Top 10 Android Apps for January 2016

Android smartphones are getting revamped every single quarter of a year, and currently we have some very sophisticated handset with all possible new features. By January 2016 there may not be a lot of new smartphones hitting the market, but there will still be few and the older ones will probably get an Android update of the Android Marshmallow version – since the devices other than Google Nexuses are slightly late in getting the latest Android version. Should you have the new update in January 2016, you should have few apps installed on your smartphone. Here’s a list of 10 of them.

10. MX Player

MX Player, The best video player on Android ecosystem so far, made by J2 Interactive. This player is able to play any video format, place subtitle on the screen and perfectly sync without any lag. Highly recommended for the best movie watching experience.

9. Adobe Reader

Ever since the Windows 9x era, Adobe Reader which was also known as Adobe Acrobat Reader had been a widely popular pdf reading app; the popularity remains even after all these years and on a different platform. People prefer Adobe Reader for its usability, faster operation, user interface etc.

8. News360

News360 grabs the news of user preference and streamlines them on the news feed, so that users can find exactly what they want on the first page. Blogs and stories from RSS Feeds all across the world is sorted onto this platform.

7. Appy Geek

Appy Geek is more of a tech news portal, suitable for people who like to read written reviews on latest apps, technology and stuff. News Republic has developed the app targeting the geek users of Android, and it’s a very popular app ever since it had been launched. Even on January 2016 the popularity is supposed to stay intact as it is.

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6. AirDroid

File sharing could be troublesome if you need a whole lot of cable. With AirDroid, transferring files between smartphones or a PC and your smartphone wouldn’t take any cable as it uses the wireless channels e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC for file transfer. In 2016, people would certainly prefer less of cable clutter and more of flexibility and portability.

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