Top 10 Best iPhone Apps For Indian Users 2015

It is said that there are two kinds of smart phones, one smart phones and another iPhone. This does not only define the specialty of having an iPhone but also specify the brand value of the phone. iPhone runs on IOS and it has different and secured services rather than open service of Android. The apps available for the IOS and iphone are also different and it is there at the iTune of the phone. Here are the top 10 apps available for iPhone which are useful for India.

10. Call Recorder

This is one of the best apps that can serve the users with the option of call recording. You can have the call recording option with this app and turn on this app while speaking. You can always protect the recording with password and others.

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9. Cam Card

It is the smart replacement of the traditional business cards in present world. It is not feasible to carry the business cards all along, so the Cam Card becomes very helpful. It manages the contact you have made and also exchanges the information very swiftly.

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8. Good Access

This is one of the secured web browser that helps you to protect from unwanted threats of the internet. Securitu has become a prime concern for everybody and this app has made it very simple and sharp.

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7. Adobe Acrobat DC

There is hardly any replacement of the app when it comes to the reading PDF. Indians are fond of reading books and the app is more than useful for them for happy reading and better experience.

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6. Dropbox

The culture of cloud has come and Dropbox is one of the most useful app for it. One can easily put the documents over at the Dropbox and can use it anywhere and anytime to use it again. There is no need to carry the documents along with your system, instead you can use your iphone and read them through Dropbox.

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5. Great Little Place

Indians are traveloholic and the app provides great service for it. The smooth and beneficial GLP app gives complete guidance for travelling anywhere. So, you can plan and master your travel at the GLP.

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4. Moleskine Timepage

This is one of the most popular calendar app for iPhone. One might wonder that why a calendar app? Well it is more than a calendar app and it has synch with the weather, time and even contacts. So, you can use it for your benefits. It can also be synched with Apple watch.

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3. Gmail

This has to be one of the preferred apps for people. The world formal communication is the mail communication and Gmail has one of the largest subscribers in the world. The Gmail app can make you use the mail as per your wish.

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2. Invoice 2 Go

This is one of the most useful and effective app on iPhone. It can be used to prepare the invoices at anytime. So, if you are trying to create estimates or credit memos or similar accounting stuff then this is one of the best app you can find over the iPhone.

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1. Scanner Pro

This can really make you happy about the iphone apps. The Scanner Pro can actually turn your phone into a virtual scanner. It has all the qualities of a good scanner and is one of the best apps available for the iphone.

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Few of the apps are free, but need to be paid for the services in iPhone.