Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Colleges in India 2015

Biomedical engineering is among those highly awaited subjects for students over the globe. The blend of technology and healthcare has really many things to offer for therapeutics arena. This is one of the most exciting studies among the contemporary engineering trades. However, at the same time it is important that you are provided with proper guidance and laboratory facilities to take the best out of the subject.

On this context, we have come up with a fine compilation of 10 most preferred colleges in India for Biomedical Engineering.

10. The Central University of Karnataka (CUK), Gulbarga

Central University of Karnataka has been one of the most preferred centres for the study. Established by Government of India, the university ensures students with top faculty members and laboratory equipments. In fact, its inception is the outcome of Indian government as the project for offering quality higher educations. It has nice campus and all facilities that a student wishes for from his/her institution. Apart from studies, there are fantastic arrangements available for accommodation, social skills and talents.

9. Alpha College of Engineering, Chennai

Established in 2006, Alpha College of Engineering is affiliated with Anna University and recognized by AICTE. Students here are nourished with all top class amenities those ensure a bright future for them. This is one of the most prominent options for biomedical studies powered by its excellent laboratory equipments and highly qualified faculty team.


Banarus Hindu University is a great recommendation for biomedical engineering studies being one of the most experienced names on this regard. Established by UGC the University has been dealing with biomedical studies since 1985. It also offers a couple of years M.Tech studies in the subject along PhD program. The university witnesses people from nation and abroad as well. They offer the best arrangements for residence and communication facilities.

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7. VIT University

Biomedical engineering is basically a research oriented sector, and VIT University is the best place that can offer you all facilities for research and development works. The Biomedical Engineering studies at the university has been acknowledged by the reputed Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) of the USA. This is the place where you can ensure updates of most recent advancement. It’s placement report has been quite up to the mark as well. One of the best parts we like about the University is their mammoth library that stays always live for best help of the students.

6. Centurion University of Technology and Management

Centurion University of Technology and Management is one of the most favoured centres for biomedical studies in whole eastern India. This is the centre that has tasted success at the most efficient way within a very short while. Established in 2010, the centre has now become one of the leading centres for biomedical studies through its dedicated teaching and uncompromised laboratory facility. However, they have been pretty much in news for their excellent placement service.

5. SRM University

Needless is o mention about this leading University for Biomedical studies. Under Anna University, the Biomedical engineering was established in the year 2004. It’s obvious to expect best facility from here as they have the lively clinical and corporate partnership along with their branch organizations, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Institute. They offer you with most varied and enhanced research facilities in Biomedical engineering studies. The University holds a great record of placing students in top concerned companies.

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4. IIT Roorkee

Getting a chance to study in an IIT campus has been the dream of every student born in India. Specifically, IIT Roorkee is considered the best option regarding biomedical studies. They have been offering studies on this regard since early seventies that tell clearly about their experience on this sector. Students get the best exposure for handing most recent and global projects here.

3. MIT, Manipal

MIT, Manipal is one of the most renowned institutions in India for Biomedical studies. They are the irst self financed colleges of the nation. Here they offer Bachelor of technology in Biomedical engineering, and other post graduate studies in concerned department. They offer admission according to All India Manipal University Online Entrance Test conducted in India.

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

IIT Bombay holds all the attributes to be there in the compilation. Here they encourage students to pursue education being most application oriented. Being a prominent institution in the nation they manage to get all the high-end projects of international level, and thus the students stay at the most advantageous side. They take care of the placement related issues of the students in a quite nice and professional way.

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Covering about a mammoth 350 acres land, the IIT Delhi is simply superb for any technological studies. However, they have a special reputation regarding Biomedical engineering studies. Anyway, make sure you have the patience to pass through their solid examination pattens. Students are fine-tuned here through competitive examinations, tasks, and projects.

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Biomedical engineering is one of the engineering streams that have been introduced in recent times. The constat growth in this sector has encouraged a great number of students to pursue a career in this sector. If you are passionate about the branch, then it can deliver the most for you. Anyway, as we have mentioned the students need thorough guidance from and efficient faculty team for the purpose. All the above mentioned Universities have proven record of satisfying the students in best ways. Finally we welcome your precious feedback about the line-up in the form of comments.