Top 10 Best Tips for Good Hand Writing

Penmanship or the simply called handwriting is one thing that made every individual unique from each other. Every person has her or his own unique handwriting. Moreover, every kind of penmanship has something to do with your personality, and this can be confirmed by the science of Psychology. There are people who have very good handwriting, while others have not that good ones. In this regard, here are the top 10 best tips for good hand writing:

10. Find Your Comfort While Writing

It actually means being comfortable while you are writing. Try to relax your writing hand, and have a very comfortable position while holding the pen or pencil. If there is a considerable amount of pressure in your writing hand, it will never write with smoothness, wrecking up your entire handwriting.

9. Use the Best Writing Tool

Of course, the tools you’re using when writing have something to do with the result of your writing. This is the main reason why it’s best to choose those that have high quality. Sometimes, even how good your handwriting is, the final product will still look insane if you’re using low quality writing tools.

8. Sit Properly

A good hand writing can also be achieved with the proper sitting position. Of course, you can never produce great penmanship if you are in an awkward position. Maintain an upright sitting position while you are writing. Moreover, make sure to use a table where you will put your paper as well as your hands.

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7. Use the Right Writing Pads or Paper

Writing pads also play a very important role in producing good hand writing. Why not try a ruled sheet? With this sheet, the lines will surely give you direction in writing equi-proportional characters and alphabets. With this writing pad also, you can be sure that all of the alphabets are written in exactly the same size.

6. Watch Out for the Spacing

Proper spacing is also needed for entire writing of yours so that it will look great. What is being pertained here is the space that you make in every word you write. 1 to 2 finger’s space is enough for every word. By doing this thing, you are not only making your handwriting good, but readable as well.

5. Observe Proper Writing Stroke

Just in case you don’t know, the proper writing stroke is going to the right side. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot write with the left writing stroke. You can do so, of course but if you want your handwriting to be good, then follow the proper writing stroke.

4. Practice Writing

Your handwriting is sure to improve of course if you keep on practicing writing the proper way during your vacant hours. Find some short paragraphs for you to copy and write in a writing pad. The more constant you do it, the bigger the possibility that you can have a very good handwriting.

3. Maintain Patience

Yes, you got it right. Patience is also needed in writing. You may not know it, but your handwriting can also be affected with the current emotions that you have got. This is why you need to be patient at all times. Be happy. After all, you can never go wrong with happiness.

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2. Be Creative

Being creative is also a big factor in producing good handwriting. While you can just copy some great text styles on different publications, it is still best to stick on the text style that can represent your personal style and preference.

1. Writing in the Air

Practicing to write in the air can surely help a lot, and it can be confirmed by several scientific studies that explain everything about it. It’s actually because your hand, arm, and shoulder muscles are strengthened by doing it. Hence, you can have full control when you’re writing.

These are the top 10 best tips for good hand writing. You must consider these things and improve the appearance of your entire writing.