tureen. The Royal Soup Tureen is made of Gold and of course used by the king Louis XV. It is kept in Germany and is worth of $9.7 Million.

8. Antique Shelf Desk and Book Case

The Mahogany shelf desk and book case was designed and created in 1760. The antique piece still looks equally astonishing and stunning. It is 112 inches in length. However, one might stumble upon the price of the book case. It is priced at $11.4 Million for its intrinsic beauty and unbelievable durability.

7. Diamond Tiara

Diamond Tiara

One of the most sought and desired diamond is in the next in the list. The Diamond Tiara seats at the crown of Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck. The priceless jewel is priced at $12.1 Million and consists of Columbian Emerald Gems.

6. Vessel of Ming Dynasty

It is one of the most priced and sought antiques in the world. The Chinese vessel made from 18 karat gold was made during the Ming Dynasty. The time in China was famous for costly and worthy vessels and other stuffs. It is priced at $14.2 Million according to the last information.

5. Moon flask

Made in the 18th century but followed the style of 15th century, the moon flask is one of the most beautiful vessel ever found in the world. It consists of pearl, enamel and other jewels. Beautifully crafted Moon Flask has been priced at $15.1 Million.

4. The Olyphant

The horn which used to be used as weapon during battle and hunting still finds its place. The beautifully crafted and decorated horn looks immensely beautiful and attractive. It is still functional and believed to be made in the 11th century. The Olyphant is priced at $16.1 Million.

3. Liechtenstein Badminton Cabinet

Liechtenstein Badminton Cabinet

Beautifully crafted and designed, this badminton cabinet can raise any eyes on it. It is over 12 feet tall and also a clock has been put at the top of it. Many jewels have been put into the cabinet. It is priced at the $28.8 Million.

2. Codex of Da Vinci

Codex of Da Vinci

It is priced at $30.8 Million as of now. It is one of the rarest of rarest collections of scientific writing collection of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Presently, Bill Gates owns it for the above mentioned price.

1.Vase of Qing Dynasty

Vase of Qing Dynasty

The wonderful vase created in the 18th century, reflects the art and architecture of the Qing Dynasty. Presently it is the costliest and most priced antique of the world with the price of $80.2 million. It is also a pure Chinese Gold with petals and many jewels.

All the antiques are desired and sought by the world. However, few are not sold by the owners and few are way too high for the people, but the antiques are dream everyone.