Top 10 Best Android Apps for Indian Users 2015

Android operating system for smartphones and tablets is invariably the best OS, for most people. Android fits in almost any phone, supports tweaking to a very core level, open for any modification and there are plenty of free apps. For specific region wide coverage, Android apps provide the best range of features as well. Indian users are getting a handful of Android phones in a wide budget range. We have compiled a list of 10, which could leave a positive impact on Indian socio-economic scenario.

10. Traffline

Regret taking the wrong route to your workplace today? Don’t want to get stuck in endless traffic on your way home? Or, looking for a place to park your car while you’re busy doing grocery? Well, Traffline has solution to all these queries. The app is easy and informative. For Indian commuters, this app could save a lot of money and time.


9. Mubble

To keep track of all available prepaid accounts, Mubble is the best performer out there. An automated prepaid bill will be created for all available accounts. Supports all major Indian cellphone operators and has the capability of working offline.


8. WoNoBo

If Street View can’t meet your requirement of seeing Indian strees in 360 panoramic views, then WoNoBo can certainly help. The app is useful for the tourists visiting India, even at times comes useful for the native people. Offers navigational features as well!


7. Nischint Parental Guidance

Monitoring the little champ using smartphones has never been easier before. Nischint app provides a real time window to check what your ward is doing on their smartphones. Be it a call or text, or even apps – everything is under Nischint’s control.

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6. Swalekh

The name is pretty much self-explanatory. To write in your very own Indian language, pick this app from the Google Play Store. There’s a rich library of emoticons as well.


5. FindYahan

An online database of Indian professionals is now in your fingertips. A wedding planner, or an event management company, a plumber, or maybe an electrician – one can find all of these people on FindYahan.


4. ESPNCricinfo

India has always been a cricket crazy nation. Among the South Asian teams, India has a good grasp over the game as well. Naturally, the crazy fan base in this country would be much higher than any other countries. Hence, the ESPNcricinfo app is a must have.


3. Team Red Cross

In disaster or distress, Red Cross is there to lend their hands to humanity. This volunteering organization helps people through every human’s contributions, and even a smartphone user can join. The Team Red Cross app is here to help.


2. Kotak Offers

Looking for attractive offers in India? Maybe some sales at popular shopping malls, or flight, train and bus discounts, could be even a coupon code for some online retail store as well. Every offer is compiled at Kotak Offers.


1. BBC Hindi

British Broadcasting Corporation covers pretty much all important news in the world. Also, it’s a comprehensive source of learning British English as well.



Having these apps in an Indian smartphone user’s phone will certainly keep them ahead in everyday life.

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