Top 10 Best Xbox Games of All Time

Xbox video games are very dearer among the gaming freaks. They offer the users with a wide variety of gaming options. There are about 1000 very popular games available over the globe. Games here vary from the handheld types to the device friendly like mobile phones. Irrespective of the platforms like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X these games have been satisfying the customer needs. Anyway, if you are Xbox games fan, then the compilation can be suitable for you. Here we present 10 best Xbox gaming options.

Xbox games

10. The LEGO Movie Videogame Xbox 360

It keeps the LEGO Kids into the part of Emmet, a conventional, pretty disciplined, an absolute LEGO who is erroneously recognized as the most creative, powerful and efficient protagonist having the desired attributes for protecting the whole world. Players steer him on the way of an exciting journey. However, is Emmet prepared for the challenge; doesn’t look like so.

9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Xbox 360

You were earlier aware of the evolution of Dracula and its link with the Belmonts in initial part. In this edition the fans can certainly hope for some exciting and fresh turns and challenges. The best part about the compilation is that the Dracula comes back one more. Vampire king is looking for some desperate powers, and his castle can do the job this time.

8. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Xbox 360

EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup is like a pleasant surprise for the very famous FIFA game line-up fans. This time begin from the very fundamental level like selecting the team, and gradually take your team through the qualifiers, finals. Best part this time is the latest auto placing system enabling fresh players find the game really easy.

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7. GRID Autosport Xbox 360

The game is entirely regarding the gangs, the evils and the chase as you turn out a driver for appoint, having the excellence in your preferred sections or winning over them entirely in a tough arena of challenging motorsport. The game presents you with more than 100 ways over various stunning zones. This is on a whole is an absolute thriller with the trendy and highly efficient vehicles.

6. Blood of the Werewolf

Selena; she is a multi personality name. At a stretch she is an adorable mother, dedicated wife, and most importantly a highly efficient werewolf. There is nothing wrong in taking action against the devils those have put you in such a huge loss. Can a loss of child, or husband withstand or taken appropriate action being normal. No way, jut no way.

5. The Wolf among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile Xbox 360

After finding out derogatory proof at a gory and serious offence spot, Bigby is sited just reaches closer to the main culprit of a terrible murder incidence. However, he is not the only people. There are other Forces those will resist. Each verdict involves some impact, and the outcomes mean a lot also. On a whole, there is a lot to enjoy for the fans this time.

4. Super Time Force Xbox 360

Super Time Force is an excellent stuff that suits best for the action freaks and involves anxiousness at each step. Sometimes it gets crazy, and at some other instances it is absolutely funky. Anyway, to make your min in between it brings the flavours of some smooth, sugary instances as well. At each stage the user will come across with 3 suspicious stuffs called Shards.

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3. South Park: The Stick of Truth Xbox 360

Through the game you will come across with a classic that will let the user to be dearer with Kyle, Stan, Cart man and Kenny and discover the hushed pretty city in a most perfect way than ever. From the hazardous clash of the play zone, a dynamic character will be front, determined to be rescuer of South Park.

2. The Walking Dead: Season Two

This is certainly the most shattering and edgy parts you have ever come across with. Some sections of the game are simply incredible, and you can’t stay without appreciating the way it approaches on its way. Undoubtedly, this is the best season for people of all groups. The best part is that there is absolutely nothing unconventional or bizarre sequences involved.

1. Dark Souls II Xbox 360

If you are a hard core gaming fan who doesn’t want to waste time with the simpler stuffs, then this is a perfect option for you. However, the proceeding of the game is thoroughly enjoyable; it reaches the hardest level in a gradual way. Talking about the best about the game, we certainly have to name the boss clash; it’s just incredible. However, they become too tricky sometimes to deal with.

The game has gathered a lot of appreciations among the fans.