The World’s Top 10 Best Zoos in 2015

All cities that attract tourists have a zoo. A zoo is a place to go and observe wildlife while visiting your favorite animals. They promote animal awareness and public education while at the same time creating a natural habitat for endangered species and animal conservation. Here is a list of the top ten zoos in the world.

10. National Zoological Gardens, South Africa

Opened in 1899, the National Zoological Gardens is Africa’s best zoo. This enormous zoo houses 4500 animals. Due to its size, guests can rent a golf cart to travel around its grounds and visit all the animals. The National Zoological Gardens is also home to South Africa’s largest aquarium.

9. Yokohama Zoo, Japan

Known as Zooasia, Yokohama Zoo opened in 1999. It houses 1500 animals and 150 different species. At the entrance, guests receive binoculars to better see the animals because of the large premises. Yokohama Zoo has seven separate ecological areas designed to imitate the natural habitats of the animals.

8. Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania

America’s first zoo opened in 1874, the Philadelphia Zoo is home to 1300 animals. It has some of the best primate exhibits in the world and breeds endangered species. An exciting extra at this zoo is the overnight camp experience for kids.

7. Tiergarten Schombrunn Zoo, Austria

The Tiergarten Schombrunn Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world; opened in 1752. It is one of four zoos that house the giant panda. Also, Tiergarten Schombrunn is the first zoo with successful natural insemination producing the first panda birth in Europe in 2007.

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6. Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

This award winning zoo houses 5000 animals and 460 different species. As one of the largest zoos in the world, the Toronto Zoo offers many special experiences, including camel rides and a sting ray touch area.

5. Bronx Zoo, New York City

This zoo may be small but it is one of the best and oldest zoos in the United States. It hosts the largest man made rainforest in the world and was chosen by the Wild Conservation Society as a building site for its veterinarian society. The Bronx Zoo cares for over 15,000 animals from all over America.

4. Berlin Zoo, Germany

The Berlin Zoo is the oldest and most visited zoo in Germany. Home to 17,000 animals, this zoo is enormous. The Berlin Zoo suffered a lot of damage during World War II. Many animals and habitats were destroyed. However, they were able to rebuild the thriving zoo after the end of the war.

3. Basel Zoo, Switzerland

Opened in 1984, the Basel Zoo is the second most visited place in Switzerland. It is one of the oldest zoos in the world and known to have one of the most successful breeding programs for endangered species. It is also ranked among the top seven in the Zoological Society of London for its breeding efforts.

2. San Diego Zoo, California

The San Diego Zoo is one of four zoos in the world to house the giant panda. There are 4000 animals living in the zoo and 800 different species. As an extra perk at the San Diego Zoo, visitors can take a safari ride through the zoo habitats.

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1. Singapore Zoo

The number one zoo on our list is the Singapore Zoo. With its open concept and amazing landscape, it’s no wonder this is the top zoo in the world. Besides sharing walkways with monkeys, turtles, birds and orangutans, the Singapore Zoo also offers a very popular Jungle Breakfast.

Every zoo has something special to offer, but not all zoos are capable of the conservation and natural habitat designs as these top ten zoos around the world. If you are looking for incredible afternoon to visit animals and educate yourself on their preservation, look no further than this list.