Top 10 Best Chemical Companies In India 2017

The chemical sector in India is among the most seasoned in the nation. Its commitment to the improvement of the farming and mechanical segment is tremendous. It incorporates small scale and vast scale units. The arrangement of this division should be possible in two classes. The primary class comprises of the natural chemicals which thus incorporates beauty products, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and drugs. The second class comprises of inorganic chemicals and incorporates dyestuffs, colors and alkalis.

Listed below are top 10 leading and best chemical companies in India.

10. Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited

Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited

Gujarat Heavy Chemicals limited is considered as the biggest maker of soda ash in India. It was begun in 1988 and has been known for delivering fantastic quality items. The Organization has head office in Ahmedabad and has solid workforce of representatives that has gigantic experience of chemical industry.


9. Vinati Organics Limited

Vinati Organics Limited

Vinati Organics Limited was built up in 1989, as a claim to fame chemical organization, focusing on mechanical monomers and polymers. In the blink of an eye it is the greatest maker of isobutyl benzene and ATBS on the planet. Aside from its clients in India, its client base additionally comprises the ones from Asia, USA and Europe.


8. Linde India Limited

Linde India Limited

Linde India Limited was formerly known as BOCI or BOC India. It manages industrial gasses. It additionally attempts various ventures identified with designing. It is in charge of creating xenon, nitrogen, neon, krypton under the fragment of air gasses. The organization additionally has the ability of delivering medicinal gases. Also it is the greatest provider of the fragment in India.

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7. Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited has begun its operations in the year 1975 with a solitary item named Dimethyl sulfate. Aarti is one of the main provider to worldwide producers of Dyes, Pigments, Pharmaceuticals and elastic chemicals. Aarti is among the biggest makers of Benzene based essential and moderate chemicals in India. It has corporate office in Mumbai and delegates in U.S.A and Europe. Presently, the organization has 16 fabricating plants in Gujarat and Maharashtra.


6. BASF India

BASF India

BASF is a chemical manufacturing company based in Mumbai. The organization was begun in 1965 and has been in the business from most recent 50 years. BASF is the main chemical organization which attempts to consolidate the environmental security and social concern to build up the best items. The organization has numerous imperative generation locales alongside two R&D focuses inside the nation. The organization conveys the best items in the market supported by the group of experts and use of most recent technology.


5. Solar Industries India Limited

Solar Industries India Limited

Solar Industries India Limited was set up in the year 1995 and the head office is situated in Nagpur. It is currently the greatest maker of hazardous starting frameworks and in addition mechanical explosives in India. Various impacting solutions gave by this organization have helped in meeting the desires of partners and customers. The fundamental items comprise of exploding string, regular citizen explosives, pentolite boosters and detonators. It is enhancing consistently as far as security and quality.

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4. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited

Gujarat fluorochemical Limited is the leading chemical organization, began in 1987 and has head office in Noida. It is a piece of driving INOX group that has various fruitful business wanders in fields of chemical, amusement, renewable vitality. This organization is in charge of creating hydrous hydrofluoric corrosive and refrigerant gases like chlorofluorocarbons. The organization takes a shot at the new ventures and chances to upgrade their creation quality. The principal regions of business of this organization are refrigerants and chemicals.


3. TATA Chemicals Limited

TATA Chemicals Limited

TATA Chemicals is considered as a part of the first rate chemicals organizations of India that was begun in 1939 and is the piece of famous TATA Group that is known for magnificent items. The organization began off their business with a little plant to expand the marine chemicals from the sea which has now developed into a worldwide brand. TATA Chemicals is the world’s second biggest maker of soda ash with assembling facilities in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. It is the world’s third biggest maker of sodium bicarbonate, which has applications that range from nourishment to pharmaceuticals to air contamination control.


2. UPL Limited

UPL Limited

UPL Limited is a notable chemical organization of the year, that was begun in 1969 and has head office in Mumbai. UPL Limited gives crop security solutions. The Company is occupied with the matter of agrochemicals, modern chemicals, synthetic intermediates and strength chemicals. It offers fungicides, herbicides, bug sprays, plant development and controllers, rodenticides, modern and forte chemicals, and nutri feeds. The Company offers its items in roughly 120 nations. It has manufactured its name in the national market with its inventive item extend.

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1. Pidilite


Pidilite Industries Limited (Pidilite) was established on 28th July 1969. Pidilite Industries Limited is the outstanding compound organization which pioneers in the advancement of buyer chemicals in India. Being the pioneer in the generation of adhesives and sealants, the organization delivers an extensive variety of items including car chemicals, modern glues, paint chemicals, natural colors, and numerous others. Its creation units are arranged in various areas which incorporate Baddi, Mahad and vapi. The famous product of this organization is FeviKwik.



Chemical organizations are the bone of numerous businesses like pharmaceutical, garments, colors, plastics, salts, acids and composts, manufactured elastic, polymers, gums and explosives.