Top 10 Best Cancer Hospitals of India

Cancer had become a very common disease known by everyone, unlike the olden days when people knew nothing about it. With the mass getting aware of the disease; the pros and cons, it is very important to know the best places where you can get it treated. There are a lot of hospitals across the world that treats cancer and in India itself; there are various hospitals, which treat the disease, which is considered dreadful even today.

In earlier days, there was no proper cure for the same, but today with the world developing and the advancement in medicine and science, India has a list of hospitals which holds the capability of treating cancer in the best possible manner. Here is the list of top 10 best cancer hospitals in India.

10. Harshmitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre, Trichy

This hospital was established in 2010 by the Doctor couple; Dr Govindraj and Dr Pon Sasipriya. Located Trichy, a district in Tamil Nadu; this hospital is the first in India that introduced a scheme for Tumour board as a part of treating cancer. Along with that, they also have free breast and uterus check-ups for women and girls to prevent them from cancer and also aware them for the same.

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9. Amala Cancer Hospital Thrissur

Located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, this hospital is considered as one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment. They offer chemotherapy, radiology and surgery. They have a team of doctors who are experienced in the field.

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8. Max Institute of Oncolgoy, Delhi

This hospital has a group of doctors who are specialists in the field. They offer treatments for head cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, neck cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, head cancer and gastrointestinal cancer. This hospital is one of the best hospitals, and they have patients from across the world.

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7. P.D Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai

P.D Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai

Started in the 1950’s this hospital specialises in the treatments for bladder cancer and breast cancer. Apart from that, they also offer, treatments for prostate cancer surgery, laser surgery, larynx-preserving surgery.

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6. Kidwai Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

Founded in the year 1973; this hospital provides affordable rates for cancer treatment. For the patients who cannot afford the services, the hospital offers them treatment with the help of government relief funds. Along with that, they also specialise in different cancer surgeries and bone marrow transplantation.

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5. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

It is one of the most advanced hospitals in India. The doctors here use chemotherapy and radiology for treating cancer. They provide various other facilities for the cancer treatment as well and also provide free cancer treatment for the weaker section of the society up to some extent.

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4. MIOT Hospital, Chennai

This hospital provides treatment for breast cancer, throat cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, neck and head cancer, skin cancer and many more. They have facilities like chemotherapy, radiology and other advanced technologies for treating cancer. They are very well known for preventing Breast cancers and they perform the surgeries in such a way that there’s no scar or mark left on the body.

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3. Apollo hospitals

Having spread its branches in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad, Apollo Hospital is one of the famous hospitals in India for treating cancer. They have various advanced technologies that help in curing cancer. They have the best and the well known doctors from the across the world who treats cancer.

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2. Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum

This hospital was founded in the 1981, and provides treatments and surgeries for different types of cancer. They use modern equipments and has a team of experienced doctors. This hospital was also honoured for using telemedicine for the diagnosis and curing cancer.

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1. Adyar Cancer Hospital, Chennai

Adyar Cancer Hospital, Chennai

It is also known as Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar cancer hospital was founded in 1954, is the most famous and well-known cancer hospital in India with the ultra-modern technologies and equipments. They have various facilities such as a blood bank, telemedicine service and tobacco stoppage programs. They specialise in various cancer treatments and have the highest number of success rate.

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