Top 10 Most Dangerous Jails in the World

Don’t stay in wrong perception that the jails are the way you normally see in flicks, pretty much luxurious. These are meant for criminals, life is damn hell here. However, some of those are even much hectic. These prisons force the criminals to realise that they have really committed some mistakes. On this context, we present some of the most dangerous and worst jails over the globe those are very close to hell.

10. Stanley Prison, Hong Kong

Stanley Prison, Hong Kong

It is one of the most antique jails over the globe made during 1937. There is a mammoth protection arrangements involved with the jail. It used to be involving highest number of criminals, however, things got out of control when the refugees from China sentenced here in the jail making the count go pass about 3500.

9. Camp 1391, Northern Israel

Camp 1391, Northern Israel

This is the destination for most brutal criminals over north Israel. It used to be a place of top secret as the criminals involved in sensitive cases were the part of it. The place has been attacked much time by rebellions as well. Even the detail of prisoners here used to be kept under wrap prior 2003. Anyway, the restrictions are much lower these days.

8. Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

The jail has witnessed many political personalities. It was established long back in 1783. The prison is overloaded with the hardcore criminals these days, and many of them are affected with many sorts of diseases. Reportedly criminals have to face the pathetic cruelty from the officers involved in administration of the jail.

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7. San Quentin Prison, California

San Quentin Prison, California

Criminals here used to be treated very hard earlier prior early 30s. However, the inhuman activities are lowered a lot these days. Things changed after appointment of a new director Clinton Truman Duffy. Anyway, things are still quite un-imagining so far as most of the inmates here are convicted with serious offence.

6. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya

Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya

This is one of the largest spreading prisons over the globe at over 1000 acres land. The prisoners here are put into severe nastiness which just unspeakable. It has witnessed many historic political prisoners as well. There have been instances of prisoners getting died here due to tortures, different diseases as well.

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