Top 10 Best Bhindi Recipes You Must Taste

Bhindi is a kind of vegetable that belongs to the mallow family. There are various claims regarding the origin of this green-colored vegetable. Even so, it was found out that it originally grows in a number of South Asian and West African countries. In some other countries, Bhindi is commonly called “okra” and “lady fingers”. Moreover, here are 10 best and delicious Bhindi food recipes you must taste:

10. Vendakkaya Curry

Vendakkaya Curry is also known as Bhindi Curry. It is a fuss-free food recipe that is very delicious to eat, despite the fact that a lot of people don’t like eating bhindi. Since this is a curry dish, it is expected that it will be cooked in gravy made from several spices and other ingredients like curry leaves, green chillies, and yogurt.

9. Bhindi Achaari

The main secret of the deliciousness of Bhindi Achaari are the different spices used in cooking it just like onion seeds, red chillies, and tumeric powder. In just 30 minutes, this recipe will be ready to serve. Mustard oil is the one to be used in cooking the sliced bhindi and some other ingredients.

8. Bendakaya Pulusu

In English, Bendakaya Pulusu simply means Okra in Tamarind Gravy. This is a traditional delicious recipe of the people living in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. In this recipe, bhindi is cooked with the tamarind sauce after frying it with mustard seeds.

7. Minted Chickpeas and Crispy Okra

35 minutes is the maximum time needed in order to finish this bhindi recipe. What is quite amazing here is the fact that bhindi is made crispy. It is something unusual of course. The chickpeas are boiled along with some other ingredients namely spices, herbs, pomegranate, and tomatoes.

6. Bharwan Bhindi

This is another delicious bhindi dish that Indian people are very proud of. It takes 25 minutes in cooking this recipe. What is done here is very simple. You just need to sautee the bhindi until it becomes tender, along with a few spices that will make this dish extra delicious.

Classic Bhindi Bites

5. Bhindiwala Meat

This is actually just a meat curry recipe that has an amazing twist, in which the bhindi becomes the main star. The meat should be tenderized first of course if needed. Desi masalas also helps a lot in making this dish very delicious. The aroma of this dish is simply the one that makes it very enticing to eat.

4. Crispy Andhra Bhindi

Another interesting bhindi recipe is the Crispy Andhra Bhindi. As its name suggests, the bhindi here is made crispy. After making it crispy, it will then be sautéed along with the important spices of this dish that will make it spicy delicious. Other ingredients it needs are mustard seeds, Bengal gram, and coconut.

3. Bendekaayi Gojju

In the Indian state of Kartanaka, Bendekaayi Gojju is a very common dish cooked by the locals. Usually, it will take 40 minutes to be cooked. It is actually a sweet and spicy recipe of a bhindi that you will surely love. Some other important ingredients of this recipe are mustard seeds, coconut, jaggery, and tamarind.

2. Bhindi ka Salan

This is a recipe that will take you to the other side of the world when you taste it. Its gravy is simply the best-tasting gravy you can ever taste in a dish. This gravy is mainly produced from the very nutritious yogurt. The bhindi is crispy-fried first before it is soaked on the gravy.

1. Classic Bhindi Bites

This is actually just like a fusion food recipe. Zucchini, bhindi, and some other ingredients are mixed together to create a very delicious dish. Fig chutney will be drizzled on this food, making it more delicious. Toasted French bread will serve as the bun of these bites.

These are the 10 best bhindi food recipes you can always try whenever you want to. If you don’t like eating lady fingers, these recipes will definitely make you eat them.