Top 10 Longest Highway Roads in the World 2015

The extensive roads, highways, bridges and railway lines in all parts of the world stand witness to the glorious growth and progress made by the human race in a due course of time. Many of the longest highways in the world are located in USA, which has been reputed as the more developed part of the world.

Listed below are the top 10 best longest highway roads in the world:

10. Interstate 80 (1-80), USA

Interstate 80 (1-80) is the 4666 km long highway, which makes it the tenth longest highway road in the world. It is also called the Christopher Columbus Highway and starts from an interchange with US Route 101 in San Francisco and ends at New Jersey, passing through 11 states on its way.

9. Interstate 90 (1-90), USA

Running from Boston to Seattle, the Interstate 90 (1-90) Highway is the longest interstate highway in USA, besides being the ninth longest highway road in the world. It stretches to a length of 4860.2 km and runs parallel to US Route 20, spanning 13 different states in all.

8. US Route 6

Among the longest highways in the world is the US Route 6, which is also known as Grand Army of the Republic highway. The highway, which runs from Bishop, California to Provincetown, Massachusetts, has a total length of 5158 km and is the longest continuous highway in the US.

7. US Route 20

Another American highway to feature among the top 10 longest highway roads in the world is US Route 20, which spans a length of 5415 km from coast to coast. It runs from Boston in the Eastern Coast to Newport in the Western Coast, crossing nine US states on its way.

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6. China National Highway 010

On number 6 is the China National Highway or Tongsan Expressway, which is also the longest highway in China. The length of this highway is 5700 km and it extends from Tongjiang in Heilongjiang to Sanya in Hainan.

5. Golden Quadrilateral Highway, India

The number 5 spot in the list is occupied by the famous Golden Quadrilateral Highway in India, which connects a number of major cities of India, including the four metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The construction of 5846 km long highway began in 2001 and reached its completion in 2012. It is equipped with four and six lanes all along its route.

4. Trans Canada Highway

Trans Canada Highway, which connects all the ten provinces of Canada and also links the major cities, comes next on the list of top 10 longest highway roads in the world. The construction of this 7821 km long highway began in 1950 and continued till 1971, with nearly 1 billion dollars being spent on the project. It extends from Victoria in British Columbia to St Johns City in Newfoundland.

3. Trans Siberian Highway

Featuring next on this list is the 11000 km long Trans Siberian Highway, which extends from St Petersburg to Vladivostok in Russia. A part of this highway also connects with the Asian Highway Network and is called AH6.

2. Highway 1, Australia

Ranked on number 2 in the list of longest highway roads in the world is the Highway 1 of Australia, which stretches to a length of 14500 across mainland Australia, and interlinks all the state capitals of the country, except Brisbane and Darwin. It has both single and multi lane roads, which carry as many as a million people a day.

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1. Pan American Highway

Spanning an incredible distance of 48000 km, the Pan American Highway, which constitutes of the highway system of the whole of the US, is the longest highway road in the world. It consists of a number of interconnected highways and forms a link between more than 20 countries across North and South America, stretching from Buenos Aires in South America and reaching to Edmonton in Canada.

As we have seen, the list of longest highway roads in the world is dominated by US based highways. This gives us a fair idea of the extent of infrastructural development of this country.