Top 10 Best Diet Food Recipes

When women wants to lose their weight and want to achieve the enviable figure, their first attempt towards this to take up the dieting. This one helps in the cases as if you eliminate the fat from the food and takes up the dishes that are rich in energy and low in carbs, and then this will definitely help them to achieve their ideal body weight. In the ancient times, when women start to take up dieting only a few meals makes up their diet and they get easily bored of them. That is the reason why they leave dieting and they switch to their previous diet.

But now thanks to the internet that have made dieting so much easy that we can get so many ideas to choose from when we think to take up dieting. So here are the top 10 Best Diet Food Recipes that will help you to lose weight without affecting your taste buds.

10. Oat Crumble Apple

Oat Crumble Apple

Who says that dieting cannot include desserts? For the people who get the craving for sweets and desserts, this version of the low fat Oat Apple Crumble will satisfy their cravings for sweet without upsetting their body fitness. This crumble is really healthy as it consists of the goodness of oats along with the goodness of Apple in a single healthy dessert.

9. Chicken Masala without Oil

If you can make chicken without oil, you can do everything in this world. This one is really very special recipe that is best for the people who tend to have dieting. This is the wildest dream for the people on diet and with such a low fat recipe; their widest dream can really come true.

8. Tofu and Cashew Mayonnaise

If you are the one who cannot get your mind out of mayo, then this oil and fat free mayo will make you eat as much as you can. With the amazing blend of fruits and tofu along with some cashew in this mayo, you will surely love this healthy version of mayo that consists of no eggs and no oil.

7. Oats Idli

This is an amazing South Indian version of Idli that is something unique than the normal one. With the healthier spin of the oats, this amazing and the uniquely flavored idli is the best diet for the persons on diet.

6. Jowar Medley

The quick and the shortcut to your health and weight loss, this Jowar Medley is the true version of something that you never ate before. If you are tired of eating the poha or the brown rice, this jowar can surely get you to the way of fun beyond taste and health. With the ride of vegetables and the rice bran oil, this recipe is the best one for you if you are also on the verge to lose weight.

5. Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish

While you are getting all the healthy nutrients from veggies and fruits, why not get some proteins from fish? Steamed fish is another very easy and the healthy way to get rid of the same routine diet with something really flavorful and delicious. When the fish is steamed in the brilliance of the flavors of Thai spices, this will surely make your taste buds to tantalize.

4. Thai Soya bean Cabbage Cups

In the cups of cabbage and the spell binding of flavors, this Thai Soya Bean dish is really a delightful treat for all the vegetarian people out there. When this dish is flavored with some really unique Thai herbs, this one gives the awesome flavor that you have never tasted before.

3. Quinoa Risotto

Give your routine of diet a healthy break with this amazing and unique Quinoa Risotto that is really a special treat for the persons on diet. With the replacement of rice with quinoa, this Risotto is really yum when cooked in some handful spices and herbs along with the goodness of olive oil.

2. Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

Salads are considered to be the best food for the people on diet. And if it is filled with the goodness of chicken and sesame seeds, this pack of nutrients will be ideal for you if you are on the verge to lose weight.

1. Low Fat French Onion Soup

Low Fat French Onion Soup

With the healthy makeover and the touch of some savor, modify your traditional French Onion Soup to the healthy one with the caramelized and toasted onions.