Top 10 Best Heart Treatment Hospitals in India

India has developed a lot in the field of medicines and has numerous hospitals that specialize in one or the other area. There are various heart hospitals in the country, of which there are few which are the best and has the highest success rate.

Here is a list of Top Ten Heart Specialist Hospitals in India:

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10. Batra Heart Centre, Delhi

It is one of the most advanced hospitals of the country and has various amazing technologies. The cardiac centre is completely computerised with coronary units and catheterization labs with art equipments and soundless recording systems. It is highly advanced and is undoubtedly one of the best.


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9. Apollo Cardiac Centre, New Delhi

Apollo hospitals are one of the best and leading hospitals in the country and they have maintained a record in their field. The service here is one of the best in the country, despite its high rates, it is worth spending. They have by far done some 1,30,000 heart related surgeries and the success ratio is nothing less than an International standard. They have great facilities and use quality equipments.


8. N. M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology, Pune

It was established in the year 1966, by Pune Charitable Trust. It was the first Non Government Charitable trust and it specialised in the Cardiac. They have some great doctors from across the world, visiting the Centre. 25% of the total income earned is used for charity.

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7. Medica Super speciality Hospital, Kolkata

The largest Cardiac hospital in the East India, Medica is no doubt of the best also. It has many facilities for the people and has some best surgeons in the field. They have 500 beds, and an emergency service which is on for 24*7 and they take care of their patients with full responsibility. It is indeed one of the best in the country and the best in the eastern region.

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