Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs in India 2016

Online marketing has become a popular method of making money. Many people now a living off internet without any additional work, and affiliate programs may be one best way to earn money this way. For the Indian affiliates, it was pretty difficult as the only way to get into the job was to sign up for some foreign affiliate program, which later resulted in troubles like cash transfer issues through online payment gateways, address conflict, customer service unavailability in certain regions etc. To overcome all the problems, many Indian affiliate programs have started their operation. We have looked for 10 best of them.


According to most of the affiliate program subscribers in India, ShareAsale happens to be the best in the respective sector. This network provides affiliate programs a handful of products and services including those from fortune 500 companies and the best way to earn bucks using this program is to write blogs. Existing or newbie bloggers may join ShareAsale for a good head start.


By placing ads from onto the affiliates’ websites as banners, widgets or hyperlinks, the affiliate program subscribers could be eligible to earn up to 6% of the product or service sale amount as a commission. In case you had been wondering, has nearly 1.7 crore products listed for sell – you won’t face a situation where the products won’t sell, hence the percentage isn’t low at all. Above all, Shimply subscribers can build their own affiliate store using the API from


Not just an international e-commerce site but an affiliate program host as well. Amazon would make payment transactions to any part of the world and also a very reasonable and flexible amount of customer service would be provided whenever necessary. Speaking of product availability, has one of the largest e-commerce inventories on earth.


In case international e-commerce based affiliate programs doesn’t lure you much, then Flipkart offers a very similar type of affiliate program. The biggest advantage of signing up for the Flipkart affiliate program for the Indian citizens is that – people would put more faith on your product without much doubt. The commission rates are flexible, they vary depending on the product type.


The website title speaks for itself – the affiliate program basically lists products and services for the travelers. Website blog, travel photo-blog and website owners could just put the search engine widget onto their website and every time a search is made through the widget, a specific amount of commission would be generated.


In the Indian region, vcommission is one of the best affiliate programs that makes their payments through the NET30 mechanism. It’s a convenient way of making secured online transactions; and the payout would finally be made through written cheque or paypal – whatever the subscriber prefers. For few high-demand website publishers, the company may also provide weekly cash out facilities.

7. Indiamart Affiliate Program

The base of Indiamart affiliate program is Business-to-Business, instead of B2C. Affiliates that signed up with Indiamart Affiliate Program could earn as much as 50% of the sales value as a commission depending on the monthly performance evaluation of each affiliate. Becoming an affiliate for Indiamart program sounds rewarding, but unlike so many rewarding programs signing up for is actually very simple; if you own a business and have a website corresponding to the business.


Unlike the previous one, is friendlier towards the startup business endeavors. Startup bloggers and website owners who have just began a website and looking forward to getting their websites monetized or being brought under an affiliate program may try Fashion bloggers get the highest priority, especially those who write on fashion accessories for both men and women.

9. Bharat Matrimony Affiliate

Another self-explanatory title for an affiliate program. The company would grant 25% commission on each sale for each paid subscription the affiliates get to the company Bharat Matrimony. The commission will only be incurred for first time paid sign-up cases, not renewal on each year. However, there’s a click. The profiles that sign up through an affiliate’s recommendation should be full-fledged and belong to actual humans, not some desperately lonely bots to be eligible for earning the commission.

10. HostGator Affiliate Program

Selling website hosting plans to newbie webmasters may sound like an easy job, but it’s not. The business startup people are usually confused when they are looking for a website hosting service to choose, and convincing them to buy a HostGator plan is the job the HostGator affiliates would have to do. The monthly income could turn into a pretty big amount depending on how many hosting accounts you can sell.


There are plenty more ways to make money online, but affiliate programs are quite reliable ways of a sufficient monthly income. 10 affiliates mentioned above are currently holding the pride of being best affiliate programs in India.