Top 10 Best Pizza Making Recipes at Home

Pizza has always been the most favorite dish for the people in teen age. Not only the teen agers but also, pizza is also liked by the people of the old age. Pizza has always been the most favorite part of the Italian food that got place in the market very rapidly. Today, on average, it is estimated that almost 93 percent of the total Americans consume pizza on the regular basis. And Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza per day.

That all statistics shows that, Pizza is counted as one of the most liked dishes all around the world. Here is the list of the top 10 best Pizza Food Recipes that you can try at your home:

10. Mini Mushroom Pizza

Mini Mushroom Pizza

When you are a lover of pizza, mini mushroom pizza is the best choice while you are alone at home. Mini pizzas topped with the pizza sauce along with the healthy sautéed mushrooms; corn and cheese is really the healthy dish that you can eat. These pizzas are convenient and fast to make and really delicious and absolute crowd pleaser.

9. Mexican Pizza

Italian originated pizza combined with the delicious combo of Mexican techniques provides the best combination to you. This pizza is one of the most delicious recipes that come out hot from the oven drenched in distinctive Mexican ingredients. This one is really an interesting and gastronomic experience for the pizza lovers.

8. Vegetarian Pizza

Who love meat or non- veg when you can have the tempting and the delicious vegetarian pizza. The vegetarian delight for all the veggie lovers is the vegetarian pizza that is topped with the tomato sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers and melting cheese. The array of flavors teamed with the unmatchable veggies and indeed cheesy cheese.

7. Scone Pizza

Next on the list is the scone pizza that is the time saver. When you are running out of the time, this scone pizza is the best meal you can have. This pizza is quick and really do not need the yeast in the dough. The crust is thin and crunchy and topped with whatever you like. Bake and serve hot.

6. Wholegrain Pizza

When you need the healthy and the flavorful pizza without the calorie intake, then the wholegrain pizza that is made with the regular pizza ingredients is the best option. The dough topped with the tomato sauce along with the mushrooms and cheese is high on flavor that can beat your caloric intake.

5. Kebab and Paneer Pizza

The pizza that is having some desi touch with the infusion of the Italian ingredients is next on our list. Theregular pizza crust is topped with the Mughlai Seekh Kebabs to give you out of the world taste. This pizza is topped with the lots of paneer in order to tantalize your taste buds.

4. Margherita Pizza

Next on the list is the Margherita Pizza that is having the strong flavor of the herbs along with the loads of cheese. His one could be the best option for you if you are no having any sort of ingredient except for the few. Make and enjoy this pizza with the handful of ingredients.

3. Meat Pizza

Next on the list is the meat pizza that is having any kind of meat as a topping. Enjoy this pizza with the Italian typical flavors along with the topping of chilies, cheese, onions, garlic sauce and the marinated chunks of the meat.

2. Multigrain Pizza

If you are a health concerned person and also want to have the flavor of pizzas, then you can have this pizza that is really healthy for your health. The pizza is combined with the combination of the mouth -watering flavors with the multi- grain base.

1. Priyanka’s Pepperoni Pizza

Priyanka's Pepperoni Pizza

Want a pizza having a celeb touch? The here’s the way for you. Try this Priyanka’s favorite pepperoni pizza that is topped over freshly prepared dough.